Chapter 382 : Green Plum Meets Wine (33)

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Shen Jiayin waited for several days, without any reaction from Shi Sheng. The latter always had Yu Jiu escorting her whenever she left the house, and he always brought a lot of people with him, so it was clearly impossible to take her away by force.

“What? Couldn’t even lure someone out properly?” Yin Mo stood at the balcony, a glass of red wine in his hand as he stared at Shen Jiayin smilingly. She was only wearing an apron, though nothing was revealed that shouldn’t be.

Her long hair helped cover up her bare shoulders. She was currently standing in a living room that was facing out to the balcony. Hearing Yin Mo’s ridiculing words, she couldn’t help but feel more irritated.

“Since you’re so capable, why don’t you do it.”

“That woman is very guarded against me.” Yin Mo walked into the living room. “Shen Jiayin, don’t tell me you’ve grown soft-hearted?”

“Soft-hearted?” From the moment she’d been reborn, she had sworn not to be soft-hearted. “She’s guarded against you, but she’s even more so towards me! She still hasn’t reacted, even after I told her that Sheng Yang was in my hands.”

After a slight pause, she continued, “Could it be that she’s still unaware of his existence?”

Yin Mo set down the glass of red wine to the side and reached out to grip Shen Jiayin’s shoulder, his fingertips trailing down her arm. “If she could take back Sheng Shi Group in such a short time, do you think she’d be in the dark about Sheng Yang’s existence?”

“Then why doesn’t she contact m— Uh…” Shen Jiayin moaned due to Yin Mo’s ministrations and wanted to push him away, but he was faster and pulled her onto the sofa, wrapping an arm around her so she was trapped on his lap.

Shen Jiayin trembled and bit her lip so she wouldn’t make another sound. Her body was very sensitive, and this man knew where it was most sensitive.

Yin Mo leaned in next to her ear. “She should either be waiting, or still investigating. Don’t forget, she has Yu Jiu.”

“She wasn’t that old when the Sheng Family died out… Sheng Yang ought to just be a stranger to her, so it’s normal for her to not take the bait so quickly.”

Yin Mo’s fingers slipped to Shen Jiayin’s skirt hem and lifted it slightly.

“Well, compared to her, you’re much less patient.”

This wasn’t her first time with Yin Mo, and adding on to the fact that her mind wasn’t that of a girl’s due to having lived a life before, she supported herself against Yin Mo’s shoulder and slowly started moving.

“Have…you found that place yet?” Shen Jiayin took the time to ask him.

“Yu Jiu’s not easy to deal with. I still haven’t gotten my hands on that necklace.” Yin Mo coldly replied.

Once Shen Jiayin was done, Yin Mo shoved her aside and entered his bathroom, turning on the shower. He leaned against the wall, letting the water pour down on his head.

His mind couldn’t help but wander to the woman in Yu Jiu’s arms.

Her arrogant and disdainful expression…

Her cold, mocking smile…

He imagined her writhing under him.

‘She’s much more interesting than Shen Jiayin.’

Shi Sheng had no idea that the ML had set his sights on her. Right now, she was currently dealing with Yu Jiu’s persistent insistence for her to give him a tattoo.

‘Do I look like I know how to do tattoos? Just watch as I draw a fucking turtle… What the hell gave him that idea anyway?’

“You really want me to draw one? How about we go to the tattoo shop tomorrow?” Shi Sheng was a bit hesitant. What if she really did end up drawing a turtle on him?

“Don’t wanna! I want you to do it! I don’t want other people to see my body!” Yu Jiu lay on the bed, his expression rather smug.

Shi Sheng sweated as she held the tattoo tool in her hand, not knowing how to start. ‘I ought to just jab him and be done with it…’

In the end, Shi Sheng tattooed a flower on Yu Jiu’s waist. Its petals were like silvery-white ocean waves and resembled a dandelion at first glance. However, its core was red. Perhaps Shi Sheng’s tattooing skills weren’t too good, for one couldn’t really tell what the core looked like.

Yu Jiu stared at it in the mirror, his expression depressed. “Dear, just what did you tattoo on me?”

“Hey, you told me to tattoo whatever.” Shi Sheng put the tool down and leapt off the bed. “Don’t be ungrateful, okay? Not just anyone can get this tattoo. The only reason I did it for you is because you’re my(lz) man.”

Yu Jiu looked at her doubtfully as he twisted his body in an attempt to get a better look at the tattoo.

“What kind of flower is this?” Yu Jiu had never seen anything like it before.

Shi Sheng wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him, speaking in a light voice, “I’ll take you to see them if there’s a chance.”

Yu Jiu adjusted his position. But in doing so, his hand lifted and bumped into the shelf at the side, causing the necklace that had been placed on it to fall off. It made a clinking sound as it clattered to the ground. Shi Sheng smacked him and bent to pick it up.


The next moment, Shi Sheng pushed Yu Jiu aside and got off. The lamp at her side just so happened to shine on the necklace, causing it to let off a beautiful radiance. But a string of characters had vaguely appeared under the light.


‘What’s this?’

One could just make it out from Yu Jiu’s vantage point, so Shi Sheng left the necklace alone and jumped back into bed to get a second look.

They were still there. It wasn’t an illusion.

Shi Sheng copied the numbers and character down before picking the necklace up and asking Yu Jiu, “What do these numbers mean?”


Yu Jiu shook his head.

A string of numbers and letter could mean any number of things, or it could mean nothing at all.


The two stared at it for a long time, but weren’t able to come to any conclusions.

To put it in Shi Sheng’s words: Of course something the ML likes wouldn’t be a mere decoration!

There had to be more to it.

Shi Sheng showed the string of characters to Gu Yan and Yu Xingyun, but neither had any clue as to what it was.


In a coffeeshop, Shi Sheng stared at those numbers in a trance.

“Hey Einstein, whatcha lookin’ at?” Yao Qin tossed her bag to the seat facing Shi Sheng and sat down beside her.

“Got off school?” Shi Sheng lifted her head and called the waitress to order Yao Qin’s favourite dessert and a coffee.

“Aaah, Einstein, why don’t you wanna study anymore?” Yao Qin hugged Shi Sheng’s arm and shook it around. “I’m so bored alone at school!”

“Read more then.” Shi Sheng spoke calmly. “It’ll help your IQ.”

“Sheng Xia, you’re bullying me again.” Yao Qin huffily got up and went to sit on the seat across from Shi Sheng. She began yammering away about her life in university.

“You wouldn’t know, but it’s like those girls have gone mad! I don’t even think those boys are even half as cute as your little hobby-horse. Speaking of which…how come I don’t see that accessory of yours?” Yao Qin scanned the surroundings.

“He’s got morning sickness.”

“Pfft—!” Yao Qin spewed out the coffee she had just taken a sip of.

Shi Sheng shot her an unamused look, and Yao Qin hurriedly wiped away the coffee that had been sprayed much too close to Shi Sheng. “Sorry! Couldn’t help myself!”

‘Morning sickness— HAHAHA!’

Author’s note:

Little Angels: Why aren’t you updating?

Little Fairy: Morning sickness.

Shi Sheng: You reproduce asexually?

Little Fairy: …Scram!

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Now you know why I wrote that note in the glossary? How dare he sully our goddess with his filthy thoughts?!

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    Her arrogant and disdainful expression…

    Her cold, mocking smile…

    He imagined her writhing under him.

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