Chapter 400 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (10)

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Even after Fu Yiyun and Bai Luo departed, Liu Xu didn’t show herself. Because Shi Sheng hadn’t been with her, the plot had changed a lot…

Since Shi Sheng didn’t know when Liu Xu would meet the leads anymore, she decided to head back to make sure the road got fixed first.

On the way back to the sect, they had to pass by a little town. Shi Sheng hadn’t planned to stop here, but a familiar voice called out.

“Sect Master. Left Sentinel…”

Shi Sheng had to stop. The man who’d called out ran over to them from the town gates.

“Why are you guys still here?” Ting Feng asked with a frown.

After staying at the city for several days, the others should’ve made it back to the sect by now.

The man who’d been addressed by Ting Feng couldn’t help but appear a bit guilty. “Zhou Zhi rescued a lady, so we were delayed.”

Shi Sheng’s heart fell as a bad feeling crept up.

“What’s the name of the lady you saved?”

“Liu Xu. She’s rather pretty too.”

‘I(bbb) just knew it. Plot-sama wouldn’t let me(bbb) off…’

“Go call them over. If Zhou Zhi’s not willing to go, just tell him he doesn’t have to return.” Shi Sheng ordered.

“And the lady?”

Shi Sheng gave the man a false smile. “You can stay with her if you want.”

The man hurriedly shook his head. He turned and ran off. Soon, several people drove the carriages over. There were three in total—one more than before.

Zhou Zhi was the rather dashing young lad seated on the third carriage. Seeing Shi Sheng, he immediately hopped off. “Sect Master.”

Shi Sheng looked at the third carriage in the line. A fair pair of hands slowly lifted the curtain of the carriage, revealing an exquisite face.

She cautiously looked in Shi Sheng’s direction. The moment she saw who it was, her eyes lit up as she pretended to be pleasantly surprised. “Ms Wu Zheng, why are you here?”

But there was probing in the depths of her eyes. ‘Those people call her Sect Master. But of which sect? From what I know, she’s always acted alone, so how has she become a sect master in such a short period of time?’

Shi Sheng ignored her and looked at Zhou Zhi, who was standing in front of the carriage.

Zhou Zhi spoke hurriedly, “Sect Master, Ms Liu is injured and alone. She seems really pitiful, can we allow her to come back with us?”

“No.” Shi Sheng rejected without a shred of hesitation.

“Sect Master…” Zhou Zhi’s expression changed slightly. “I’ll take care of her. I’ll make sure she’s no trouble to you.”

“My answer is still no.” Shi Sheng continued rejecting him.

“Zhou-dage, forget it. It seems Ms Wu Zheng doesn’t like me.” Liu Xu bit her lip and spoke in a soft voice.

The aggrieved expression and pitiful look in her eyes caused several Demon Sect members to be moved.

Shi Sheng tugged her lips into a malicious smile. “Liu Xu, why’re you acting pitiful towards me? Think I’m like these men, who can’t even stand up straight the moment they see a pretty lady?”

Liu Xu acted like she had been humiliated, her face paling and her body trembling. “Ms Wu Zheng, even if you don’t like me, do you have to humiliate me like this?”

“Who do you think you are, for me to humiliate you?” Shi Sheng scoffed coldly.

“Sect Master!” Zhou Zhi walked back to Liu Xu’s carriage, shooting Shi Sheng a dissatisfied look. “Ms Liu is a lady, do you have to speak so coarsely?”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘The hell is cannon-fodder like you prattling on for?’

“Zhou-dage, no need to intercede for me. I’ll just leave.” Liu Xu made to get off the carriage as she spoke.

Zhou Zhi stopped her. “Ms Liu, it’s okay. I’ll bring you away.”

“Oh that won’t do… Zhou-dage, I can’t implicate you.” Liu Xu shook her head strongly, her expression filled with anxiety.

“You haven’t implicated me in anything. How could I allow a lady such as you to leave on your own?”


Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Fuck, it’s a real shame for you two to not be acting in a Qiong Yao[1] drama!’

Shi Sheng raised her chin in Ting Feng’s direction, but he was completely at a loss as to what she was trying to convey.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘No rapport!’

Ting Feng felt like he was innocent in this. After all, how long had he been following her? How was he to have developed a rapport with her already???

“Sect Master, why don’t we just let Ms Liu follow us back?”

“Sect Master…”

“Are you guys planning on turning coat?” Shi Sheng looked at them placidly.

“No.” The person who’d spoken on Liu Xu’s behalf immediately lowered his head. They had all experienced first hand how violent their new Sect Master was.

Shi Sheng looked at Zhou Zhi, though her words were directed at everyone else, “If anyone else wants to go with her, go ahead.”

None of them made a move.

“Sect Master, do you really have to be so unreasonable?” Zhou Zhi loudly questioned.

“Unreasonable?!” Shi Sheng’s glared as she spoke with a serious expression, “Isn’t this all for your sake? Ms Liu Xu is so pretty—many people will covet her if you bring her back. Do you really want to get yourself so many love rivals?”

It was clear to all that Zhou Zhi liked Liu Xu, so Shi Sheng’s words caused his expression to change.

Only a small portion of the Demon Sect members had a partner, while everyone else was stuck being single. Though Shi Sheng was very good-looking, her violent personality ensured that no one dared to have any romantic thoughts towards her.

But Liu Xu was such a weak and gentle lady. If she followed him back, wouldn’t those people go crazy over her?

Reminded by Shi Sheng, Zhou Zhi grew even more certain in his conviction to bring Liu Xu away. Besides, the Demon Sect had been in decline these past few years, so there wasn’t any future with them.

“Left Sentinel, please help me thank Sect Master for his care all these years and tell him that, if there’s a chance, Zhou Zhi will surely repay him.”

These words were clearly addressed to Jiang Zhan, who was still recuperating behind closed doors.

He glanced at Shi Sheng before speaking to Liu Xu in a gentle tone, “Ms Liu, let’s go.”

Liu Xu was like a startled deer, her wet eyes filled with guilt and worry. “Zhou-dage, this…”

“It’s okay. Let’s go.” Zhou Zhi thought Liu Xi was worried about him, so his heart couldn’t help but soften a bit. He ushered her in the carriage before leaping onto the driver’s seat.

“Brothers, we’ll meet again if it’s our fate.” Zhou Zhi saluted everyone else. Some tried to talk him out of it, but Zhou Zhi seemed to have made up his mind as he bid them all farewell.

The carriage took off in the opposite direction, the setting sun drawing out its shadow.

Shi Sheng watched thoughtfully. After a few minutes, she got her people to set off again.

Ting Feng sat next to Shi Sheng. “Sect Master, why were you unwilling to let Liu Xu up the mountain?”

“Why make myself unhappy by bringing her up the mountain, when I clearly don’t like her?”

Shi Sheng’s eyes shone as her lips lifted slightly. “What? Have you fallen for her as well, Left Sentinel?”

Ting Feng hurriedly shook his head. “Liu Xu isn’t my type.”

“That so?” Shi Sheng hummed slightly before asking, “Then what is your type?”

Ting Feng stared off into the distance. “Don’t know. How would I know what kind of person I’d fall for, if I still haven’t met them?”

“I suppose that’s right.”

If you haven’t even met The One, who knows if you’d end up liking a scumbag or an idiot?

[1] A famous playwright. I’ve never read/watched any of his dramas, but I heard they had a substantial influence. Here’s the wiki page:

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: Reporting! Sonny, your wifey called you an idiot.

Shi Sheng: What did you just say?

Little Fairy: …Nothing.

Feng Ci: Wifey, she said you said I was an idiot. Did you say that?

Shi Sheng: *draws sword* Don’t believe anything an idiot tells you. Be good; stand a bit further back now.

Little Fairy: …What are you doing? I’m telling you—I’m your mom!

Shi Sheng: And I’m your daughter!

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