Chapter 397 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (7)

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‘Sect Head, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of sect head. What’s with the puppy? This sect head is really…’

Unable to help herself, Shi Sheng burst into laughter.

Since everyone else was quiet, her laughter couldn’t help but draw their attention. They all cast odd looks at her.

Sect Head Jiang also glared at her. But with a face like that, it looked more like he was pouting[1].

“Wu Zheng, what’re you laughing for?!”

Shi Sheng’s laughter halted.

‘Wu Zheng knew this loony?’

Shi Sheng diligently searched through Wu Zheng’s memories for the answer, but…

‘I think…it seems…like…they’ve never met?’

Jiang Zhan strode aggressively towards Shi Sheng.

His sleeves billowed as he moved, the bells hanging from Scarlet Heaven’s pommel emitting crisp, ringing sounds.

Shi Sheng remained seated, one leg placed on the chair beside her. She kept one hand rested on her knee, while shaking her leg in a very unladylike manner.

She watched as Jiang Zhan got closer.

But right as she wondered what he was up to, the sword in his hand suddenly swung towards her.

Shi Sheng leapt up from her seat and jumped towards an open area by the side. Scarlet Heaven reduced the chair she had just been sitting on to dust.

“The fuck?! Are you sick in the head or something?!” Having been attacked out of nowhere, Shi Sheng’s temper flared. ‘I(bbb) don’t even know you! The hell do you mean by trying to hack me eh?!’

“Yeah, I’m(lz) sick! Haven’t you already given me this diagnosis before?!”

‘Wut? Speak human dammit!’

Jiang Zhan charged forward once more with Scarlet Heaven, so Shi Sheng could only draw her own sword to meet him in battle. ‘You want a fight? See if I(bbb) don’t beat you to death!’

The surrounding onlookers, “…” ‘Wasn’t it supposed to be Jiang Zhan and Fu Yiyun fighting? How come it turned into Jiang Zhan vs Wu Zheng?’

“Wasn’t Wu Zheng’s sword Frostmoon? What’s that sword of hers? I’ve never seen it before.”

“Scarlet Heaven is actually being suppressed…”

Everyone was shocked by Shi Sheng’s sword.

With such a chuuni name as Scarlet Heaven, it should come as no surprise that this sword was ranked number one on the list of top weapons.

Yet the top-ranking Scarlet Heaven was actually being suppressed by an iron sword that seemed completely normal…

Was it because Jiang Zhan couldn’t exert Scarlet Heaven’s true potential? No.

There were plenty of experienced people present. They could tell that Jiang Zhan’s inner energy was strong, so he was able to bring out at least 90% of Scarlet Heaven’s potential, which was even better than his predecessor. The only downside was that his technique was pretty mediocre…

But that shouldn’t have been enough to cause Scarlet Heaven to be suppressed. So the truth was…that sword was stronger than Scarlet Heaven?


Sparks flew as the two swords clashed against each other, the ear-piercing ringing seeming to last for a long time.

Shi Sheng turned her wrist and flicked her blade up, smacking Scarlet Heaven out of the way before she stabbed towards Jiang Zhan’s chest with her own sword.

It only just sank into his skin when she felt unable to stab it in any further.

It was as if there was an impenetrable barrier stopping her.

[Host has attempted to kill a quest-related target. The punishment will be delivered within 24 hours. Please check to make sure everything is in order.]

‘Da hell? Repeat that if you have the guts!’

[Host has attempted to kill a quest-related target. The punishment will be delivered within 24 hours. Please check to make sure everything is in order.] System fearlessly repeated.

‘Punishment? Delivered within 24 hours? And “make sure everything is in order”?! Do you think you’re a fucking express delivery company?! Does your master know you keep adding rules randomly?!’

[……] ‘Yes.’

No matter how Shi Sheng cussed, System played dead. Once she’d had enough, she turned her attention back to Jiang Zhan.

The latter felt like he was enveloped in a cocoon of killing intent that seemed as if it would take physical form and jab into him.

But soon that killing intent receded. Shi Sheng exerted more force on the sword pressing against his chest, but the odd thing was, it merely caused him to retreat a step but didn’t sink into his body.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘System, fuck your great grandpa!’

Having been truly infuriated, Shi Sheng pulled her sword back and started smacking Jiang Zhan with it.

“Wu Zheng! Ow—!” Jiang Zhan jumped around in pain from being beaten. “You crazy witch! Stop! The hell are you guys just watching for?! Stop her!”

The surrounding audience, “…”

‘We didn’t see anything. Nothing at all.’

Meanwhile, Shi Sheng continued whacking him to her heart’s content.

‘That’s for having rookie protection! And that’s for colluding with that idiot system! And this one’s for trying to hack me(lz)!’

Jiang Zhan shouted for someone to stop her, but no one listened to him. Even the subordinates he’d brought with him kept their distance, out of fear that Shi Sheng would wallop them too.

“Wu Zheng! Enough already!”

Jiang Zhan was enraged from being smacked so many times and suddenly reached out to grab the sword.

Due to its speed, a normal person’s hand would’ve been cut in half if they dared to try and catch it like he did. But Jiang Zhan managed to catch the sword, though fresh blood began to seep out of the wound on his palm and trickled down onto the blade…

The section of the sword Jiang Zhan was holding onto was dyed red, but the shade was an even brighter red than fresh blood ought to warrant. A faint red light flashed.

Shi Sheng’s eyes darkened.

She jerked her sword back. It buzzed, but she held it down and chucked it back into her space before anyone else got a good look at it.

‘Someone who was born under the Four Yins[2]? How rare!’

Jiang Zhan looked at his hand. The wound was deep and quite terrifying to look at. Just now, he felt his blood swiftly leaving his body.

He lifted his head to look at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng watched him with a ridiculing expression, her arms crossed.

“Wu Zheng, you—”

“Say anything you shouldn’t, and I’ll kill you.” Shi Sheng cut him off. It was clearly a threat, yet her eyes were completely calm, making her true emotions unreadable.

Her sword couldn’t touch the blood of someone who had been born under the Four Yins. Otherwise, there’d be severe consequences.

Shi Sheng wasn’t really clear about the reason why—she just knew it couldn’t.

“I’ll spare you this time. Dare to attack me(lz) again, and I’ll(lz) cripple you!” Shi Sheng glared fiercely at Jiang Zhan.

‘Son of a goddamn bitch! The leads have the heavenly dao protecting them, while the villains have System protecting them!

I am the only one! Fighting alone! Simply intolerable! This loonie definitely isn’t Feng Ci!’

Shi Sheng scoffed coldly before turning to find a chair to sit in, ignoring the reactions of both the stunned spectators and Jiang Zhi.

She just needed to calm down right now.

The Village Head stepped forward. “Sect Head Jiang, do you wish to continue the competition?”

Jiang Zhan had taken a cloth strip out from somewhere and was currently bandaging his hand. His temper flared as he harrumphed, “Of course! Why not?”

“Sect Head Jiang, do you wish to rest for a b—”

Jiang Zhan pointed at him with Scarlet Heaven and shouted, “Are you looking down on me?! We fight now!”

The Village Head, “…” ‘Am I wrong for trying to make it a fair fight? Truly a case of an ungrateful person turning on someone with good intentions ah.’

“Sir Fu, Sect Head Jiang, let us begin.”

Jiang Zhan swaggered over to the middle of the arena.

Fu Yiyun got up, whereupon Bai Luo grabbed his hand and urged him, “Fu-dage, be careful.”

Fu Yiyun patted her head. “I’ll be fine.”

Fu Yiyun’s sword was called Meteor. It was ranked third on the list of top weapons. But for Fu Yiyun to be called the number one swordsman, one could tell how good his swordsmanship was.

Now that Shi Sheng had drained some of Jiang Zhan’s stamina and inner energy, and that Fu Yiyun couldn’t possibly have fully recovered in three days, the two were evenly matched.

The outcome of the match was now uncertain.

[1] I don’t know how to describe it other than it’s like when a girl acts mad at a guy, but she’s not really, maybe, kinda?

[2] I have no idea about the common terminology for this in other novels, but in other words: this person was born in a yin year, yin month, yin day, and yin hour. I’ve heard of Pure Yin Physique but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was for, so I’m not risking it. Also if you want examples, you can just search it up.

Author’s note:

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Translator’s Corner:

Translator: I don’t think this book is translated yet (at least it wasn’t at the time I’m writing this). The MC can’t decide whether to be a FL or ML… Or whether they want to be a top or a bottom… Basically someone with terminal-stage choice paralysis. The ending was kinda all over the place too with me going “wut…?”

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