Chapter 383 : Green Plum Meets Wine (34)

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Although Yao Qin didn’t really know how to treat Shi Sheng at first after learning that the latter was the current CEO of Sheng Shi Group, she soon got used to it.

“CEO Sheng, how about taking me(cq) out shopping later?”

“Oh? Has anything caught your fancy, my dear?” Shi Sheng raised a brow.

Yao Qin acted bashful. “My chest has grown again, so I need new bras.”

Shi Sheng’s gaze lowered to Yao Qin’s chest.

“What’re you looking at?” Yao Qin covered herself up with both hands.

Shi Sheng shook her head. “Yep, you need to read more alright.”

Only once Shi Sheng and Yao Qin had left the coffeeshop did she realise what books Shi Sheng was referring to.

The feeling of having an experienced old hand by her side…

Yao Qin really was going to buy bras. Yet she actually liked the pink, lacey types that younger girls would normally wear.

Shi Sheng wanted to facepalm. ‘You’re already in university, not primary school, okay?’

“I want those few from before.” Yao Qin went to the counter to pay.

The attendant packed everything nicely into a bag and handed it to Yao Qin before speaking in a warm, polite manner, “That young lady has already helped you pay.”

Yao Qin followed the attendant’s gaze and rushed over with a bright smile. “CEO Sheng, are you lacking a bedwarmer?”

“No.” Shi Sheng set down the magazine she was reading. “If you’re done, let’s go.”

Yao Qin naturally linked her arm with Shi Sheng’s. “Your lil hobby-horse sure is lucky to have claimed you early. Ah, if only I was a boy.”

Shi Sheng swept her arm a gaze. But instead of jerking it free, she continued to walk out in a natural manner.

“You’d have no chance, even if you were one. Your looks wouldn’t meet my standards.”

“Really? My looks make me very popular at school, okay?” Yao Qin patted her face and shamelessly retorted.

“Are your schoolmates blind?”

“Yeah, I guess they are.” Yao Qin appeared to have thought of something, for she suddenly agreed.

Yao Qin practically dragged Shi Sheng along while shopping for clothes. Yao Qin looked great in anything, but she had a preference for girly clothes, which caused Shi Sheng to feel very speechless.

“Because this makes me look young.” Yao Qin explained to Shi Sheng.

“You don’t look small[1] to me.” Shi Sheng’s gaze landed on Yao Qin’s chest, laughing slyly.

Yao Qin’s face turned black. “Sheng Xia, does your little hobby-horse know you’re this filthy?”

Shi Sheng hummed, “Most probably.”

“…Fine, you win.”

Since they’d been strolling for a long time, the two planned to go have a meal. Shi Sheng called the house phone to tell Yu Jiu to come join them. Since the restaurant was rather far from her house, Shi Sheng and Yao Qin entered first.

“Sheng Xia, Sheng Xia!” Yao Qin suddenly pulled Shi Sheng to the side and pointed mysteriously in a direction. “Isn’t that Uncle Gu and Uncle Yu?”

Shi Sheng followed her finger and indeed found the two seated near the window of the restaurant, having a meal together quietly.

She questioned Yao Qin with her eyes.

Yao Qin gave Shi Sheng an exasperated glare. “Don’t you find that the two of them are acting strange?”

“How so?” ‘They’ve always been close—what’s so weird about having a meal together?’

But just as Shi Sheng thought that, she saw Yu Xingyun suddenly reach out to wipe the corner of Gu Yan’s mouth, the latter lifting his head to smile back in response.

Shi Sheng, “…”

“Did you see that? Did you? I always felt like something was different between them!” Yao Qin excitedly clutched Shi Sheng’s arm. “Aah, Uncle Gu and Uncle Yu are both handsome uncles; they’re perfect together!”

Shi Sheng did her best to recall her memories of them. It really did seem like their interactions were a bit more than platonic. Plus…

It had been a long time since Gu Yan actually stayed at home. Every time he returned, he’d always leave after sitting for a while, or after making Yu Jiu and her a meal.

Once this idea had popped into her head, she suddenly found that every memory of Gu Yan and Yu Xingyun together had turned ambiguous ah!

“What’re you two standing here for?” Yu Jiu reached out to snatch Shi Sheng from Yao Qin.

Yao Qin puffed up her cheeks. “Mr Yu, why are you always snatching her from me?”

“Who’s the one snatching from whom, hm?” ‘I haven’t even settled the score yet for stealing my wifey away from home, and she has the gall to accuse me first?’

Yao Qin harrumphed.

“Isn’t that my dad?” Having caught sight of Yu Xingyun, Yu Jiu pulled Shi Sheng along with him and walked over.

Since Gu Yan was facing them, he was naturally able to see them coming. His expression stiffened before he greeted them with a smile. “Xiaoxia, Xiaojiu, Yao Qin, you’re eating here too?”

“Uncle Gu. Uncle Yu.” Yao Qin obediently addressed them, though her gaze was quite probing.

Yu Xingyun turned just in time to catch his son and future daughter-in-law walking in hand-in-hand, causing his expression to also turn a bit unnatural for a moment before he quickly found his footing again. “Damn brat, why haven’t you made sure that Xiaoxia’s already eaten at this hour? What if she gets hungry? Come on, sit, let’s eat together.”

Gu Yan called the waiter over again. Since he often shared meals with the trio, he knew what their preferences were.

Yu Xingyun scooted inwards, planning on getting Yu Jiu to sit beside him, but his plans were disrupted by his future daughter-in-law’s voice which seemed to contain a hint of laughter. “Uncle Yu, why don’t you sit with Uncle Gu? The three of us can sit on one side.”

The seats were wide enough to accommodate four people, so Yu Xingyun couldn’t help but feel like Shi Sheng’s words had a hidden meaning. Not daring to let his thoughts linger on this, he moved over to Gu Yan’s side.

Shi Sheng and Yao Qin secretly exchanged glances.

‘These two sure are great together. They’re both really handsome.’

Yu Jiu felt like the atmosphere was a bit weird. His wifey was exchanging weird looks with Yao Qin, while his dad and Uncle Gu appeared rather uncomfortable.

‘Just what is going on?’

“Xiaoxia, how’re you doing with Sheng Shi Group? Do you really not need our help?” Yu Xingyun broke the silence.

“En. You’ve already helped me a ton, Uncle Yu. Those people you loaned me are really useful. I doubled their salaries.”

Yu Xingyun was stumped. “I reckon they’ll probably be unwilling to return now…”

“Their ability is worth the money.”

“I suppose that’s the case.” Yu Xingyun nodded before suddenly changing the topic, “What’s the situation on that end?”

“Probably won’t be able to hold out for too much longer. Just have to wait a bit more.”

Yang Huaili had been very well-behaved recently; Yang Huairen had definitely told him to do so.

Yao Qin didn’t understand what they were talking about, so she kept her head down and ate, though she’d sneak a peep at the two handsome uncles every once in a while.

By the time they finished eating, they’d also exchanged all the necessary information.

“You youngsters can go off and play. Your Uncle Gu and I will be leaving first.” Yu Xingyun paid the bill before instructing Yu Jiu, “Damn brat, you’d best take good care of the girls.”

“Got it.”

“Take care, Uncle Yu, Uncle Gu.”

“Bye, Uncle Yu. Bye, Uncle Gu.”

Yu Xingyun and Gu Yan waved them goodbye before leaving together.

“CEO Sheng, don’t you find them perfect for each other?” Once they left, Yao Qin hugged Shi Sheng’s arm and shook it.

“What’re you talking about?” Yu Jiu was befuddled.

‘All I did was come a bit late, what the hell were these two up to? Pei! What the hell did Yao Qin get my wifey to do?!’

“Nothing.” Shi Sheng patted Yao Qin, wordlessly telling her to calm down. She might be able to accept it, but Yu Jiu might not, so it was best to keep this from him for now.

[1] The word used is “小”. It’s that prefix for an endearing way to refer to someone, “Xiao-”. It usually means small, but Yao Qin was using it to refer to her age, while Shi Sheng… Well, you can read I’m sure.

Author’s note:

Gu Yan: Xiaoxia, I’ve decided to come out.

Shi Sheng: Oh, congrats!

Yu Xingyun: Son, I’ve decided to come out.

Yu Jiu: …What?

Yu Xingyun: …Nothing.

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