Chapter 381 : Green Plum Meets Wine (32)

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The first point Yu Jiu made was still acceptable to Yang Huaili, but the second…

“Mr Yu is really humorous. Why would your fiancée become the CEO of my Sheng Shi Group? Besides, wouldn’t it just cause her unnecessary hardship?”

Yang Huaili played dumb, but Shi Sheng was in no mood to waste words with him. “CEO Yang, we all know the truth, so what’s the point of saying this?”

She tossed the stack of documents in her hand on the desk. “Everything’s here; take a look for yourself.”

Yang Huaili’s expression became even worse than after his meeting with Shen Jiayin as he leafed through the documents.

DNA test results, proof of identity, share transfer documents…everything was in place.

Yang Huaili’s hand shook. These shares originally belonged to Sheng Xia’s parents as well as the other Sheng Family members. In total, Shi Sheng had 54% of the shares in Sheng Shi Group, making her the majority shareholder, giving her absolute voting rights[1].

Sheng Shi Group was originally the Sheng Family’s, so most of the shares had been in the hands of Sheng Family members.

Yang Huaili called his lawyers and tried to find any flaws in the paperwork, but Shi Sheng provided everything they asked for—her lawyer had been very thorough. Yang Huaili’s people were unable to find any flaws.

The first thing Shi Sheng did as CEO was to swap out old blood for the new. Lawyers were her top priority.

She also borrowed some trustworthy people from Yu Xingyun and Gu Yan, since there was no way she could manage so much on her own.

Without paying any heed to the responses of those people, she swapped out those she wanted to, and fired the ones that needed firing.

If you tried to cause trouble? ‘See if I(lz) won’t pummel you to death!’

Didn’t like her? ‘Who told me(lz) to be the rightful heir, eh? Why don’t you give it a shot too?’

Called the police? ‘No worries. I got money to compensate!’

Some people refused to give up their authority, so Shi Sheng simply borrowed some bodyguards from Yu Jiu and pummelled them till they gave it up of their own accord.

There were also those who wanted to scheme, but their fates were even worse. They either ended up squatting in a prison cell or straight up vanishing.

Shi Sheng pretty much put the entire top-level management in their place. Those that listened to her could stay, but the ones that didn’t were tossed out. Literally. With a bunch of money.

Due to the daily chucking of money (and people), a crowd had gathered outside to fight for the cash.

The massive corporation was reduced to this chaotic mess where people either went on strike or caused trouble. But Shi Sheng was like a bandit—anyone who dared to make trouble was put through hell.

Gradually, it reached a point where almost everyone left.

But those who remained got a raise of several fold. Not only that, the ones who displayed ability were even promoted.

This caused the people who’d left to feel regret. Had they known the new boss was so good, why would they leave ah?

But it was already impossible for them to return. All the core members were either borrowed from Yu Xingyun or offered to her by Yu Jiu.

The company’s accounts were soon consolidated and presented to Shi Sheng, who gave the thick ledger a contemptuous look.

“No point in looking since all the money’s already been siphoned off by those people.” Shi Sheng tossed the ledger back to the newly promoted CFO. She also chucked him a card. “Password’s 234876. Money’s not an issue. What I want to see is the company getting back to business in the shortest time frame possible.”

The CFO felt rather uneasy. ‘I mean, how much money could she possibly have?’

But once he learned how much money was in the card, he made the decision to work for this new boss for the rest of his life. After all, whose thigh would he hug, if not the boss with lots of cash at her disposal?

With money, everything was easier. The areas lacking in manpower were soon filled with people, poached from other companies with the promise of high salaries. Soon, they were able to get back to normal operating business.

The Sheng Shi Group that had once looked as if it was going to go bankrupt at the hands of their new boss actually started to recover.

Yang Huaili’s people wanted to get involved, but they didn’t have enough shares to beat Shi Sheng even if they pooled them all together. Furthermore, Shi Sheng wasn’t lacking in money, so the company had sufficient capital. Plus, with HK Group backing her, those people could only use more secretive methods.

In the end, it had devolved to foul play. But after several instances of failure, they fell silent and no longer continued.

Shi Sheng guessed it was because Yang Huairen had appeared. But she hadn’t expected that the FL would appear before he did…

Shen Jiayin seemed to have been waiting for her specifically, for she intercepted Shi Sheng at the entrance of her little neighbourhood.

“Sheng Xia, let’s talk.”

“About what?” Shi Sheng’s arm was linked with Yu Jiu’s, as she stared calmly at Shen Jiayin. ‘FL-sama actually came looking for me(bbb). For crying out loud, what kind of ‘amazing’ side story have I unlocked this time?’

Shen Jiayin approached Shi Sheng, her expression a bit complicated. “I never expected you to be heiress to Sheng Shi Group.”

When Shen Jiayin had learnt of this, she had a weird feeling. In her last life, Sheng Xia had clearly been just a rather wealthy beauty, so why had she suddenly turned into the heiress of Sheng Shi Group in this life?

“There’s plenty you never expected.”

Shen Jiayin was stumped for words, and once again started having doubts about whether or not her previous life had been but a dream.

‘But apart from her, nothing’s changed. Only she is…’

“Can I talk to you in private?” Shen Jiayin cast Yu Jiu a look.

“In private?”

‘Usually, in these types of situations, she’d be up to something. Though I don’t know how broken the FL is, she doesn’t look like a nice person at all.

Of course I won’t go, duh!’

“I’m busy.” Shi Sheng pulled Yu Jiu and made to enter.

“Sheng Xia.” Shen Jiayin chased after her. “I really have something very important to talk to you about. It’ll only take a few minutes.”

“Go on then.” Shi Sheng paused. “Just say it here, or don’t say it at all.”

A hint of viciousness flashed in Shen Jiayin’s eyes. “There are too many people here…”

“Ha… You want to trick me somewhere deserted, so you can kidnap me? Shen Jiayin, I’ve already gotten sick of this move ages ago. Why don’t we switch to something more creative?”

“W-what…?” Shen Jiayin couldn’t help but clutch at the hem of her shirt. A moment later, she calmed down. “Sheng Xia, I just want to have a chat with you in private, nothing else.”

“Don’t you understand my Xiaoxia-meimei’s words?” Yu Jiu shot Shen Jiayin a sideways glance. “Or do you believe…that I’d be at ease letting her leave my field of vision with you?”

Yu Jiu practically wished he could cling to her 24/7; how could he simply allow Shi Sheng to leave with this random woman?

Shen Jiayin really didn’t know how to continue now; neither of them acted within her expectations.

She subconsciously swept a gaze at a shop across the street before gritting her teeth. “Since that’s the case, I’ll be leaving first. Sheng Xia, if you’ve thought it through, come look for me.”

As she walked by Shi Sheng, she whispered two words to her.

Shi Sheng watched her leave without a change in her expression.

Had she been the real Sheng Xia, Shen Jiayin could have succeeded in baiting her away… But she wasn’t.

She didn’t care about anyone besides Yu Jiu.

If it was within her capacity, she might help out those who had made her life more convenient or shown her kindness. But if you wanted Shi Sheng to stake her all on that? Impossible.

She wasn’t that type of person, and would never be that type of person. So what if she was heartless? Kind people often died earlier than others, and usually ended up taking the blame for things. Even if their name was cleared in the future, would they be able to come back to life?

[1] I’m not sure about Chinese law, but where I’m from, the shareholders can only choose the members of the Board of Directors, not the CEO. Eh, what do I know?

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