Chapter 394 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (4)

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“All are guests, Ah Fu. Invite Ms Wu Zheng in.”

A forceful, male voice travelled out from the direction of the gates. A man stood at the half-opened gates, a servant holding a lantern at his side. He appeared quite stalwart in the faint light.

Ah Fu turned around. “Village Head, she’s—” ‘—a degenerate! How can she be allowed in?!’

“Invite our guest in.” The man interrupted Ah Fu.

“Yes.” Ah Fu bowed towards the man before turning around and speaking a bit stiffly, “Ms Wu Zheng, please follow me.”

Shi Sheng gave the man who had spoken up for her a meaningful smile, before following Ah Fu to the guest room.

Once they’d left, the servant asked carefully, “Village Head, why did you let her in?”

“You lot are afraid of one little girl?” The Village Head shot back, a hint of disdain appearing in his tone.

“It is rumoured she is proficient in the art of poison. And she has Frostmoon.”

“And that is precisely the reason why.” The Village Head spoke faintly. The servant didn’t dare to say anything to that.


Fu Yiyun was injured pretty heavily and was poisoned to boot. Bai Luo remained by his side, refusing to leave even to take care of her own needs, her face deathly pale.

“Ms Bai, you should go and rest for a bit. I will watch after Sir Fu,” Ah Fu couldn’t help but say, after seeing her in this state.

“I’m okay.” Bai Luo shook her head. “Will Fu-dage be alright?”

“Sir Fu’s poison can only be temporarily suppressed. But our Village Head is already thinking of a way to solve it, so there’s no need to be worried, Ms Bai.”

Bai Luo held onto Fu Yiyun’s arm. ‘How am I supposed to not worry? There are only a few more days till the match with that Jiang Zhan guy. Can Fu-dage recover before then?’

Ah Fu tried persuading her for a while longer, but gave up after he noticed that she wasn’t listening.

Bai Luo noticed sweat on Fu Yiyun’s brow. She reached out to wipe it away but found that he was burning up, so she got up to go fetch some water. She walked quickly. None of the servants were surprised to see her.

While she was fetching water, there were several people who were talking beside her. Their conversation entered her ears.

“Is she really that Wu Zheng?”

“Should be. Steward Fu told us not to go near that place, didn’t he? Why would he be this cautious if it wasn’t her?”

“Why’d she come to our village? Are we in any danger?”

“She said it’s to watch Sir Fu and that Demon Jiang’s match. What’re you afraid of? Village Head’s here—what can she do?”


“…Wasn’t she Medicine Granny’s disciple? Medicine Granny had a righteous character, so how did her disciple turn out like this?”

‘Medicine Granny’s disciple?’ Bai Luo didn’t hear the rest of their conversation, because her mind was filled with their previous words. ‘Father said Medicine Granny is a godly physician, so her disciple should be one too.’

Bai Luo hurriedly carried water back into the room. The Village Head had entered at some point. A physician stood beside him and was currently in the process of taking Fu Yiyun’s pulse.

Bai Luo stood outside the door, not entering. She held her breath and listened to their discussion.

The physician continuously shook his head. “I have never seen the poison in Sir Fu’s body before.”

The physician packed his things, shaking his head while sighing. “I heard Ms Wu Zheng is here. If she could be invited to have a look and diagnose what poison it is, then I might have a way. But…”

‘If Wu Zheng says she’s the second in poison expertise, no one would dare call themselves first. But would someone this vicious really come take a look?’

The physician sighed.

‘Wu Zheng…the Medicine Granny’s disciple?’

Bai Luo grit her teeth and turned to leave. She asked around a bit to learn where Shi Sheng was staying before hurriedly making her way over.

Because Ah Fu had been afraid that Shi Sheng would harm the people in the village, he had especially arranged a courtyard that was segregated from the rest.

Bai Luo checked the name of the courtyard before knocking the door. It opened with a creak.

‘It’s not locked?’

Bai Luo peeked inside but found that it was empty.

“Ms Wu Zheng?” Bai Luo called out. No one answered.

She hesitated for a moment before gathering up her courage and opened the door.

She only made it a couple of steps inside before a dark figure suddenly flashed in front of her, causing her to startle and retreat back, her heart thumping wildly.

Shi Sheng had jumped over the wall. Seeing that there was suddenly someone else here, she was very surprised too, so she examined the intruder.

‘Why is FL-sama here? Isn’t the ML dying?’

“Jiejie? It’s you?” Once Bai Luo made out Shi Sheng’s features, surprise and excitement gleamed in her eyes.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘It was so dark then, yet you could see me(bbb) clearly? FL-sama, do you secretly have a crush on me(bbb)? What’s with that excited look…? I’m not into yuri!’

“How’d you get in?”

Bai Luo blinked and pointed at the courtyard door, explaining in a small voice, “The door wasn’t closed ah.”

‘Eh? I(bbb) didn’t close the door? Forget it, that’s not important right now.’

“Why’re you here?” ‘FL-sama, why have you run over to my place instead of accompanying your beloved?’

“I…” Bai Luo suddenly felt nervous. ‘Is this Jiejie really Ms Wu Zheng?’

She took a deep breath before asking cautiously, “Jiejie, are you Medicine Granny’s disciple?”

Shi Sheng looked Bai Luo up and down a few times with an odd look before nodding. “I guess so.”

‘Wu Zheng is. I’m not.’

Bai Luo’s eyes shone as if someone had put jewels in them. “That’s wonderful! Fu-dage’s been poisoned, but the physician doesn’t know what type of poison it is. Jiejie, can you help take a look at it?”

Bai Luo’s tone turned pleading towards the end. She also hurriedly added on, “I can pay you!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘You want me(bbb) to treat the ML? Has your brain been kicked by a mule? You’re lucky I(bbb) haven’t poisoned him further!’

Though how did Fu Yiyun get poisoned? I don’t remember this being in the original storyline… It got derailed again?’

“Jiejie, what do you want? As long as I can do it, I’ll definitely help you out!” Bai Luo grew anxious with Shi Sheng’s silence.

‘I want Fu Yiyun’s life; can you help out with that?’ Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. “You should get a physician to see to poison. Why’re you looking for me?”

“The physician said…he doesn’t know what kind of poison it is. He said Jiejie might know, so…” Tears dripped out of Bai Luo’s eyes. “Jiejie, what will it take for you to look at Fu-dage?”

‘Hey hey now, don’t phrase it as if I’m an asshole who’s abandoned someone… Pay attention to your words.’

“Jiejie, I’m begging you.”

“Why should I?” Shi Sheng gave her a smile that wasn’t quite a smile. “Why should I help you?”

Bai Luo stared at her dumbly, crystalline tears still clinging to her long eyelashes.

Shi Sheng’s lips rose slightly into a malicious grin. “Besides, haven’t you heard the rumours?”

Bai Luo stuttered, “W-what?”

“I only kill people, not save them.”

Though the woman was smiling, Bai Luo couldn’t see a hint of ripple in her eyes, merely calmness. Her words echoed in Bai Luo’s mind.

I only kill people, not save them.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: I want votes!

Shi Sheng: I don’t have votes… Do you want some skulls instead?

Little Fairy: [trembling.jpg] My daughter’s really violent… What should I do? SOS pls

Shi Sheng: Isn’t the reason I’m this violent because you let me?

Little Fairy: …My fault again.

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