Chapter 388 : Green Plum Meets Wine (39)

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Yu Jiu brought Shi Sheng to a cemetery.

The pouring rain flowed down the steps. Yu Jiu helped Shi Sheng up to make sure she didn’t slip. In the end, they came to a stop in front of a tombstone, which had the picture of a rather kindly old man on it.

“She’s Luo Sen’s granddaughter.” Yu Jiu slowly started speaking, “I killed her father three years ago.”

Luo Sen was the kingpin of an overseas criminal empire. Their meeting wasn’t anything special—it was quite normal actually.

The death of Yu Jiu’s mother had caused him a lot of distress. Around the time he left the country, he was diagnosed with a mental illness. Yu Xingyun had brought him overseas to get it treated.

A river ran alongside the perimeter of the institute, which Yu Jiu would often sneak away to after giving his nurses the slip.

It was there that he met Luo Sen, who often went there to fish.

At first, Yu Jiu merely sat by his side and stared off into space. Luo Sen didn’t mind suddenly having a young companion by his side.

This was until one day, Yu Jiu illness acted up and he walked into the river. Luo Sen’s face was dark as he yanked Yu Jiu back out.

Yu Jiu clearly remembered Luo Sen using fluent Chinese to scold him, “Why do you want to die at such a young age? Your mom didn’t give birth to you so you could die!”

Those words had probably gotten through to Yu Jiu, for he just dumbly stared at Luo Sen.

Luo Sen took him home and made him a simple meal before sending him back to the institute. By then, the staff were already going crazy looking for him.

Before Luo Sen left, Yu Jiu suddenly pulled him back to ask, “Can I still go see you again?”

“Of course you can.” Luo Sen spoke to the nurse for a bit. Yu Jiu didn’t know what he said, but ever since, all he had to do was give the nurse a heads-up before being allowed to leave the stifling institute.

Yu Xingyun was very busy, so Yu Jiu was basically all alone at the institute. Luo Sen was like an elder who accompanied him, so Yu Jiu would always seek him out every day. He’d also tell Yu Jiu some old legends, as well as the chat about the happenings in the city, and accompany him for meals.

He discovered Luo Sen’s identity when he was 13, when he went to Luo Sen’s house but found the door unlocked. He simply pushed the door open and entered.

He had always let himself in whenever Luo Sen wasn’t around, but this time was different. He was taken hostage as soon as he entered.

He watched as Luo Sen arrived with his men and killed the man holding him captive.

He wasn’t afraid. Instead, he felt his blood boiling, as if something was about to break out from its cocoon.

It seemed his aimless life finally had a light to point the way, causing him to seek it as if entranced.

For the first time, he begged Luo Sen to let him enter that dark world.

At first, Luo Sen rejected him. But after discovering Yu Jiu continuing to do so anyway behind his back, he could only bring him along.

After the institute issued Yu Jiu a clean bill of health, he told Yu Xingyun he wanted to study in another country. Yu Xingyun was already busy then, so after a few attempts to persuade him, allowed Yu Jiu to do as he wished.

In Luo Sen’s words, “He’s a natural at this.”

Yu Jiu remained by Luo Sen’s side for five years, during which the latter placed more importance on him than even his own son.

Only in the end did Yu Jiu find out that Luo Sen had deliberately recruited him for his ability. Luo Sen’s son was a good-for-nothing who ate, drank, womanized, and gambled all day. Plus, he had a simple mind that was unable to resist temptation, so it was impossible for Luo Sen to hand over his vast underground empire to him.

Yu Jiu’s appearance brought him hope that his empire wouldn’t be destroyed once he passed.

So he lured Yu Jiu into a planned plot to allow him to discover his uniqueness.

Luo Sen had already been ill for quite a while when 19-year-old Yu Jiu left the country.

During the following year, he underwent many tests Luo Sen set for him, as well as attempted assassinations and probing attacks from many different parties. In the end, he succeeded Luo Sen.

But Luo Sen’s only son was naturally unwilling to accept this, and tried to topple Yu Jiu again and again. But the latter had promised Luo Sen that has long as he didn’t go too far, he’d spare him.

But that time, he went overboard.

Shi Sheng quietly listened to Yu Jiu speak.

“Do you hate him?” ‘The one who brought you into the darkness?’

Yu Jiu shook his head. “I reckon I was born this way. He was just my guide.”

Although Luo Sen used him, he’d also given him the familial love he never received from Yu Xingyun in those years.

Yu Jiu smiled at Shi Sheng. “Luo Sen’s granddaughter ran into a bit of trouble and came to me for help. He’s my Master, so I naturally had to help her out.”

“And my parents know him?” Shi Sheng frowned. ‘How come he ended up with something that belonged to Sheng Xia’s mother?’

“Luo Sen’s wife is your mother’s maternal aunt. When she married him, she cut off all ties with her family. Most people think she’s dead.”

‘Alright. I suppose everything fits now.’

The two descended the mountain side by side as mist swirled around the tombstone behind, blurring it from view.

“When did you fall for me?”

Yu Jiu answered in a light tone, “The night you tailed Shen Jiayin.”

“So, you mean to say you don’t like the previous Sheng Xia?”


He didn’t like the previous Sheng Xia. She always liked to cry, and didn’t know how to fight back when he bullied her.

Weakness, kindness… He didn’t like those things. He wanted someone who could accept his darkness.

But after he discovered she actually knew how to fight back with tooth and nail, and then caught her tailing Shen Jiayin…he knew he’d definitely fall for her.


Shi Sheng and Yu Jiu organised their wedding once they returned home.

The marriage alliance between Sheng Shi Group and HK Group became the hottest topic after Yang Huairen’s scandal.

Even the government sent people to congratulate them on the day of their wedding.

“Sheng Xia, you’re actually getting married while I’m still studying! Why does your lil hobby-horse have to move so fast, huh?”

Shi Sheng pulled at the wedding veil, narcissistically admiring herself in the mirror. “Of course he would for someone as outstanding as myself.”

“That makes sense.” Yao Qin was brought off topic. She looked at her phone and suddenly cried out, “Aaah! It’s almost time! Stop checking yourself out!”

The wedding was held at a church and there weren’t many witnesses present.

Shi Sheng was brought into the church by Gu Yan.

The pure white wedding veil and countless petals in flight dominated the scene.

Yu Jiu walked in time with the rhythm of the music.

The two smiled, having eyes only for each other, as if they were the only ones in the world.

“Mr Yu, do you take Ms Sheng as your lawful wife, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sadness, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

“I do.”

“Ms Sheng, do you take Mr Yu as your lawful husband, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sadness, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

“I do.”

‘I’ll give my all to build you a kingdom of light.’

Author’s note:

Little Angels: That’s it?

Little Fairy: Yep.

Little Angels: You’re short-changing us! Bad reviews!

Little Fairy: …*plops to knees* I don’t want bad reviews…

Little Angels: Well who told you not to write properly?

Little Fairy: My hands hurt…

Shi Sheng: Oi, that’s my line! Don’t use it!

Feng Ci: Wifey, come back home to sleep.

Shi Sheng: My hands hurt…

Your little angels have logged off.

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