Chapter 398 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (8)

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Jiang Zhan’s technique wasn’t that good; he was merely relying on his bountiful inner energy.

Shi Sheng watched them fight through narrowed eyes.

Jiang Zhan seemed to have studied Fu Yiyun’s moves before, as he was easily able to deal with the latter’s attacks.

Although it wasn’t the same case for Fu Yiyun, he still maintained a solid advantage.

Their movements were nearly too fast to follow.

All that could be seen was a white and black figure clashing, separating, and clashing again…



Jiang Zhan went flying and smacked into the ground, with Scarlet Heaven falling beside him.


The audience immediately burst into applause.

Jiang Zhan picked up Scarlet Heaven and used it as a crutch to support himself up. A trace of blood could be seen seeping out at the corner of his mouth.

“Good match.” Fu Yiyun placidly looked at Jiang Zhan.

The latter wiped his mouth, unwilling to show weakness in his words, “I(lz) was just going easy on you today.”

“Kill him! Sir Fu, kill this demon leader!” Someone shouted.

This shout was like a stone that had been tossed into an otherwise calm lake, causing ripples that soon turned into surging waves.

“Root out evil! Root out evil!”

“Root out evil! Root out evil!”

If Jiang Zhan died, the Demon Sect would be like a plate of scattered sand; no longer any threat.

“Taking advantage of others’ weakness? Is this how you righteous sects do things? My Demon Sect has learned something today.”

When Jiang Zhan’s face turned frosty, he did appear a bit imposing. But on closer inspection, one would find that he was struggling to remain standing.

“That doesn’t apply to the Demon Sect! Sir Fu, kill him!”

“Sir Fu, hurry up!”

“How come you guys don’t make a move on your own, eh? Afraid of their vengeance?” Shi Sheng’s voice wasn’t very loud, yet it travelled to the ears of everyone present.

Someone took the initiative to move to the side, revealing Shi Sheng to everyone else’s view.

One of her legs rested on the chair in front of her, her arms wrapped around her chest. Her chin was slightly lifted, with arrogance in her mocking gaze.

An odd silence fell.

Shi Sheng was right. They didn’t dare to attack. The Demon Sect was hard to deal with because they wouldn’t care about who started the fight, only what the quickest way to avenge themselves was.

If they really killed Jiang Zhan, then who knew if their families would be in danger?

Jiang Zhan gave Shi Sheng a complicated look. ‘Just now she acted like she wanted to kill me, so how come she’s speaking on my behalf now?’

Shi Sheng lazily got up. “Honestly, how are you guys any different? You just have people who agree with your fancy words. If you changed the wording, your deeds are just as filthy. Don’t act like you lot are some chaste virgins; everyone’s the same with their clothes off.”

‘Is it really okay for a lady like you to be talking like this?!’

“Wu Zheng, what bullshit are you spouting?!” Someone snapped.

“Wu Zheng, are you planning on joining forces with the Demon Sect?!”

“Wu Zheng, you’re Medicine Granny’s disciple! Your current behaviour is letting down her spirit in heaven!”

Accusation after accusation piled onto Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng tugged her lips into a shallow smile. At that moment, it seemed as if thousands of brightly coloured flowers bloomed, bringing with them a scent that could capture people’s hearts.

But the next second, those flowers withered, and they only saw a demon born from the darkness revealing its sharp fangs, as if it would pounce and tear them apart without warning.

The woman spoke in a very calm voice, “Can’t accept it? You can come chat with me. I’ll give you a free lesson on starting anew.”

But her words were anything but calm; filled with arrogant provocation as they were.

She lowered her arm. They thought she wanted to make a move, but she merely casually turned around and walked in the direction that led downhill.

The four Demon Sect members that had been blocking the way to the path immediately shot to the side when they saw her walking in their direction.

‘Are you joking? This woman even dares to beat up Sect Master! We can’t offend her! We’re afraid of dying!’

Only once Shi Sheng had disappeared from view did everyone else come back to their senses. ‘Why is Wu Zheng so weird?’


Honestly, System’s punishment wasn’t all that scary. It was just causing her to freeze in place for 3 hours.

Since Shi Sheng had long kept her guard up against System, she had locked herself in her room and plastered talismans everywhere. Who could even touch her?

‘Tryin’ ta one up me(lz)? You’re still too green for that, System!’

Apparently after she’d left, Jiang Zhan picked a fight with those people and received heavy injuries. He ended up being rescued by the Demon Sect reinforcements that had just rushed over.

Fu Yiyun had also been injured.

Shi Sheng was currently standing at the foot of a mountain, her head tilted upwards to look at the lush green forest in front of her.

‘For crying out loud, why do these people insist on acting lofty by living on fucking mountains?! It’s not as if this is a cultivation world where the spirit energy on mountains is better! Fucking insane!’

Shi Sheng clambered up the twisting path that was basically just mud and rock fragments.

‘Just how poor is this Demon Sect that they can’t even afford to fix the road???’

When she’d scaled about half the mountain, she saw a bunch of thatch houses clustered together in what looked like a refugee camp. Children chased chickens and ducks around while women planted vegetables at the side.

‘Have I come to the wrong place?’

#A really poor Demon Sect#

#A really special Demon Sect#

Despite how lofty the Demon Sect sounded, it was basically made up of a group of unwanted ‘refugees’ that had been discriminated against by the ‘righteous’ sects.

“Witch Wu Zheng is here!”

‘Oh hey, looks like they know me! I hadn’t expected Wu Zheng to be so famous.’

After that shout, the ‘refuge camp’ seemed to fall into chaos as the children and women were ushered into the houses while the men stayed outside.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘You guys hadn’t even noticed till I(lz) made it all the way here? For fuck’s sakes…’

Shi Sheng sauntered in—or at least, she tried to. But the fowl shit scattered everywhere meant she had to jump to avoid them, ruining her chance to act cool.

The Demon Sect members shouted at Shi Sheng, “Witch Wu Zheng, what did you come here for?!”

Shi Sheng spoke with her best serious expression, “To lead you guys in striking it rich.”

The Demon Sect members, “…”

‘What? Strike it rich? Doesn’t this witch only know how to use poison? Since when did she know the high-level skill of making money?’

Shi Sheng found that the people in the Demon Sect all seemed to know her. Yet there was nothing in Wu Zheng’s memories to suggest why.


The plotline only involved the leads, so the only thing Shi Sheng had to base Wu Zheng’s past on was her memories. Since she didn’t know what was going on, she just put the matter to one side for now.

She used violence to steal the position of the Demon Sect’s Sect Master.

Oh right, it seemed like Jiang Zhan was still recuperating from his injuries behind closed doors. This made it much easier for her to snatch his position.

It was probably because the people who had accompanied Jiang Zhan to Jadewater Village had told embellished tales about her prowess; the Demon Sect members only gave a perfunctory resistance before turning coat.

Who would dare to stand up against Shi Sheng’s violence? Well, you could look at the examples at the side to see what happens to those who tried.

Ten or so men were currently planting vegetables in the garden, several people keeping an eye on them from the side.

“Sect Master won’t let you guys off when he comes back out!”

“You people actually helped that witch Wu Zheng! Sect Master really shouldn’t have provided for you lot!”

These people cussed loudly while planting vegetables.

Ting Feng, who was standing to the side supervising their work, tried to persuade them, “Hurry up with the planting. If you guys haven’t finished by nightfall, you won’t get any food.”

“Fuck! She’s cutting our rations again!”

Ting Feng coughed. “You can eat after you’ve finished planting.”

“Bullshit! She didn’t give us dinner yesterday even though we finished planting!” One of them raged.

“Didn’t you guys get some buns?”

“We have to do so much work, and you think a single bun is enough to cover it? Does she think we’re women or something?”

Not only did they have to plant vegetables, they even had to clear out shit.

“Why hasn’t Sect Master come out yet?”

“Sect Master, we’ll never call you annoying again. Please come out!”

Ting Feng speechlessly looked at them.

Author’s note:

#Has the Demon Sect been special today?#

#Just how poor is the Demon Sect?#

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