Chapter 395 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (5)

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Bai Luo didn’t remember how she left, only that woman’s wicked grin. It was both bold and dazzling.

Bai Luo stood outside the courtyard for a long time. She thought of a lot of things she could say. But in the end, she couldn’t actually voice them.

Shi Sheng’s ‘why should I?’ had blocked off all of her reasons. Since the two didn’t even know each other that well, what basis did Bai Luo have to request her help?

Bai Luo could only leave in disappointment.

But she’d only just left when the Village Head sent someone to ask for Shi Sheng’s help. And that person was Ah Fu.

“Ms Wu Zheng, what will it take for you to help out?” Ah Fu asked directly, the meaning behind his words being that she could state any condition she wanted.

Shi Sheng sat with her legs crossed, in a gangster-like manner, her smile growing bolder. “As long as it involves Fu Yiyun, no way.”

Ah Fu, “…” ‘What about Fu Yiyun? Does she have enmity with him? I’ve never heard anyone mention it before though…’

“Ms Wu Zheng—”

Shi Sheng waved her hand. “Steward Fu, people have to be firm in their stance—I’m sticking to my decision.”

Ah Fu held back his anger. “Then may I ask Ms Wu Zheng if Sir Fu has done anything to offend you?”

Shi Sheng glanced at him. “Don’t like the look of him.”

Ah Fu, “…”

He reported this back to his Village Head, word for word.

“She really said that?” The Village Head looked at Ah Fu with an unreadable expression.

Ah Fu nodded. “Yes.”

He then asked hesitantly, “Does Sir Fu have any enmity with Wu Zheng?”

“That shouldn’t be the case.” The Village Head wasn’t clear on whether or not they were enemies, but there hadn’t been any rumours in jianghu.

“Then she—”

The Village Head smiled coldly. “She’s just finding an excuse.”

“Village Head, I don’t understand—why did you allow her to stay?” Ah Fu finally voiced the doubt he’d been keeping to himself all this time.

A sharp glint flashed in the Village Head’s eyes. “She has Frostmoon.”

‘Frostmoon? That sword…is only ranked 6th, so why does Village Head care so much?’

Of course, the Village Head wouldn’t resolve Ah Fu’s doubts—he merely waved a hand to dismiss the latter.


As the male lead, Fu Yiyun definitely wouldn’t die—someone diagnosed the poison the next day. But after the diagnosis, the cure seemed even harder to get. This was because only the Demon Sect had this poison. So naturally, they were the only ones with the antidote.

“The Demon Sect isn’t playing by the rules!” Having learned of this, the ‘good people’ of the pugilistic world started condemning the Demon Sect.

Shi Sheng happened to be passing by and couldn’t hold back from joining in, “The match is between Jiang Zhan and Fu Yiyun; where does it involve the Demon Sect? You lot are too concerned about whether or not they poison someone—why don’t you manage their finances while you’re at it? And although it’s the Demon Sect’s poison, why does that mean they were the ones who used it?”

“Who the hell are you? Why are you speaking for the Demon Sect? Are you a spy?!” Hearing Shi Sheng’s words, someone immediately flew into a rage.

When he turned around to look, he saw a woman standing on the walkway. A hint of a mocking smile played on her alluring features. Her eyes were calm and without ripples. When one gazed into them, it was like staring into a pair of bottomless, ancient, and cold pools.

She wore a dark blue dress which was in a simpler style—probably for the sake of convenience—with only a few simple auspicious cloud patterns embroidered on it.

She wore a translucent gauze outer garment that added a hazy beauty to her outfit.

Shi Sheng twirled a strand of hair at her chest. “Why would I want to make things difficult for my own kind, hm? If I don’t speak up for them, who would I speak up for? You lot?”

“Witch Wu Zheng!” ‘This witch really was here! And here I thought it was just baseless rumours! What is up with Jadewater Village, huh? They actually let her in!’

“Don’t look at me like that. Otherwise, I might…” Shi Sheng raised a hand, causing the person who’d shouted at her to shrink back.

Everyone else’s expressions changed too.

‘This woman is an expert in poison! Most of her victims don’t even know when they’d been poisoned until it’s too late!’

If Wu Zheng hadn’t had some ability, she would’ve probably been killed by these people ages ago.

So it was normal for these people to fear her.

Bai Luo could be seen anxiously rushing through a carved archway in the distance, though she blanked out when she saw Shi Sheng. Probably having noticed that the atmosphere was a bit off, Bai Luo didn’t dare to approach and merely raised her voice from a distance, “Seniors, Village Head has invited you to the meeting hall.”

“Wu Zheng, we’ll let you off this time!”

“This is Jadewater Village, so we won’t argue with you!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Why don’t you do so if you got the guts? Real men don’t just talk big!’

“Then I’ll be waiting for when you do.”

Their expressions turned unsightly, but they all tacitly avoided starting a fight and turned to leave.

Bai Luo looked at Shi Sheng complicatedly from afar, but because she was worried for Fu Yiyun, it was only a brief glance before she followed the rest.

Shi Sheng silently raised a middle finger at their departing backs.

‘A bunch of cowardly idiots.’

Despite much discussion, those people still couldn’t find a solution. After all, not just anyone was capable of detoxifying the Demon Sect’s poison.

Well, there was someone in Jadewater Village who could cure him, but she had already clearly expressed herself to be on the Demon Sect’s side.

There was also some speculation that she was the one who poisoned Fu Yiyun in the first place. Although Bai Luo said she hadn’t appeared when Fu Yiyun was injured, that didn’t exclude the possibility of Wu Zheng colluding with the Demon Sect.

But they could only keep their thoughts to themselves. After all, would you dare to accuse a woman who was capable of reaping your life with poison at any moment? They certainly didn’t.

Fu Yiyun’s condition worsened by the day, as the date of the match drew closer.

Three days before the scheduled match, Shi Sheng overheard that Fu Yiyun had been detoxified.

As for who the good Samaritan was? Shi Sheng didn’t know.

Though even if he was no longer poisoned, with only three days to recover, it would still take a miracle for him to beat Jiang Zhan in their match.

Shi Sheng expressed that her melon seeds, peanuts, and stool were ready to watch the ML get abused.

But before that could happen, the Village Head sent someone to invite her over. “Ms Wu Zheng, our Village Head wishes to invite you over for a bit.”

“Invite me?” Shi Sheng raised a brow.

The messenger respectfully replied, “Indeed.”

Shi Sheng continued asking, “Just me?”

“Ms Wu Zheng will find out when you get there.” The answer was very skilfully phrased.

“Not going.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. Ignoring the servant’s surprised look, she arrogantly knocked the desk and spoke, “If he wants to see me, he can come over himself.”

‘Am I(bbb) that easy to meet?’

The messenger had never seen such an arrogant guest, who’d get the host to come see them instead of the other way around.

‘Even if she’s very capable, she should at least get the logic behind not offending people on their own territory, right?’

Seeing that he wasn’t leaving, Shi Sheng simply tossed him out. The messenger didn’t dare to pick a fight with her, so he could only return to report to his master in a daze.

[……] ‘Host is showing off again… Would it kill you to not do that? Would you die from speaking politely? Would it really be too much to ask for you to just do a mission properly?’

System guessed that Shi Sheng had the attitude of ‘I’m already giving your village face by staying here, yet you lot don’t worship me, and even dare to put on airs? You wanna get hit?’

‘Host, I’m telling you, this attitude is very dangerous. You’ll get ganged up on…

#My Host is getting more and more arrogant, and always thinks conquering the universe is a cinch. Pls help, desperate#’

Author’s note:

System: Host, what is your secret to being so good at showing off?

Shi Sheng: I’m the author’s biological daughter!

System: …So I’m adopted?

Shi Sheng: *disdain*

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    System: Host, what is your secret to being so good at showing off?

    Shi Sheng: I’m the author’s biological daughter!

    System: …So I’m adopted?

    Shi Sheng: *disdain*

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