Chapter 399 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (9)

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Only now did Shi Sheng know just how poor the Demon Sect was. Their liquid assets consisted of only ten taels. Ten taels!

In a rich household, ten taels wasn’t even enough to buy a piece of jewellery!

The Demon Sect was barely managing to provide for itself.

‘What happened to the Demon Sect having businesses all over the world and being rich as a country??? It’s really my first time…seeing such a lame Demon Sect’

What was my quest again? To reform the sect? The hell is there to even change here?!’

The Left Sentinel, Ting Feng, told her this:

“Sect Master, you have to understand that pretty much no one in our sect is literate. It’d be easier for us to kill people than run a business.”

Meanwhile, the Right Sentinel, Gu Yu, told her this:

“Money? Vulgar!”

‘*flips table* Without that vulgar thing, how are you going to survive?!’

“Find a few people to follow me off the mountain.” Shi Sheng facepalmed exasperatedly. “Get the ones that can hold their own.”

The two sentinels of the Demon Sect were ‘unique’ in that Ting Feng handled all matters great and small—he was responsible for the sect members’ daily necessities.

And what was Gu Yu in charge of? Why, being pretty of course.

Gu Yu’s a male. So is Ting Feng. And no, there’s nothing between them.

The thing Shi Sheng saw Gu Yu doing the most was standing on the roof of the thatched hut that belonged to their previous Sect Master. According to the other Demon Sect members, he was ‘absorbing the natural energies.’

‘You want to turn into a spirit ah?! Does your former sect master know how chuuni you are?!’

Shi Sheng didn’t plan to bring Gu Yu with her down the mountain, and it seemed he was fine with it. He merely stood on the thatched roof and watched Shi Sheng and co. leave the mountain with the air of an expert.

“Is he really okay in the head?” Shi Sheng turned to ask Ting Feng, who’s lips twitched.

“Gu Yu’s thinking is just different from ours.”

Shi Sheng turned to take another look. Gu Yu was still standing up there, though his face was hidden behind by a branch. “He’s going to turn into a spirit; of course he’s different.”

Ting Feng coughed. “Sect Master, what are we going down the mountain for?”

“To strike it ric—” Shi Sheng suddenly lost her balance. Luckily though, there was a tree right next to her, so she grabbed it to catch herself.

Shi Sheng’s only reaction to the Demon Sect member’s odd looks was to calmly speak, “The first step to riches is a proper path. When we get back, you guys are fixing up the road.”

The Demon Sect members, “…”


It had been a month since the match between Jiang Zhan and Fu Yiyun. There were two topics that were on everyone’s lips.

One was Shi Sheng’s sword. Having proven itself able to suppress Scarlet Heaven, Shi Sheng’s sword had been crowned the number one weapon. Everyone was trying to figure out its origins.

The second was about Jiang Zhan and Fu Yiyun. Various stories were circulating, but they all had a common point. The former Demon Sect Master, Jiang Zhan, was insulted into the ground. They even went as far as to bring his looks into it.

It was only now that Shi Sheng found that the name “Demon Sect” wasn’t just for show. The sect members weren’t as harmless as she’d witnessed so far.

Two people had called Jiang Zhan a sissy and insulted him thoroughly—they even dragged the entire Demon Sect into it.

The Demon Sect members she’d brought didn’t even care to ask for her opinion before tailing those two. They trapped the two in an empty alleyway and ‘dealt’ with them.

As Shi Sheng watched them dispose of the bodies, she had the oddest feeling. She didn’t know whether they had done it for Jiang Zhan’s sake, or because they’d been implicated in the insults…

What followed was even scarier. It was as if the Demon Sect members had activated massacre-mode all of a sudden; they’d off people at the slightest insult.

It was a completely different style from how they would fight over a single bun back at the mountain base.

#This Demon Sect is tripping[1]#

Shi Sheng stopped them from attacking. If this continued, she could forget about accomplishing her goal.

Shi Sheng told them to stay put in the inn, while she went out to do some scouting.

After several days, only when the Demon Sect members were growing mold from boredom did Shi Sheng bring them out on a dark and windy night.

“Sect Master, what’re we doing ah?”

“Dark and windy nights are great for killing. Sect Master, who’re we killing?”

“Have some ambition!” Shi Sheng glared at them in exasperation. “All you guys know is how to kill!”

“Everyone we killed deserved it!” One of the Demon Sect members refused to back down.

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes inwardly. “Do you think you’re a harbinger of justice or something?”

‘That line belong to your enemies, okay? The hell are you using it for?

“Our Sect Creed is to root out evil!” The Demon Sect members dragged out their sect creed to help prove their point.

“The fuck?” Shi Sheng was surprised. ‘The Demon Sect has a creed? How come I didn’t see it anywhere? And the hell is with “root out evil”? Why not “save humanity” while you’re at it?’

“Ahem… That was a long time ago.” Ting Feng weakly explained. “Our Demon Sect’s first Sect Master left behind this creed.”

‘First Sect Master? The hell was he thinking, leaving behind a creed like this???’

Ting Feng continued filling Shi Sheng in. “Our first Sect Master wanted to be a hero, but he was framed by someone before being able to fulfil his aspirations…”

Shi Sheng was floored by this story.

Someone who wanted to be a good person was forced into being a villain…

“Stop. We can talk about it when we get back, ‘kay? For now, let’s get to work.” Shi Sheng interrupted Ting Feng and pointed at a compound in front of them.

“What work?” The Demon Sect members all had confused looks.

“Striking it rich ah.” ‘Where would the money come from apart from robbing it?’

The Demon Sect members, “…”

They thought Shi Sheng had just been joking, but reality proved them wrong. She really did rob that household.

The target of their heist was an infamous tyrant in this city. Shi Sheng picked him was because he was rich, and also because even if they killed them all, no self-righteous people would come looking for trouble.

After all, everyone wants tyrants dead.

It must said, this tyrant possessed a lot of money due to how many commoners he extorted. Shi Sheng only got them to bring the gold, leaving everything else untouched.

Once they left the mansion, one of the Demon Sect members voiced his doubts, “Sect Master, why didn’t we kill them?”

“What for?” Shi Sheng tossed a piece of gold up and down, and after a slight pause, continued, “We’ll leave them around to rob again.”

The Demon Sect members were utterly defeated by this answer.

“Sect Head, is this really okay? This money belongs to the commoners…” Ting Feng was a bit hesitant.

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched as she smacked his shoulder. “Come, tell me: what sect are we again?”

“…The Demon Sect.”

Shi Sheng’s eyes curved upwards. “Any more questions?”

“We’re the Demon Sect, not bandits!”

“En, ‘bandits’ doesn’t sound as nice.”

Ting Feng, “…” ‘No way to communicate with Sect Master…’

Shi Sheng chased the rest of the Demon Sect members back to fix the road, leaving behind only Ting Feng to follow her.

The next day, news spread that the tyrant had been robbed. He made a report to the officials, but it wasn’t of any use. How could those useless bums manage to find anything useful in their investigation?

The commoners were extremely happy, all supporting the one who had done the deed.

Shi Sheng strolled around the city, making no effort to cover her tracks. Ting Feng didn’t know what Shi Sheng wanted to do, so he could only continue to follow her.

On the third day, Shi Sheng found the two leads. They were staying in an inn. She didn’t know whether the ML would still meet his moonlight here after the changes in the plot.

“Sect Master, why are we tailing Fu Yiyun? You want to kill him?” Ting Feng didn’t understand.

“Why would I kill him?” ‘The question is: can I(lz) even kill him?’

Ting Feng guessed, “Then you have a secret crush on him?”

Shi Sheng gave him an unamused look. “I’d prefer a pig over him.”

Ting Feng, “…” ‘Then why are you tailing him?’

[1] There are several ways to interpret the raws, “这个魔教有毒”. “有毒” literally means containing poison but “毒” is also the word for drugs. So I took a bit of liberty in the translation.

Author’s note:

Feng Ci: I turned into a pig…

Shi Sheng: I have an open crush on you.

Little Fairy: Dog abuse. Penalty is torture.

Shi Sheng: *draws sword* What did you just say?

Little Fairy: …Nothing. Just begging for votes.

Thanks to the little angels who donated for feeding me~

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