Chapter 385 : Green Plum Meets Wine (36)

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“I really don’t know!” Shi Sheng pulled Yu Jiu’s face so that their gazes met. “Who the hell knows what sort of malfunction occurred in his brain? I’ll kill him the next time I see him, okay?”

Yu Jiu stared at her for a few seconds, reaching out to hug her tightly, his chin resting against the hollow of her neck. “Don’t leave me.”

“En.” Shi Sheng rubbed closer. Because he’d already finished with the foreplay, he easily entered her.

Yu Jiu stiffened before biting down on her shoulder somewhat angrily. “You don’t care about me at all!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘What do you mean I don’t care about you?! *flips table*

Don’t be unreasonable! Otherwise I’ll(lz) just end up raping you!’

Yu Jiu threw a tantrum and wrapped himself up like a silkworm, not allowing Shi Sheng to continue.

She tugged it a few times but didn’t succeed in getting it off him, so she could only speechlessly stare at the ceiling. ‘There’s something off about this script ah…’

“Yu Jiu… I’m cold…”

He reached out from under the covers and felt around the pillows for a bit, before grabbing the air conditioner’s remote control and pressing the buttons wildly.

Shi Sheng, “…”

“I’m hungry.”

Yu Jiu hesitated for a moment before getting off the bed silently. He covered himself up with a sleeping robe before leaving the room.

When he came back holding a bowl full of noodles, he found that the blanket had gone missing.

Shi Sheng sat on the edge of the bed in her sleeping robes as she played a game on that smartphone of hers.

He jerked a chair over and set the bowl down in front of Shi Sheng. “Eat up.”

Shi Sheng looked at the noodles before her gaze switched back to Yu Jiu, her expression turning pouty. “I want to eat you.”

“Finish your noodles first.”

“Will you let me screw you then?”

Yu Jiu’s lip twitched, and he spoke helplessly, “You’ve already gotten rid of the blanket. Do I have a choice?”

Only now did Shi Sheng lift the bowl up and start slurping down the noodles.


These past few days, Yu Jiu remained moody. He’d basically grab Shi Sheng’s hand at every opportunity, like he was afraid that she’d disappear if he let go. He was really insecure, so Shi Sheng could only bring him along wherever she went.

Like what Yao Qin had said, he was practically an accessory by now.

Yang Huairen’s call came later than Shi Sheng expected. ‘As expected of an old fox. He was certainly patient.’

He organised a meeting with Shi Sheng, but the venue was at an official event where a large number of very important people would be present.

‘Old fox!’

Shi Sheng brought Yu Jiu with her to meet him. The venue was set at a government auction tender, and everyone in attendance were from large companies.

As the new CEO of Sheng Shi Group who had HK Group’s crown prince in tow, Shi Sheng’s appearance attracted a lot of attention.

“This Sheng Family’s young lady is quite impressive. She managed to get such a large group to bow to her every whim.”

Where there was praise, there would naturally also be criticism. A sceptic snorted coldly in disdain. “She used violence to do so. Even if they listen to her now, problems are going to crop up in the future.”

Someone agreed with this. “Have you ever heard of someone who took over a company through violence? She simply doesn’t place the law in her eyes at all! How on earth did she manage to keep those people from suing her?”

“You’re unaware, eh? She paid them off. Besides, though they looked like she’d done a number on ‘em, they were perfectly fine, so it’d have been useless to sue her. This little lady’s not dumb.”

“It’s quite a wonder that Sheng Shi Group’s cashflow isn’t experiencing any issues even after such a large upheaval.”

“Do you take HK’s crown prince to be a mere decoration?” HK Group’s wealth wasn’t to be scoffed at.

Countless sighs could be heard as Shi Sheng was scrutinised more heavily than before.

Although she was inheriting her family business, taking over such a large group at such a young age was not something that just anyone could pull off.

The auction tender soon began. These people had come prepared. Since Shi Sheng hadn’t even bothered to learn what they were bidding for, she naturally paid no heed to the proceedings.

“That old fox’s hiding rather deep—he hasn’t even showed himself.” Shi Sheng leaned against Yu Jiu, a cold smile on her face as she looked at the speaker on the stage.

Yu Jiu patted her back comfortingly.

Even after the auction tender was over, there was still no sign of Yang Huairen.

Having dared to play her like this, he had already been pulled into Shi Sheng’s “must-kill” list.

Shi Sheng was planning to just head home with Yu Jiu when she received a call from Yao Qin. (Cell phones had only just started being in use during this timeline.)

It was a bit noisy on Yao Qin’s end, and she wasn’t exactly speaking coherently either. It was to the point Shi Sheng thought she could smell the alcohol through the phone.

“Where are you?” Shi Sheng forced herself to ask patiently.

“Don’t pull me… I’m not drinkin’ anymoreee…” Yao Qin appeared to be talking to someone on her end. “I… I’m at… I said I’m not driiinking. *Pa*… *Crash*…

The sounds of a ruckus could be heard. Shi Sheng frowned. She didn’t hear Yao Qin’s voice again. A few seconds later, the call ended.

When Shi Sheng dialled back, it said that her number was unavailable.

“I’ll send people to look for her. Don’t worry.” Yu Jiu called his people.

“En. She should be at a KTV lounge or something…” Yu Jiu described Yao Qin’s appearance. “Be quick about it.”

Shi Sheng calmly walked out and flipped through the contacts on her phone before calling Yao Qin’s school.

By the time Yu Jiu hung up and chased after her, he was only able to catch her saying thanks.

Now that Shi Sheng knew which bar Yao Qin was in from her classmates, Yu Jiu could send his people ahead of them. By the time Shi Sheng reached, the bar was completely surrounded.

“Young Master. Ms Sheng.” Bearded Guy emerged from within. “She’s had too much to drink. But otherwise, she’s okay.”

All the lights in the bar had been turned on, so the whole place was bright. Since it was still early, few customers were present, which was why it wasn’t in a mess at the moment. The bar’s manager trembled as he stood behind the bar table.

Shi Sheng shot him a look before heading towards the booth that was surrounded by men in suits. Seeing Shi Sheng approach them, they immediately made way.

Yao Qin was asleep in the booth, her face flushed completely red. Her clothes were in a bit of a mess, though fortunately they were still intact.

“Young Master, that’s the gist of it.” Bearded Guy had already finished reporting the matter to Yu Jiu.

Yu Jiu thoughtfully looked in Shi Sheng’s direction. “So you mean to say this was an organised affair?”

“It should be. They’d first trick the students here before taking pictures of them and using that as leverage. These university students simply have no way of fighting back.” Bearded Guy looked somewhat disgusted. Though Yu Jiu’s people were involved in the underworld, Yu Jiu had never dabbled in these matters before, so his subordinates naturally more or less shared his preferences.

“Since this matter involves Yao Qin, even if the Yao Family don’t get involved, Xiaoxia won’t just leave it be. Go find out who was behind it.” Yu Jiu ordered Bearded Guy.


“No need. It’s Yang Huairen.” Shi Sheng carried Yao Qin over and handed her over to Bearded Guy. “Send her back to my place first.”

Shi Sheng had already unearthed that matter, but hadn’t been hasty in utilising it. However, she hadn’t expected Yao Qin to be implicated.

“Where are the people who brought her here?”

Bearded Guy took Yao Qin from her and pointed to a room at the side with his gaze. “I locked all the people who arrived with Ms Yao in there.”

Shi Sheng got him to leave first, before going in to interrogate them.

They were all university students. Most of them had only come here to have fun. However, Yao Qin was pretty and smart. Though her grades weren’t all that good, she was pretty popular at school, hence incurring the jealousy of someone who tricked her here.

Had it not been for the phone call she made to Shi Sheng, Yao Qin would’ve probably ended up on some man’s bed.

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