Chapter 393 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (3)

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The driver looked at the pile of ‘corpses’ with sympathy on his face. ‘Is this lady the type you can just harass?’

Since he often ventured out, he’d witnessed many things, so he didn’t feel like Shi Sheng did anything wrong.

‘If this lady didn’t have the strength, she would’ve been sullied by these people.’

Shi Sheng squatted down to look at the two who were at the bottom of the pile. “Still like me?”

The two had terrified expressions as they shook their heads with all their might.

“Ma’am, we had eyes but couldn’t see Mt. Tai! Please be merciful and spare us!”

“Ma’am, spare us!”

“Spare us!”

‘Just where did this crazy bitch come from?!’

“Ha…” Shi Sheng got up to look down at them. “If it was me begging you, would you lot let me off?”

From their angle, they could make out the coldness in the depths of her eyes. They were like the flames burning in hell—without warmth, yet capable of burning the soul.

“Do you know who we are?! You won‘t get away if you dare touch us!” Since begging for mercy wouldn’t do, they started trying to use their statuses.

“Don’t know. Don’t care.” Shi Sheng coolly replied.

But it seemed they hadn’t heard her, for they shouted, “We belong to the Blood Killers Gang! You’ll be offending the Blood Killers Gang if you dare to harm a hair on our heads!”

“Blood Killers Gang?”

“What? You scared already? If you let us go now, we can treat this like it never happened!”

Shi Sheng looked at him like she was looking at an idiot. “Never heard of it.”

A strange silence fell.

Never heard of it…

‘She actually never heard of us…’

“Miss, the Blood Killers Gang are a cruel lot, and protective of their own…” The driver softly warned her.

“Even more reason to kill them, then.” Shi Sheng nodded. ‘What else am I going to do otherwise? Let them go so they can call their buddies? Think I’m(lz) an idiot?’

“Damn woman! You dare?!”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Shi Sheng stabbed the person on the very top of the pile.


Horrible shrieks continuously sounded through the dark, adding on to the suspense in the stillness of the night.

The driver restrained his fear and stood beside the carriage.

Right now, Shi Sheng appeared to be a killing god. Before, she’d only beaten up bandits but hadn’t taken their lives. Yet this time, she was really killing people.

Although he knew she was right, in that they would kill her if she didn’t kill them, he was just a normal person—how could he not be scared upon witnessing a scene like this?

Once Shi Sheng was sure they were all dead, she stacked them all up in a pile. The whole time, the driver merely quailed.

“Ah—” Suddenly, a short, panicked yelp was heard, causing the driver to lose his footing as he turned and fall to the ground.

Shi Sheng turned to look at the source of the noise.

At the edge of the firelight stood two figures.

One of them was tall while the other one was short. The short one should be a woman, since the voice seemed to come from her. She was mostly hidden behind the person in front, only peeking her head out.

“W-why…did you kill them?” The woman questioned slightly cautiously.

“Who said I killed them?” Shi Sheng shot back.

“…Who else could it be? There’s no one else here!”

“Seeing that I’m so beautiful, it’s entirely possible that they willingly committed suicide for me, no?”

‘Suicide? I can see the blood on your sword! How come this person’s lying through her teeth…?’

Perhaps having been scared by Shi Sheng, the woman fell silent.

“Come on.” The man’s voice was slightly cool.

“Fu-dage…are we not going to do anything?” ‘That woman’s a murderer ah!’

“Those people are from the Blood Killers Gang.”

Shi Sheng gave them a doubtful look.

‘“Fu-dage”… Fu Yiyun? Bai Luo?’

The Blood Killers Gang weren’t good people—Bai Luo had experienced it first-hand before. Noticing that the woman standing by the fireside was very pretty, Bai Luo knew she’d gotten the wrong idea.

“Sorry, Jiejie. It must’ve been those beasts from the Blood Killers Gang who started it! Sorry!”

Shi Sheng watched Bai Luo apologise with great interest.

‘This FL is quite the pure[1] one ah! And her imagination’s not bad.’

Fu Yiyun didn’t wish to linger, so he turned to leave.

“Fu-dage…” Bai Luo anxiously called him. “Jiejie, it’s not safe at night, so be careful. Oh right, Jiejie is so powerful, you should be fine. Goodbye, Jiejie.”

Bai Luo had muttered that last part, but since there wasn’t much noise, Shi Sheng easily heard her.

She watched as Bai Luo chased after Fu Yiyun.

Bai Luo sacrificed a lot for him, almost to the point of losing her life. Her character was a bit soft, but she didn’t turn bad—she still remained as dumb and naïve as she always was.

Yet a girl like that was going to be abused by a scumbag. Really…


The next time she encountered Fu Yiyun and Bai Luo was at a little copse not far from Jadewater Village. The two were being attacked, and it seemed that Fu Yiyun’s arm was injured. Because he had to protect Bai Luo, he wasn’t able to concentrate in dealing with the attackers.

“Miss…what should we do?” Seeing the fighting going on ahead, the driver didn’t know whether to continue or stop.

“Wait.” ‘What else? Help them out?’

The fight didn’t last long. Although the ML was injured, the whole ‘leads can’t die’ rule was still there, so the cannon-fodder could only log off to get lunch.

Bai Luo was so scared, all strength had left her limbs. She supported Fu Yiyun and helped him shuffle forward, sobbing all the while.

Shi Sheng hopped off the carriage and paid the driver. “You can go back now.”

He didn’t understand. “Eh? Miss?”

“I can walk the rest of the way.” Shi Sheng waved as she followed Bai Luo.

Bai Luo’s speed was really slow as she made her way haltingly. By the time Shi Sheng followed her to Jadewater Village, night had already fallen.

“Sir Fu? Miss? You—” The people of Jadewater Village didn’t recognise Bai Luo.

“Save him…” Bai Luo’s face was covered in tear streaks. Seeing the people from Jadewater Village, the anxiety that kept her running finally drained away and she collapsed to the ground.

There was a brief commotion as everyone tried to sort things out. Shi Sheng appeared at this time.

“Miss, you are?” The steward got people to carry Bai Luo and Fu Yiyun inside, before his vaguely scrutinising gaze fell on Shi Sheng.

“Wu Zheng.”

The steward’s brows furrowed. ‘What fight[2]?’

But the next moment, a figure appeared in his mind, causing his expression to change slightly as he stared guardedly at Shi Sheng. “Why has Ms Wu Zheng come to Jadewater Village?”

‘Wu Zheng… That poison expert who wields Frostmoon.

Who would’ve expected that the rumoured vicious woman looked like this. It’s a pity that no matter how good she looks, she’s still scum.’

“To watch Fu Yiyun and Jiang Zhan fight.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at him. “Isn’t that, like, the only event happening right now?”

‘Event? What’s this woman talking about?’

“Ms Wu Zheng, please leave. Jadewater Village doesn’t welcome you.” Jadewater Village belonged to the orthodox faction, so naturally they wouldn’t welcome a jianghu degenerate like Shi Sheng.

Her lips curved into a shallow smile as she spoke with a calm voice, “And if I insist on going in?”

“Then don’t blame us for being rude.”

[1] Original is “傻白甜” which translates literally to “dumb, white, sweet”. So something like a naïve dummy?

[2] Wu Zheng is “无筝” which sounds like “无争”/ “wu2zheng1” which means “to have no conflict”. Hence, he’s being like, what’s she on about talking about a fight when I’m asking for her name?

[3] There’s a joke/meme about how Apple keeps changing (which uses the same word as ‘flipping’) their new iPhone designs. At least that’s what I got from my brief search.

Author’s note

Little Fairy: The Host is being unreasonable again. Son, hurry up and bring your wifey back.

Feng Ci: I haven’t even shown up yet…

Little Fairy: …Useless! Can’t you just flip over the wall?

Feng Ci: Do you take me for a certain smartphone brand[3]?

Little Fairy: Trash.

Shi Sheng: *draws sword* Do you still want your votes?

Little Fairy: Son, I was wrong…

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: That poor carriage driver got called a “no one” lol

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