Chapter 406 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (16)

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Shi Sheng turned her head, unable to watch any longer. ‘I don’t want to see this Sect Master’s style… Simply dirtying my eyes.’

“You fighting or not?!” Jiang Zhan ignored the screaming of the women as he pointed Scarlet Heaven at Fu Yiyun.

The snowy white puppy incessantly circled around his feet, occasionally grabbing the hem of his robe in its mouth and toying with it.

What was clearly meant to be an overbearing image did a full 180 into comic relief territory thanks to this puppy.

Fu Yiyun coolly looked at Jiang Zhan, neither accepting nor rejecting the challenge.

With Jiang Zhan’s temper, he simply treated the silence as consent and charged forward with Scarlet Heaven. The little puppy ended up falling over and yelping in distress, objecting to its master’s roughness.

Shi Sheng already anticipated Jiang Zhan getting his face slapped. ‘Really a stain on my honour…’

As expected, Jiang Zhan was sent flying in less than 20 moves, landing awkwardly below the arena.

The audience felt doubtful. ‘Isn’t this villain rumoured to be peerless under heaven? How come he gave out so easily? The last time we could understand, since he fought with Wu Zheng beforehand. But this time, Fu Yiyun was at a clear disadvantage.’

Several people immediately surrounded Jiang Zhan. “Demon Chief Jiang, let’s see how you run this time!”

Jiang Zhan’s expression contorted. Suddenly, he shouted at Shi Sheng, “Sect Master, help!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Am I hearing things? I must be hearing things…’

“Who’re you calling Sect Master? Demon Chief Jiang, don’t try to confuse us!”

Jiang Zhan pointed at Shi Sheng. “She’s our Demon Sect’s new Sect Master!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Villain-sama, are you selling out your teammate right now? I(bbb) was just watching a show! What did I do?!’

The surrounding onlookers’ gazes turned weird as they looked at Shi Sheng.

Most of the gazes contained a doubtful probing.

‘Is this a scene of dog biting dog? For the sake of survival, he can even give up the seat of Sect Master?’

“Ms Wu Zheng?” ‘Please explain?’

Shen Xingyang looked at Shi Sheng, who unhurriedly got up, leapt off the platform, and roughly kicked aside the people surrounding Jiang Zhan.

Everyone immediately pulled out their weapons. But before they could speak, Shi Sheng held Jiang Zhan down and started smacking him.

“Wu Zheng, you lunatic! We’re supposed to be united against outsiders! What’re you whacking me for?!” Jiang Zhan inhaled a sharp breath of cold air. ‘Fucking hurts!’

“Are you stupid? Or are you stupid?” Shi Sheng insulted him as she smacked him around. ‘I’ve never seen such a dumb villain! Dumbest villain in history this is! Did all your IQ get eaten by your pet puppy?! For fuck’s sake!’

Once Shi Sheng was done whacking him, she turned her sword to point at the people surrounding them. “What? Wanna kill me?”

“Ms Wu Zheng, hand Jiang Zhan over to us.”

Shi Sheng arrogantly declared, “I’d rather mince him up and feed him to the dogs than hand over one of mine to you lot.”

‘Mince and feed to the dogs…?’

The little puppy on the arena happily wagged its tail, as if looking forward to its master’s taste.

Jiang Zhan covered up his chest, glaring angrily at Shi Sheng. ‘She wants to mince and feed me to the dogs?! The saying that women are the most vicious is true!’

“Wu Zheng, you really are in cahoots with the Demon Sect!” Her words had undoubtedly confirmed Jiang Zhan’s claim.

Regardless of how she’d made Jiang Zhan give up his position, she was now on the Demon Sect’s side—someone they had to get rid of.

“Don’t phrase it like that. I’m leading the Demon Sect into striking it rich.”


‘Leading the Demon Sect into striking it rich? Is she crazy?’

“Alright, I don’t feel like wasting words with you lot. Anyone wants to kill me, just come at me! People would think you lot were giving birth with all this dillydallying.”

Everyone exchanged glances. ‘This Wu Zheng’s arrogance truly knows no bounds.’

Shen Xingyang didn’t say anything, though the people beside him began discussing heatedly.

Finally, someone couldn’t hold back and leapt out. “Then today I’ll see just how capable Medicine Granny’s disciple is.”

“Can you do it?” Jiang Zhan doubtfully questioned her from the side.

Shi Sheng spoke in a tone that was none too happy. “If not, then will you?”

Shi Sheng’s provocation caused Jiang Zhan to blow his top. “Fine! I’ll go!”

‘As a man, do I need a woman to stand in front of me?!’

It was quite clear that Jiang Zhan had already forgotten just who had gotten Shi Sheng involved in the first place…

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched. “Forget it, don’t cause trouble for me(lz). Just take your puppy and move further away. Weapons don’t have eyes.”

Shi Sheng held her right hand’s wrist with her left hand and rotated her wrist a few times, causing her sword to move about in the air. She stared darkly at her opponent.

The man felt his scalp prickle from being looked at like this. His chest heaved up and down a few times before he yelled and charged over. “Aaaah!”

The surrounding onlookers cleared a path for him to sprint through. Shi Sheng remained at her spot, unmoving, merely silently watching the man charge towards her.

The crowd couldn’t help but hold their breaths.

But just as the man got within half a meter of her, Shi Sheng swiftly lifted her arm.


The sound of a weapon stabbing into human flesh.

The man’s charge halted as he stared at Shi Sheng in disbelief, the light in his eyes fading.

‘One move… Just one move… How could it be?!’

Shi Sheng smiled and jerked her sword out, giving the fellow a kick while she was at it. By the time he slid to the ground, he was already dead.

Someone swiftly went to check on the fallen man before pointing at Shi Sheng and angrily accusing, “Witch! You cheated!”

“How so?” Shi Sheng raised a brow. ‘I(bbb) didn’t even know I(bbb) cheated, yet you say I(bbb) did? Really!’

“You didn’t take out your weapon before! Isn’t it cheating to suddenly take it out?!”

Shi Sheng scoffed, her mocking voice filling the area. “It’s my own business whether or not I use a weapon. You’re blaming me for being too strong when it’s your IQ that’s lacking?”

The face of the person who’d spoken before darkened. ‘Is this woman trying to say I’m dumb?!’

“Everyone, attack! Kill the witch and demon chief!”


The innocent Jiang Zhan who’d been caught in the crossfire, “…”

‘How come you’re involving me?’

Chaos ensued as the crowd ganged up on Shi Sheng and Jiang Zhan.

Shi Sheng merely had to slash her sword and a whole row of people would fall. Seeing the might of her sword, the ones more afraid of death went to attack Jiang Zhan instead. Only the ones who coveted her sword targeted Shi Sheng.

But they never even got a chance to touch the sword before falling under its might.

Clashing weapons glinted in the afterglow of the setting sun, which accentuated the blood on the ground and dyed the whole place red. Shi Sheng’s expression remained unchanged from beginning to end, as if she wasn’t killing people, but non-sentient plants. With every slice of her sword, swaths upon swaths would be cut down.

Jiang Zhan was starting to tire—after all, there was a limit to human stamina. But seeing Shi Sheng’s nonchalant matter, he gritted his teeth and continued slashing. ‘Can’t lose to a woman!’

Probably because Shi Sheng had killed too many people, Fu Yiyun and Shen Xingyang entered the fray.

Shi Sheng suddenly targeted Fu Yiyun.

He clearly didn’t know how he’d attracted her ‘interest’. Out of all the people attacking her, she simply directed all her attention on him.

Shi Sheng was quite clear she would be unable to kill Fu Yiyun, but she figured she could at least settle for crippling him.

Her moves grew more brutal as time went on.

Fu Yiyun was starting to be overwhelmed. Had Shen Xingyang not been assisting him from the side, Fu Yiyun suspected that he would’ve already suffered several hacks. ‘Her inner energy isn’t that powerful. It’s her sword that’s doing the damage. Normal weapons would be sliced in half like radishes.’

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: Was it nice to finally be able to go on a massacre?

Shi Sheng: ……

Little Fairy: Why aren’t you saying anything?

Shi Sheng: It’s not fun to cut fruit.

Random bystander crowd: Who’re you calling fruit?! You wanna 1v1 us?!

Shi Sheng: Chopping radishes is boring too.

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