Chapter 389 : Green Plum Meets Wine (40)

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Shi Sheng handed over the materials gathered by Sheng Xia’s parents to the country. The government reacted quickly and specially commended Sheng Shi Group, as well as Shi Sheng herself.

Sheng Shi Group developed into a multinational corporation within the span of a few years. Since Gu Yan was in the e-commerce business, Shi Sheng didn’t enter that market.

Shen Jiayin’s company made pretty good progress, but with Gu Yan’s mammoth of a company present, it didn’t manage to cause any waves and ended up being acquired by Gu Yan.

The times soon changed and the internet became prevalent. Information was no longer as inaccessible now that news could travel the globe in but a few minutes.

“CEO Gu, may I ask you why you decided to switch to the e-commerce business back when it was still the golden age of the property market?”

On a screen mounted above a square, a host was currently interviewing the leader of the e-commerce business, Gu Yan, who was wearing a suit.

It seemed like time hadn’t left behind many marks on his face for he was as handsome as always.

He smiled towards the camera. “Because someone once told me that e-commerce would be the way of the future, so I followed their advice.”

“Wah!” The host exaggerated his reaction. “Who had so much foresight to predict how things would develop?”

“All of you are very familiar with this person too.”

“Oh? Who is it? CEO Gu, you simply must tell me!” The host asked excitedly.

Gu Yan played along in building up the suspense by speaking slowly, “Sheng Shi Group’s CEO, Sheng Xia.”

“Heavens! It really is her! But she must’ve been really young when you made your decision—what convinced you to follow her advice?”

Gu Yan smiled fittingly. “Because she’s my daughter ah! Of course I believe her.”

“Oh my gawd…” The host was stunned by this news, so it took him awhile to get back to his senses. But since this interview was centred on Gu Yan, the host didn’t dare to ask further and soon drew attention to other areas.


News that Sheng Shi Group’s CEO was the daughter of the leading e-commerce company’s CEO, Gu Yan, soon seemed to sprout wings and fly.

It caused a lot of surprise. Meanwhile, the online gossipers had already imagined up an entire storyline involving the intricacies of the elite class.

“It’s a real shame these people don’t write novels.” Shi Sheng refreshed the page. “This creativity will definitely make them popular.”

Yu Jiu had only just ended a call. He looked at Shi Sheng’s computer screen, his lips twitching. “Dear, your imagination is quite good too.”

The last reply to the thread was made by her account…

“I’m helping to develop their intelligence.” Shi Sheng made it sound proper.

“Intelligence will do better with fitness. Dear, how about we do some exercise?” Yu Jiu tossed his phone away and gave her a seductive wink.

Shi Sheng didn’t want to look at him any longer, so she looked away and pointed outside. “Get out. Stop disturbing me.”

‘Just what is this fellow thinking all day? Does his mind not contain anything besides pa pa?’

Yu Jiu was about to say something when the phone rang.

“Dad? Eat together? Oh…lemme ask my wifey.” Yu Jiu looked at Shi Sheng. “Dear, dad wants us to go home to eat together. Do you want to go?”

Shi Sheng could pretty much guess the reason behind Yu Xingyun inviting them home for a meal. But she didn’t know whether or not Yu Jiu could accept it…

During the whole journey there, she was torn between whether or not she should give him a heads-up.

“Dear, why’re you taking so long?” Yu Jiu opened the car door. “Do you need my kisses before you’re willing to get out? Sure, c’mere…”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Fuck! This idiot!’

Gu Yan was already present when they entered. He wore an apron as he busied himself with preparing their meal while Yu Xingyun helped him out.

Yu Xingyun washed his hands and exited the kitchen, his eyes meeting Shi Sheng’s. For once, he didn’t yell at Yu Jiu.

“Son…come with me to the study for a bit.”

Yu Jiu shot him an uncomprehending look. Seeing the seriousness on Yu Xingyun’s face, he still followed him upstairs.

After the two left, Shi Sheng entered the kitchen. “Uncle Gu.”

“Xiaoxia.” Gu Yan gave a slight smile that held some nervousness.

“Don’t worry. He’ll understand.” Shi Sheng patted his shoulder.

Gu Yan spoke in a low voice, “His mother’s passing left a deep mental scar on him. I’m afraid he won’t accept us.”

“…Just give him some time.” She couldn’t make his decision for him in this case.

“How’s the company doing?” Gu Yan switched topics.

Shi Sheng followed along. “The gov’s offered a couple of projects, but I didn’t want to accept them cos they were too troublesome. Since my subordinates wanted it though, I handed it over to them.”

Ever since she handed over those materials to the country, the government had given Sheng Shi Group a lot of special treatment.

If the project had something to do with her company’s business, they’d ask her before anyone else. As long as she accepted it, they could pretty much skip the whole auction tender stage.

“They’ve gotten a feel of your character, so they know you won’t accept any project but the ones you’re interested in. Still, you have to be careful. Their minds are hard to predict.” Gu Yan reminded Shi Sheng.


By the time Gu Yan finished cooking, Yu Xingyun and Yu Jiu descended the stairs.

Yu Jiu looked at Gu Yan expressionlessly before pulling Shi Sheng along with him and leaving.

“Xiaojiu…” Gu Yan was a bit anxious—one could hear it from his tone. Yu Jiu’s steps paused before he strode off.

Yu Xingyun wrapped an arm around Gu Yan’s shoulders and sighed slightly.

Yu Jiu got Shi Sheng to get into the car before speeding off. They got onto the highway before driving down a road that led to a tiny town.

“Yu Jiu…”

“You knew about this long ago, didn’t you?” Yu Jiu’s hands were still on the steering wheel, his eyes staring straight into the distance, his profile appearing a bit cold.

“En… I ran into them a few times.” Shi Sheng nodded.

“Follow me somewhere.” Yu Jiu undid his seatbelt and got out of the car. The first impression Shi Sheng got of this little town was that it was an idyllic place.

As Yu Jiu walked along the road, Shi Sheng followed behind him as she tried to think of what to say. But this made her walk too slowly, so Yu Jiu stopped to wait for her. Once she got close, he caught her hand and continued forward.

“This is my mother’s hometown.” It was also where she was buried.

“He neglected my mother because of work.”

Yu Jiu spoke rather slowly. Those memories were probably pretty hard for him to deal with.

“When I was overseas, he never expressed any concern for me. All he knew was to give me money.”

“Yet, today he told me… This is the first time I’ve seen him this concerned about someone.”

“I bet you thought I was completely unaware, huh? If you’ve managed to run into them before, I would have too. And it was at home… Though they didn’t notice me.”

Shi Sheng tightened her grip on his hand.

Yu Jiu looked at her. “I’m sorry. I can’t accept them for now.”

He could still recall his mother collapsing in a puddle of blood.

“En. I know.” It was because she’d known that she never told him.

Yu Jiu brought Shi Sheng to his mother’s grave. The woman in the picture appeared very cute and bore some resemblance to Yu Jiu.

Shi Sheng bowed deeply to the gravestone, causing Yu Jiu to feel surprised for a while. It seemed his wifey wasn’t prickly to everyone.

Although Yu Jiu couldn’t accept it, he didn’t object to them either. Only after several years did he finally find it in him to accept the two of them being together.

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