Chapter 401 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (11)

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The robbery Shi Sheng conducted finally gave the Demon Sect some savings. They no longer had to eat buns and drink porridge all day, nor worry about what their next meal would be.

Shi Sheng made a bunch of men fix the road. Every day, they had to wake up earlier than the roosters and sleep later than the dogs. But at least they had meat to eat.

So there were always people willing to go fix the road every day.

Shi Sheng was deeply worried for the Demon Sect’s future. But she hadn’t gotten over it before Jiang Zhan came out of closed-door recuperation.

He had been recuperating in a hidden room that had been constructed using a cave located at the top of the mountain. The moment he descended the mountain, he saw a group of people busying themselves not too far from him.

“What’re you guys doing?” Jiang Zhan walked over and raised his voice. Though his features were exquisite and feminine, he acted like a tough guy.

The people he’d shouted at received a fright. More than ten pairs of eyes turned to look at him.

“S-Sect Master, y-y-you’re out?”

“Why’re you shaking? Would I(lz) eat you?!” Jiang Zhan had a short temper. “I asked what you were doing.”

‘How could we not shake? You’re not even the Sect Master anymore… Oh, right! You knew that.’

“F-Fixing the road.”

“Fixing the road? Woah! You guys didn’t budge when I(lz) ordered you the last few times, so why start now? Were you guys planning to surprise me?”

‘Who wants to make you happy? We get to eat meat by fixing the road!’

But they didn’t dare to say this. They were afraid that if they said something wrong, their former Sect Master would chop them up.

Jiang Zhan cast them a doubtful look. ‘What’s with them? Why’re they shaking?’

“Sect Master?” Ting Feng had come to call them to eat. Seeing Jiang Zhan standing further up, he couldn’t help but call out in surprise, “You’re finally out?”

Jiang Zhan turned to look at his sentinel. “What’s with them? Why did they start shaking so badly the moment they saw me? Have there been rumours spreading about me again?”

Ting Feng’s lips twitched. He hadn’t expected his Sect Master to have such talent in acting.

He coughed. “Sect Master, I’ll tell you everything. Don’t be agitated, okay?”

Ting Feng brought Jiang Zhan back inside, where he told him everything that had happened during this period.

Jiang Zhan’s expression was very colourful. In the end, he blew his top.

“That crazy woman Wu Zheng stole my(lz) position? And got you guys to fix the road? So you guys turned traitor?!”

“Sect Master, we’re still loyal to you and only you!” Ting Feng raised his hand while he swore loyalty with a sincere face. “But you know Ms Wu Zheng’s strength. We aren’t her match…”

“I’ve(lz) really wasted my(lz) time in keeping you lot around!” Jiang Zhan harrumphed angrily. “Where’s that crazy woman? Take me(lz) to her!”

“Sect Master, your wounds have only just healed—”

Having Jiang Zhan’s sharp glare directed at him, Ting Feng immediately changed his tune, “Sect Master, follow me.”


Shi Sheng was in a room, fiddling around with the medicinal plants she’d had people deliver. She was planning to concoct some poisons based on Wu Zheng’s memories. But after starting, she found that it was very troublesome for there were a lot of steps.

“Wu Zheng!”


An angry roar was accompanied by the sound of the door being kicked open.

Shi Sheng looked up from the green medicinal plants on the table.

Jiang Zhan strode into the room, anger written all over his face and Scarlet Heaven in his hand.

“Why, isn’t this the former Sect Master?” Shi Sheng got up and backed away a bit. “Not dead yet?”

Jiang Zhan took a look at the items on the table, his features a bit twisted. Then he replied as if he was grinding his teeth, “I’m(lz) a hardy one!”

“Is that so?” Shi Sheng’s lips curved up into a shallow smile. “Then how about I send you on your way?”

Jiang Zhan flew into a rage. “Wu Zheng, don’t go overboard! Get the hell out of here!”

“That won’t do. I still have to lead the Demon Sect into striking it rich.” Shi Sheng shook her head, speaking in a proper tone.

Jiang Zhan sneered, a hint of ridicule visible on his slightly feminine features, “And by striking it rich, you mean robbing people?”

Shi Sheng raised a brow. “What? Is there a problem?”

“Of course there’s a problem!” Jiang Zhan slammed the table, his voice even louder than before. “The Demon Sect doesn’t do these things!”

“Then what does it do?”

“Murder and arson!”

“Then we can add a side business.”


Only once Jiang Zhan had shouted did he think over Shi Sheng’s words. ‘What does she mean by adding a side business??? Anyway, this woman never has anything good to say, so I’m not wrong in rejecting her!’

“You don’t call the shots anymore.” Shi Sheng shrugged. “The Demon Sect is mine now.”

Jiang Zhan pointed Scarlet Heaven at her as he quivered in rage.

Shi Sheng’s smile seemed to have further provoked him, for he completely forgot about his previous defeat at her hands and stabbed Scarlet Heaven at her.

Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed. Her sword appeared from thin air to block Scarlet Heaven.

The two fell into a stalemate.

Jiang Zhan looked at Shi Sheng’s sword before suddenly laughing sinisterly. “This sword of yours is a demonic sword, isn’t it?”

What else could a sword that sucked human blood be but a demonic sword?

Shi Sheng indifferently answered with a question of her own, “So what if it is?”

Jiang Zhan scoffed coldly, “Do you know what the consequences are if word gets out?”

Demonic swords were powerful weapons created through special means. These types of weapons were much stronger than others.

But these weapons always brought blood and death with them. If one wasn’t careful, they’d receive a backlash and turn into a freak that only knew how to kill.

Everyone in jianghu hated these types of weapons to the bone.

“What consequences? Will they kill me?” Shi Sheng laughed frivolously before continuing in an arrogant tone, “They’d need to have the ability to do so first.”

Jiang Zhan ground his teeth. “Wu Zheng, don’t think you’re invincible!”

“I just am. What of it?” ‘Even I’m scared when I show off!’


Shi Sheng made use of Jiang Zhan’s inattention to aim a kick at his privates.


Jiang Zhan released his sword to hold his lower body. His face was pale as he squeezed a few words out through gritted teeth, “Wu Zheng! You’re shameless!”

‘She kicked my manhood! Fucking hurts!’

Shi Sheng’s sword carved a beautiful afterimage as it swung lazily in the air. She spoke disdainfully, “What’s the point of caring about face? Can you eat it? Can you use it to rule the world?”

Jiang Zhan couldn’t straighten up because of the pain—even speaking caused him to hurt. ‘This lunatic!’

Shi Sheng raised a brow. Though her voice was light, it contained an arrogant confidence as she spoke, “One with great ambition does not care for trifling matters.”

‘What a good “does not care for trifling matters”! This Sect Master will remember it!’

Jiang Zhan knew he currently couldn’t beat Shi Sheng, so after the pain subsided a bit, he merely snapped at her, “Wu Zheng, don’t get cocky! Just you wait!”

He glared at Shi Sheng one last time, before using Scarlet Heaven as a cane to support himself as he limped out. ‘I’ll have this lunatic Wu Zheng begging for mercy sooner or later!’

“Wait? In your dreams. You’ll never catch up to me.” ‘Who do you think you are to make me(bbb) wait for you?’

Jiang Zhan tripped and only managed to save himself from faceplanting by catching the doorframe. ‘Wu! Zheng! This isn’t over!’

He suddenly regretted…

Author’s note:

Jiang Zhan: Why am I always the one getting injured?

Little Fairy: Because you’re not favoured.

Jiang Zhan: Why not?

Little Fairy: …Probably because you look like a woman?

Jiang Zhan: Come here, and see if I’ll beat you till you ascend the heavens!

Little Fairy: I’m already in the heavens. I’m a little fairy ah.

Jiang Zhan: …Fucking shameless!

Little Fairy: The ambitious don’t bother with trifles! *plops to knees* Please vote, little angels!

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