Chapter 405 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (15)

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Shen Xingyang told Shi Sheng that he’d invite her to a meal after today’s matches were over.

She could only look up at the sky despondently. ‘I probably have to kill Shen Xinghai in front of him for Shen Xinyang to believe that I really did mean to kill the dude back then… But he’s not here, so I can’t…’

Naturally, someone as busy as Shen Xingyang wouldn’t chat with Shi Sheng for too long; he soon sat back down.

But the others didn’t think that way.

There had already been rumours that there was something going on between her and Shen Xinghai. Now, seeing Shi Sheng chatting happily with his older brother, wasn’t that simply affirming the rumours?

For a while, Shi Sheng received more looks than the actual competition.

Shi Sheng felt very speechless with these people. She kept feeling like they’d walked into the wrong set or something. ‘This is a tragedy novel; the hell are you guys acting like comic relief? Don’t tell me there’s a comedy novel next door?’

[This world is the setting for a series of novels. The other male lead is Shen Xinghai. His novel is one with loving leads, so no broken character settings there.] System ‘considerately’ explained.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘No wonder Shen Xinghai just refused to die despite all that. He’s a fucking ML; the hell’s he going to die! System, you’re really getting better at fixing bugs, eh?’

[Thank you for the compliment.]

‘*flips table* Who’s complimenting you?! You’ve already lost all face for your master! You’re telling me you can have four leads in the same world?!’

System didn’t reply, probably because it was afraid that she was trying to squeeze information from it.

Shi Sheng wondered inwardly, ‘What’ll happen to this world if I off Shen Xinghai?’

[Host, please avoid such dangerous thoughts.] System truly felt tired inside. It really didn’t want to serve such a person.

‘Didn’t you go offline? Why’re you popping up again?’

[……] ‘I was afraid you’d go astray! Do I have it easy?!’

‘What’s Shen Xinghai doing?’

[…Because you dragged him away with you, he missed the setting where he was originally supposed to meet his FL. So now he’s gone off to meet her.]

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘It’s my fault again? Who the hell knew I’d be so lucky to be able to pick up the other ML by just randomly grabbing someone off the road?!

Fine… It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have had itchy hands and picked up stuff that belonged to a FL…

Though, who is the other FL?’

System didn’t make a peep. Would it dare to say anything? What if its host’s brain suddenly short-circuited and she decided to off the other FL?

System didn’t reply.

Shi Sheng shook her head and tossed this matter out of her mind. Well, it wasn’t like she had any choice. Without the related plot or memories, who the hell knew who the other FL was?

The contest today had ended. The most promising contenders didn’t participate; Fu Yiyun hadn’t even shown himself.

On the way back to her residence, Shi Sheng passed by a small compound and saw quite a few people crowding around it.

She curiously tried to peek inside, but there were too many people blocking the way for her to see.

“Miss, please wait while I go and ask them.” Xiaocai spoke, having caught her movement.

Xiaocai seemed pretty popular, for someone immediately told her what had happened when she went to ask.

Xiaocai jogged back, her expression a bit odd. “Miss, Ms Bai and Ms Liu had an argument. Ms Bai said that Ms Liu pushed her into the pond…”

“Oh?” ‘A confrontation so quick?’

“Who’d Fu Yiyun speak up for?”

Xiaocai shook her head. They were standing outside, so there was no way to know what the situation inside was.

Shi Sheng raised a brow slightly. ‘Starting the torment stage already? Tsk tsk!’

After roughly three to four minutes, Fu Yiyun accompanied Liu Xu out. She was currently trying to coax Fu Yiyun. Though his expression was unsightly, he still patiently listened to her.

If not for Bai Luo, Fu Yiyun could be considered a good man.

“Yiyun-gege, Xiaoluo-meimei’s mind is muddled from the fever, don’t be angry at her. Let’s talk to her after she gets better…”

Since there wasn’t much distance between them and Shi Sheng, she heard every word Liu Xu said.

“What do you think of that woman?” Shi Sheng asked Xiaocai.

Xiaocai lowered her head, speaking respectfully, “Miss, this one doesn’t dare to form opinions about our guests.”

“Keep your distance from these kinds of women.” ‘Else you’d get screwed over without knowing.’

Xiaocai was mildly surprised. ‘Ms Liu’s personality is very nice—everyone praises and envies her, so why does Ms Wu Zheng say that?’

That night, Shi Sheng was invited to dinner by Shen Xingyang. The whole time, she simply ate and gave a few short replies out of politeness whenever Shen Xingyang struck up a conversation.

He didn’t make things difficult for her, simply getting people to send her back to her residence after dinner.

The competition continued over the next few days. As more and more people challenged the arena, the number of contestants dwindled steadily.

Ever since that day, Bai Luo’s illness showed no signs of improving.

Even on the last day of the competition, Shen Xinghai still hadn’t returned, so he was definitely out of the running for Alliance Head.

Fu Yiyun was the last man standing, having suavely dispatched the other competitors. No one dared to challenge him now.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to challenge the arena?” The host shouted.

He was answered with only silence.

“Since no one else wishes to challenge any further, then Sir Fu and Alliance Head Shen will duel on the morrow to decide the next Alliance Head. If there are no objections, then let us meet again tomorrow.”

Yep, it wouldn’t do to just win the competition. You also had to beat the current Alliance Head to take over the position.

“Wait a moment!”

This shout successfully drew everyone’s attention.

Since Shi Sheng was seated higher up, she was able to see the dark-clothed figure walking over from behind the crowd at a glance.

“Why’re you blocking the road? Make way! Can’t you see I’m(lz) passing through?”

Shi Sheng facepalmed. ‘Hey Mr Villain, can you please improve your show-off skills? Look at your compatriots—they all either fly in or influence people into making way on their own. Only you have to tell people to get out of the way…’

Jiang Zhan had rushed over from god-knows-where. His clothes were covered in filth, his chubby puppy trailing along behind him, it’s short tail wagging very cutely.

‘Wasn’t this the puppy from last time? Why is it still only this big after several months have passed?’

Jiang Zhan hopped on to the arena. His puppy couldn’t jump that high, so it could only yelp at him. Jiang Zhan leapt back off to carry it up.

The surrounding onlookers, “…” ‘Is this idiot here to make us laugh?’

“Sect Master Jiang, may I know why you have come?” As the Alliance Head, Shen Xingyang could only stand up and act as the representative to speak to the ‘demon chief’ Jiang Zhan.

Jiang Zhan stroked his little puppy. “Of course it’s to get revenge for last time.”

“If Sect Master Jiang and Sir Fu have any enmity, please resolve it privately. Today, we are here to compete—”

Jiang Zhan immediately changed his tune. “Then I’ll enter the contest.”

Shen Xingyang, “…”

“Sect Master Jiang, we’re selecting the next Alliance Head with this competition, how could you join in?” One of the bolder people shouted. “I think Sect Master Jiang should go home and get married off; what do you guys say? Hahaha!”

Mocking laughter erupted from the crowd, who brought up Jiang Zhan’s looks. They mocked his feminine looks despite being a grown man.

Jiang Zhan had already grown immune to people mocking him for his looks, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t retaliate.

The ones who’d laughed the hardest suddenly felt a strong wind blow past, before feeling that it was rather cool.


The sounds of women screaming suddenly came from the crowd.

The men lowered their heads to find themselves stark naked. As one, they crossed their legs and covered up their privates, glaring at Jiang Zhan with red faces.

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