Chapter 391 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (1)

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There were less than 20 links in the chain quest this time. Shi Sheng suspected that it was because she hadn’t given System a reason to issue more.

When she returned to the System Space, she enacted her daily routine of hacking the screen.

System didn’t dare to make a peep. Only once Shi Sheng finished hacking did it show her stats.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -147,000

Life Points: 40

Contribution Points: 30,000

Mission Rank: B

Mission Points: 95

Hidden Quest: Completed

Hidden Quest Reward: 2,000 Contribution Points

Side Quest: Completed

Side Quest Reward: 4,000 Contribution Points

Item List: “Queen’s Crown”, “Ghost King’s Heart”

‘Woah! My morality points rose instead of falling? What glorious contributions did I(bbb) make, huh?’

[Yang Huairen and the diamond deposit.] System obediently replied.

Shi Sheng gave a short bark of mocking laughter. “How’d Shen Jiayin and Yin Mo end up?”

[Shen Jiayin was locked away for the rest of her life, and her cheat was used to make money for the clan. As for Yin Mo…Yu Jiu dealt with him.]

Shi Sheng raised a brow. ‘How come I wasn’t aware? It shouldn’t have been easy to deal with Yin Mo, right?’

[Yes. There was a period of time when Yu Jiu was abnormally quiet. Didn’t you notice?] System reminded Shi Sheng.

She thought for a while, before recalling that Yu Jiu did seem particularly well-behaved for a period of time after they got married, where he didn’t talk dirty or pester her about ‘procreating’. But since she’d been busy with her company then, she didn’t bother with him after making sure there was nothing wrong with him.

[Is there anything you wish to say?]

‘Say? I(bbb) don’t have anything to say to you. I refuse to communicate with idiots.’

[……] ‘Host, will you believe that I’ll prevent you from finding Feng Ci if you continue being like this?’

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]


Shi Sheng opened her eyes to complete darkness and silence, save for the sound of her own breathing.

“Hss—” Shi Sheng sucked in a cold breath and looked at her chest. It was too dark to make anything out.

The tearing pain nearly caused her to cry out. She reached out to press at its source, causing her lips to draw back from the increased pain.

‘Injured the moment I arrive? *flips table*’

After adjusting to the darkness for a moment, Shi Sheng could finally make out the faint outlines of her surroundings. It appeared she was in a room that was likely to be from ancient times.

She took a deep breath and laid down, beginning to go through the plot.

This was a heart-breaking romance novel set in jianghu[1].

The FL, Bai Luo, was the Eldest Young Miss of Hidden Sword Village.

She sneaked out and ended up encountering the ML, Fu Yiyun. She fell for him from the moment she saw him.

But Fu Yiyun already had a moonlight[2] in his heart and couldn’t forget her.

Hence, the FL began the agonising mode of silently remaining by his side.

In the end, only when his moonlight courted death did he realise he’d already fallen for the FL. But by this point, she was already completely heartbroken, so now it was the ML’s turn to chase after her.

The FL came back to him, and then they lived happily ever after.

Shi Sheng’s new body was called Wu Zheng. No, she wasn’t the ML’s death-courting moonlight.

Jianghu was split into orthodox and unorthodox factions. Wu Zheng fell into the latter category.

She was an orphan, the disciple of Medicine Granny[3].

Medicine Granny was a famed godly physician, but Wu Zheng was more interested in poison.

Because of her coquettish looks, a lot of people coveted her, so Wu Zheng was forced to use poison to defend herself.

Yet, because of this, rumours of her viciousness started circulating in jianghu. She was viewed as unorthodox and detested by the orthodox sects. But because of her skill in the art of poison, they didn’t dare to offend her.

At first, Wu Zheng tried to explain herself. Some people pretended to believe her, but then seized an opportunity to try to take either her life or her body.

After nearly falling for it once, Wu Zheng no longer believed that those self-righteous ‘orthodox’ pricks were the gentlemen they claimed to be.

Her tragic fate was sealed the moment she met the ML’s moonlight. Seeing that she was a girl with no backing, Wu Zheng kindly rescued her.

But who would’ve expected that moonlight to plot for someone else to take her virginity and steal her sword, Frostmoon in the process.

Wu Zheng naturally wanted to chase after and kill her, but it was then that the ML had an encounter with his beloved moonlight.

After she sobbingly complained to the ML, he didn’t even bother to get his facts straight before killing Wu Zheng.

And hence, Wu Zheng succeeded in kicking the bucket. She was the first female antagonist to be cannon-foddered.

Of course, the plot didn’t mention what the ML’s moonlight had done, only describing her meeting with the ML and the fact that she had been chased by Wu Zheng.

Wu Zheng’s purpose was to just be a catalyst for the ML to meet his moonlight. And to add a little bit to his achievements while she was at it.

Wu Zheng grievance lay with the fact that she saved the ML’s moonlight, yet was repaid with the two ganging up on her.

And since the ML killed her without giving her a chance to explain, she wanted revenge.

Once she’d gone through the plot, Shi Sheng facepalmed and sighed. ‘What’s with all these ridiculous plots? They’re simply getting weirder and weirder…

The ML’s a fuckin’ scumbag for crying out loud!’

Before his moonlight had appeared, the ML acted ambiguous with the FL. But the moment she showed up, he tossed the FL right out of his mind.

‘As expected of a tragedy! The ML’s scores the new high score in the asshole department, while the moonlight broke the record for courting death.

It seems like I arrived around the time Wu Zheng saved that moonlight…’

Oh, right! The moonlight’s name is Liu Xu.

Wu Zheng had been injured in saving Liu Xu. During this period of time in the original storyline, Liu Xu often showed up to get close to her and obtain her trust.

Shi Sheng sighed. ‘This mission’s rather easy. Once my wound’s healed, I’ll kill off that moonlight and then find an opportunity to do the same for the ML. For now, let’s sleep!’


At first light of the next day, the door to Shi Sheng’s room creaked as someone entered. Her brows furrowed. She woke up but didn’t open her eyes.

“Ms Wu Zheng?” The person called out to her softly.

“Ms Wu Zheng…”

When Liu Xu saw that the person on the bed had no reaction, her gaze fell to the side. Biting her lip, she ultimately leaned over. Just as her hand had reached halfway across, she suddenly met with a pair of calm eyes with nary a ripple in them, as though they were lifeless.

A hint of panic appeared on Liu Xu’s face that soon disappeared. She helped Shi Sheng pull up the blanket in a natural manner and expressed her concern in a gentle voice, “Ms Wu Zheng, are you feeling better?”

Liu Xu was a very pretty young lady. She had delicate eyebrows, a straight nose, and glossy, perky lips. She had her hair tied up in a fashion young women used, and wore a mellow-yellow[4] silk-gauze skirt. Her gentle temperament could be likened to water, and her smile was like spring flowers in bloom.

A girl like this fit the image of a goddess in the minds of most men.

Shi Sheng’s eyes turned to her, her tone frosty. “Who said you could come in?”

“I…was worried about you.” Liu Xu had a sincere expression.


Because Shi Sheng said this in a calm voice, Liu Xu couldn’t tell if she was angry or not.

“But your wound…”

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” Shi Sheng’s eyes turned colder. ‘If it hadn’t been for the fact that I(bbb) can’t move right now, I(bbb) would’ve started hacking her long ago.’

Liu Xu bit her lip, appearing rather aggrieved as she spoke in a voice as soft as a mosquito, “Then rest well, Ms Wu Zheng. If there’s anything, please call for me.”

Once Liu Xu had left, Shi Sheng sat up and pulled her clothes open to check on the wound.

The wound was located slightly above the pit of her stomach. It was a gash, not a stab wound.

Since she wasn’t able to see last night due to the darkness, she hadn’t dared to move around too much. Now that she could see the wound clearly, she pulled off the carelessly-tied bandages. She then took out a porcelain bottle and poured out its powdery contents, applying it on the wound.

“Hss—” Shi Sheng grit her teeth tightly as she sped up in rubbing the powder all over the wound.

‘Sonovabitch, it’s like pouring salt and alcohol at the same time! Wanna kill someone!’

[1] Literally translates to “rivers and lakes”. Generally used when describing a wuxia world with martial arts.

[2] Something like an open crush? The direct translation wouldn’t leave my mind, so you guys are stuck with it. You’re lucky I shortened it from the original ‘white moonlight’…

[3] Not her real name. It’s a nickname/title that’s a common practise in jianghu.

[4] Like this shade:

[5] I remember playing this game on a Nokia phone before. It’s a game where you have to direct a snake around to eat stuff by pressing the four directions on the keypad. If its head touches its body, its game over. The one the author is talking about is a remake version though. It’s more like games like only without the flashing neon lights. No, I’ve never played it. I only did some research on it because it came up here.

Author’s Note

Snake[5] is addictive! I don’t feel like writing at all!

Please vote!!!

Translator’s Corner:

On the subject of addictive games, Crusader Kings 2 is so addicting I’ve been falling behind my translation schedule XD

Feng Ci’s status in this arc:

ML's Status

Not present.

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