Chapter 392 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (2)

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After applying the medicine, Shi Sheng looked at the sword beside her.

Frostmoon, the sword ranked sixth on the list of top weapons.

Because the sword qi[1] it generated was like a crescent moon, it was dubbed Frostmoon.

Shi Sheng examined the sword. It was pretty sharp—but apart from that, there wasn’t anything special about it. Yet, it was this sword that had caused many attempts to be made on Wu Zheng’s life.

After all, it was jianghu! Robbery and murder were commonplace here.

Shi Sheng’s lips slowly rose. She liked worlds like this, where there weren’t any rules and the strongest ruled.

She tossed Frostmoon into her space. She wasn’t used to it, so she wasn’t planning on using it.

Liu Xu came over to check on her several times, but was always chased out by Shi Sheng with a cold face. In the end, she stopped coming.

Once Shi Sheng’s wound was healed and she could start the slaughter, she found that Liu Xu had disappeared for nearly two days already. Shi Sheng had learned it from the inn’s waiter.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Plot-sama, what do you mean by this, eh? I could understand you stopping me from killing the leads, but now you’re stopping me from killing an antagonist?! Why don’t you go rescue the Milky Way while you’re at it?!’

Emerging from the inn to the lively crowded street outside, Shi Sheng felt a bit unaccustomed. After all, it was quite jarring to suddenly enter an ancient world after having just been in a modern one.

She stood there for a moment before slowly walking down the street.

Shi Sheng strolled around for a while. It was true that some things were very exquisitely crafted in ancient times, but most things couldn’t compare to a modern society’s.

“Have you heard? Fu Yiyun and Jiang Zhan are going to have a match in Jadewater Village. The number one swordsman and number one demon…it’ll be quite a show!”

Shi Sheng’s steps paused as she turned to look at the beggars squatting by the roadside that were in discussion.

Jiang Zhan…was the Sect Head of the Demon Sect[2] in the original plotline. He was basically the ambassador of irredeemable sinners.

‘This fellow seems to be the biggest villain of the novel?’ Shi Sheng frowned slightly. ‘How come System didn’t delete his information this time?’

“Jadewater Village? When?”

“A month from now. I heard they were sending out invitations to the match too.”

“A pity our Beggars’ Sect doesn’t have much say, so we won’t be able to go.”

[Side Quest: Reformation[3].] System’s sudden appearance caused Shi Sheng’s lips to twitch. ‘What reformation? And a side quest?’

[Lead the Demon Sect to reformation.]

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘If the Demon Sect reforms, is it still the “Demon” Sect? You’re simply upsetting the status quo ah!’

[Host, don’t go getting any ideas.]

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. ‘And so what if I do? Can you bite me?’

[……] ‘I suddenly regret issuing this quest. Master! Can I please have a function to withdraw quests?!’

Demon sects were the essential villains that appeared in almost every wuxia novel, and this one was no different.

Five years ago, the orthodox sects of the pugilistic world had besieged the Demon Sect. Although they hadn’t been completely exterminated, they had still received a heavy blow.

Their former Sect Head died, and Jiang Zhan took over. In these past few years, there had been plenty of rumours about how he viewed human lives as grass and killed a lot—the type of person everyone despised.

News of the match between Fu Yiyun and the Demon Sect’s Sect Head seemed to grow wings and spread throughout the whole of jianghu.


On a road, a carriage drove forward at a speed that was neither fast nor slow.

The driver was a middle-aged man who seemed like an honest type.

Since the hour was getting late, the driver slowed down when he caught sight of a creek.

“Miss, it’s going to be dark soon. How about we rest here for the night?” The driver turned around and carefully asked the carriage’s occupant.

“Oh, sure.” A melodious voice travelled from within. Hearing this, the driver steered the carriage over to a clearing.

Shi Sheng leaned against the carriage and watched him busy himself with setting up camp.

Since the ML was going to be at Jadewater Village, then Liu Xu would probably be there too. Hence, Shi Sheng decided to go there.

The most important factor was because there would be a show to watch…

Jadewater Village was quite a distance away; Shi Sheng had hired a carriage, but still hadn’t reached her destination even after a fortnight.

“Miss, how about I go catch some fish?” Seeing the river in the distance, the driver suggested eagerly.

Shi Sheng didn’t say anything, so he started pulling up his sleeves and walking towards the riverbank.

During this past fortnight, the carriage driver was already aware that she didn’t usually talk. If you asked her something, as long as she didn’t oppose it, it meant she was agreeing.

Shi Sheng followed him, watching as he tried and failed to catch any fish for a long time. He felt a bit embarrassed. With Shi Sheng standing there watching, he felt like he’d be letting down this employer of his if he couldn’t catch even a single fish.

Shi Sheng unhurriedly drew her sword and lightly swung in the direction of the river.

It was as if the river had been parted by something as the water split and rose in the air. By the time it came back down, the now-calm surface had quite a lot of fish bellies bobbing along.

The carriage driver was completely drenched and was currently staring at the river with a stupefied look. ‘Martial arts could be used like this?!’

He knew this lady was trained in martial arts since he’d witnessed how she easily dealt with some bandits beforehand, but he’d never seen someone catch fish like this.

“What’re you spacing out for? If you don’t grab ‘em now, they’re gonna run off.” Shi Sheng stabbed her sword into the ground.

He looked towards the river. Indeed, several fish had already started sinking back into the river; they’d only been stunned, not killed.

Since the two of them couldn’t eat too much, he didn’t grab too many, just picking up the few that were nearby.

As night descended, the smell of roasting fish travelled far.

The driver often camped out, so he’d packed condiments in the carriage. Though of course, it couldn’t compare to what was available in a modern society.

Shi Sheng was a bit picky, so she didn’t eat much. The carriage driver finished the rest.

“Yah[4]! Yah!”

The sounds of horses galloping got closer. A while later, a group of men riding horses appeared from the direction of the road. Seeing the firelight, the riders charged over.

There were around 20 of them, and all of them appeared to be practitioners of martial arts, judging from their muscular figures. This caused the carriage driver to get a bit anxious.

Shi Sheng merely continued staring at the campfire, unconcerned. A fish was roasting on the fire, and the sounds of its sizzling hisses as it cooked were very distinct in the night.

“Yo, there’s a lil lass here.”

The riders dismounted and their two leaders made their way over. The rest dispersed and surrounded the area.

“Get lost! Don’t get in the way!” Someone kicked the carriage driver, causing him to fall to the side. The driver didn’t dare to breathe too loudly and could only stare helplessly at Shi Sheng.

“Hey lass, you’re lookin’ mighty fine.” The speaker reached out a hand, intending to pinch her chin. But just as he was about to reach her, the branch in Shi Sheng’s hand suddenly swung towards him.

Because there wasn’t much force behind the blow, the whack only caused his wrist to numb a bit.

“And you got a temper! I likey!” But the man appeared more excited after being hit.

Shi Sheng shot him a side glance, got up, and asked him with an empty smile on her face, “What do you like about me?”

When she stood up, their breaths hitched. ‘This woman is really quite the looker!’

“I like your everything.” ‘If I can have this woman under me, that sensation…’

Just thinking about it got them excited.

The two men advanced towards Shi Sheng with lewd smiles on their faces. “If you follow us, you’ll want for nothing.”

“Want for nothing?” Shi Sheng’s smile deepened.

The men didn’t notice the killing intent in the depths of her eyes, having been smitten by her beauty. “Of course! We can give you anything you want, so hurry up and let us have a feel.”

[1] Just think of it as like the special effects you see in movies. Pew pew pew.

[2] Because my editor/proofreader said to include this: no, they are not composed of actual demons.

[3] The whole meaning behind this is “to change for the better” but it sounded a bit mouthy.

[4] I guess in English, it’d be more like “giddyup” or something since I think that’s what riders say to spur on their horses? I don’t know, so I left it to something that sounded closest like the original.

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