Chapter 384 : Green Plum Meets Wine (35)

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Yu Xingyun drove Gu Yan back to his company, though the atmosphere in the car was a bit heavy. Once they stopped at a traffic light, Yu Xingyun finally spoke, “That kid, Xiaoxia…”

“Is being real strange, right?” Gu Yan filled in for him in a natural manner. “She’s changed a lot these past few years. I don’t know where she learned all this from. Sometimes I worry that she’ll stray down the wrong path.”

Yu Xingyun freed up a hand to hold Gu Yan’s. “That kid has her own opinions, and she’s very confident. She did a great job dealing with Sheng Shi Group. Though her methods were a bit rough, it’s definitely the fastest way. If it were us, we wouldn’t have been able to think of something like that.”

Gu Yan’s brows were still tightly knit. “Yang Huairen isn’t that easy to deal with.”

“I’ve already collected some material on him. The stuff that he did isn’t easy to hide… Don’t worry.”

Gu Yan looked at him and forced a smile on his face.


Shi Sheng was very calm towards running into the leads after seeing Yao Qin home. ‘The leads are but mere passing clouds…

Yao Qin doesn’t live in a high-class neighbourhood, so why the hell are the leads here?! To sightsee the lovely nightscape?’

Though it was clear that this wasn’t the case—the leads had been chased here. Leads always had a lot of enemies.

Because they’d run into each other in a narrow alleyway, Yin Mo and Shen Jiayin were forced to a halt, whereupon their pursuers immediately blocked off any path of retreat behind them.

But since they didn’t know whose side Shi Sheng and Yu jiu were on, it fell into a stalemate.

“Wait for me a bit.” Shi Sheng told Yu Jiu.

Yu Jiu smiled and nodded before retreating to one side. Though he appeared quite at ease, in actual fact, his whole body was tense, ready to spring into action at any time.

“Everyone says it’s best to beat a dog while it’s down. Shen Jiayin, don’t say I bullied you. After all, who told you to come running into me?” Shi Sheng’s voice travelled to their ears. Although she had made her stance clear, there was no way the pursuers would believe her this easily, so they continued to observe.

Shen Jiayin spoke calmly, “Sheng Xia, let’s put our enmity to the side for now. You’re a cultivator, so they won’t let you off either.”

Though she seemed to be on Shi Sheng’s side, in truth, she was revealing Shi Sheng’ status as a cultivator.

Shi Sheng narrowed her eyes and looked at the pursuers. ‘Who’re these people?’

“Little girl, as long as you help us take them down, we will reward you greatly.” The pursuers stood in the darkness and shouted towards Shi Sheng.

“Sheng Xia, they’re lying to you!” Shen Jiayin anxiously cried out.

Yin Mo didn’t say anything this entire time. He couldn’t help but examine Shi Sheng when his gaze landed on her.

“I don’t care.” Shi Sheng shrugged and, with a turn of her wrist, her sword appeared. “Let’s maim you first.”

‘Kill her? How could I kill FL-sama?’

Shen Jiayin’s expression changed, but Shi Sheng was already charging towards her at a speed that would cause one to cluck their tongues in amazement.

Heat rose in Yin Mo’s eyes. ‘This woman’s cultivation isn’t low!’

Shen Jiayin only had the basic ability to protect herself. She wasn’t a cultivator, so for Shi Sheng to hit her was as easy as turning her wrist.

“Yin Mo!” Shen Jiayin tried fighting back with her bare hands, but lost within two moves, so she could only call out to Yin Mo for help.

But he acted like he hadn’t heard her, as he coldly watched Shi Sheng kick Shen Jiayin to the ground. He stepped forward, his eyes burning. “Sheng Xia, how about coming with me?”

“What did you just say?” Shi Sheng thought she was hearing things. ‘ML-sama’s not rescuing his FL and instead asking me to leave with him?’

“Come with me. Everything he can give you, I can too.”

Yin Mo’s gaze made Shi Sheng very uncomfortable, as if he was scrutinising her like an object.

‘It’s always been me looking at other people like that! This ML is very bold!

Very good! ML-sama, you’ve broken completely and succeeded in drawing my(bbb) attention!’

“Mr Yin, daring to try and snatch my person before my very eyes? You ought to go apply for the Guinness Book of World Records for face thickness.” Yu Jiu stepped forward and drew Shi Sheng into his arms, domineeringly staking his claim.

“Sheng Xia, you can consider it. You’re always welcome to come look for me.” Yin Mo ignored Yu Jiu as his figure flashed and disappeared before their very eyes.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Oi, ML-sama, your FL’s fallen off, do you really not want her? And here I was thinking the FL was the one with cheats… Hadn’t expected it to be the ML.’

Shi Sheng looked at Shen Jiayin, who was laying on the ground and spoke with a gloating smile, “Your man’s abandoned you, huh?”

Shi Sheng hadn’t done anything major these past few years, but she had ruined several settings where the leads would get to experience life and death together. Without those, the only result from forcefully pushing them together would be mutual distrust, suspicion, and guardedness.

“You think you’ll be able to escape?!” Shen Jiayin scoffed coldly.

“Not as if I was planning to.” ‘I’m not taking those idiots seriously at all, okay?’

“Where shall I chop first? Your arms, or your legs?”

Shen Jiayin paled. “Sheng Xia, you’re mad!”

“I suppose so.” Shi Sheng nodded. “I’ll start with the legs.”

Shen Jiayin shrunk back, glaring hatefully at Shi Sheng with gritted teeth. “Sheng Xia, you don’t want to know where Sheng Yang is?”

Shi Sheng gave her a look, which caused Shen Jiayin to think she had a bargaining chip. “I know where he is. He’s your only family member, isn’t he?”

“Just why don’t you understand?” Shi Sheng’s expression was like that of when she was looking at an idiot, her sword plunging down without the slightest hesitation.

‘Must be a real idiot for trying to threaten me with someone I don’t care about.’

Shen Jiayin’s pupils shrunk as she watched the sword draw closer. The sound of the blade sliding through skin caused a slight squelching sound.

An icy-cold feeling emanated from her abdomen…

‘What happened to chopping my legs?!’

Shi Sheng yanked her sword out. “Don’t worry, you won’t die.”

‘Who told you to be the FL-sama?’

“Sheng Xia!” Shen Jiayin held the gaping wound in her abdomen as she struggled to call out to Shi Sheng. ‘Didn’t she say it had only just begun?!’

Shen Jiayin didn’t know that when Shi Sheng proclaimed it was starting, the latter had meant she was going to start attacking her now, not the open competition Shen Jiayin assumed she was talking about.

Shi Sheng turned to look at the people who had drawn closer at some point. “Do you guys want her, or me? If you want her, she’s all yours. But if you want me…you can go to hell.”

They considered for a while before deciding on Shen Jiayin. After all, she was their original target.

Before Shen Jiayin was taken away, she screamed in a hateful, twisted voice, “Sheng Xia! I won’t let you off!”

‘It was like this in my last life, and now it’s like this in my current life! I’m not willing to accept this!’


Ever since Yin Mo left, Yu Jiu’s expression had been very dark. Once they entered their house, he held her down and rained down kisses on her.

“When did he take a liking to you?” Yu Jiu’s voice was hoarse, his hot hardness pressing against her. He rubbed up against her but refused to enter.

“Who?” Shi Sheng, who had already been confused by his sudden attentions, was even more befuddled when he stopped at the last moment.

“Yin Mo. When did he take a liking to you?” Yu Jiu nearly spoke this through gritted teeth.

“How would I know?” ‘Fuck, who knows when that fellow broke?’

Shi Sheng moved, but Yu Jiu retreated, staring at her darkly.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Planning to not fuck after you got me all fired up?’

She flipped over so that their positions were reversed and held down his wrists. “Just what nonsense are you thinking?”

Yu Jiu turned his head to the side, snorting huffily.

Shi Sheng, “…”

She leaned down to kiss him. He did co-operate, if only a bit roughly. Shi Sheng was so angered that she nearly smacked him to death.

‘Why’re they all like this?! Pei! It’s one person; of course he’d be the same…’

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