Chapter 407 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (17)

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Fu Yiyun fell and smashed onto one of the arenas, his white clothes already stained red with blood. The scent of blood in the air was cloying.

Shi Sheng gracefully landed on the arena, her skirt looking like a blooming flower. Her sword was stained with blood that trickled down and dripped onto the arena’s surface, soon forming a small puddle of blood.

“Wu Zheng…” Fu Yiyun clutched at his chest, lifting his head to look at her.

Shi Sheng’s head was slightly lowered, as if she was looking at him, but he couldn’t see himself in her eyes. It was as if she was looking at an inanimate, lifeless object.

The surroundings seemed to melt into the background, as though she was the only overlord of this world.

Fu Yiyun was shocked by this thought. He didn’t know why it had popped into his head.

“Wu Zheng, you want to make enemies with the whole pugilistic world?!” The people crowding around the base of the arena shouted in an attempt to draw her attention so that they could rescue Fu Yiyun.

Shi Sheng naturally didn’t give them a chance to. Just as that person finished shouting, her sword sank into Fu Yiyun’s chest.

She twisted her sword all the way around in his chest, causing Fu Yiyun’s face to pale. Eye-catching blood seeped through his white clothes, rapidly dying his entire chest red.

Shi Sheng yanked her sword out and was planning to stab him again, when the sound of innumerable things flying towards her from behind could be heard.

She turned and waved her sword, causing the countless tiny silver needles that had come flying at her to hit the side of the sword and clink as they fell to the ground.

But in the time it took for Shi Sheng to deal with the needles and turn back to look at the ground, Fu Yiyun had already been saved. Only the bloodstains on the ground indicated that he’d once been lying here.

Probably knowing that they couldn’t beat Shi Sheng, everyone started retreating.

Jiang Zhan watched the retreating backs of their opponents as he leaned wearily against the arena stage. His hands were already so sore that he couldn’t lift them.

“Wu Zheng, are you made of iron or something?” He turned to ask the woman standing atop the stage. She wasn’t flushed or panting, and was even standing perfectly straight, as though she wasn’t the one fighting just now.

Shi Sheng leapt off the arena stage, but her legs gave way. She swiftly used her sword as a crutch and acted like an expert. “How could these foolish mortals hope to match my level?”

Show-off Sheng had logged on.

“Cheh.” Jiang Zhan gave Shi Sheng a look of disdain before reminding her, “Let’s hurry up and leave, what if those people come back?”

Shi Sheng leaned against her sword, unmoving. ‘Yep, I exhausted myself a bit much. Gotta rest for a bit.’

Jiang Zhan had already stood up. Seeing Shi Sheng not moving, he urged, “Crazy woman, let’s go! You still wanna fight with them? I’m telling you, I don’t have the energy!”

Shi Sheng fiercely glared at him. ‘The hell are you rushing me for?’

“Would I have fought with them if it wasn’t for you?”

Jiang Zhan was stumped. Only after quite a while did he dully speak, “Difficulties should be shared!”

‘Who told you to steal my(lz) position? Besides, how was I to know that you’d pick a fight so easily?!’

Shi Sheng rested for roughly five minutes before yanking her sword out and leaving. Jiang Zhan hurriedly followed her.

After leaving Brightmoon Village, Shi Sheng picked a direction at random and set off in it.

When she came across a small stream, she stopped and jumped in, clothes and all, and rinsed herself clean. Since she’d gotten some blood on her, washing it off caused the water to turn red, though it was soon washed downstream.

After cleaning herself, she got out of the stream and used the last remnant of her inner energy to dry herself off.

Jiang Zhan squatted down next to the stream as he washed his puppy.

Shi Sheng looked at the puppy doubtfully. ‘Where’d he put it just now anyway?’

The puppy splashed around in the water, causing it to splash on Jiang Zhan’s face.

‘This idiot…’


That chaotic battle was later dubbed the beginning of the great turbulence of jianghu.

Shi Sheng left perfectly unharmed, while the orthodox sects lost more than half of their strength. Even Fu Yiyun had been heavily injured.

Liu Xu carried a bowl filled with medicine in and sat beside the bed, speaking in a warm voice, “Yiyun-gege, time to take your medicine.”

Fu Yiyun leaned against the bed, his icy cold expression warming slightly when he saw Liu Xu. He smiled. “There are servants, so why are you personally delivering the medicine again?”

Liu Xu blushed slightly, speaking in a slightly embarrassed voice, “I wanted to take care of Yiyun-gege myself.”

“It’s been hard on you these past few days.” Fu Yiyun pulled Liu Xu’s hand.

“I don’t mind; I feel very happy with you.” Liu Xu smiled gently. “Yiyun-gege, drink your medicine, otherwise it’ll get cold.”

A hint of gentleness flashed in Fu Yiyun’s eyes, as he took the bowl from her and downed its contents. Liu Xu remained with Fu Yiyun for a little longer before leaving the room.

She didn’t get far before hearing Shen Xingyang talking to the physician who had checked up on Fu Yiyun. She hid herself.

“Although Sir Fu was cured of the poison from last time, there are still some traces of it remaining in his body. And after receiving such a heavy wound this time, it will be…hard for him to recover.” The physician spoke in a solemn voice.

Shen Xingyang spoke in a low voice, “Is there any way to cure him? Please speak.”

Fu Yiyun’s father was one of Shen Xingyang’s old friends, so the latter couldn’t possibly allow Fu Yiyun to suffer any problems here.

“I need several types of medicinal ingredients…”

The physician listed several names, many of which Shen Xingyang had never even heard of.

“The medicinal ingredients are not enough, Gold Sand is also needed. I heard Medicine Granny was in possession of some. But after her passing, it should be in the hands of her disciple, Wu Zheng.”

“What is Gold Sand?” Since Fu Yiyun’s injuries had been inflicted by Wu Zheng to begin with, there was no way she’d give them the item needed to cure Fu Yiyun.

Now that his thoughts turned to her, Shen Xingyang sighed inwardly. ‘After this whole fiasco, I’m afraid those people are going to put the blame on me.’

“It’s a type of insect. Because it needs to be raised in a place with sand made of gold, it was named ‘Gold Sand’…”

Liu Xu didn’t continue listening, leaving with an unsightly expression.

She didn’t notice that on the other side, Bai Luo had also been eavesdropping with a complicated expression.


Major events rocked the whole of jianghu one after another.

The Demon Sect had changed hands, their new Sect Master being the famous witch Wu Zheng.

And said witch had disrupted the Alliance Gathering by massacring people, leading to the deaths of many great heroes, causing the whole of jianghu to grow unstable.

The battle between good and evil had begun.

The unorthodox sects were led by the recently empowered Blood Killers Gang, yet the Demon Sect actually showed no signs of showing up, as if they weren’t the ones who started this conflict.

Shi Sheng was currently supervising the repair of the houses in the camp; where would she find the time to bother about what the people in the outside world were doing?

Gu Yu unwaveringly stood atop a house to ‘absorb natural energies’ while Ting Feng had to deal with everything, causing him to be as tired as a dog.

Shi Sheng lifted her head to look at Gu Yu, who appeared rather dazzling underneath the sunlight. ‘Is this fellow really going to turn into a spirit?’

“Sect Master, call Gu Yu to come and help me ah!” Ting Feng complained to Shi Sheng. “I have to manage the repair of the houses as well as everyone’s daily necessities! I wish I could split myself up!”

“He doesn’t even listen to your former Sect Master; how would he listen to me?”

Said former Sect Master was currently walking his dog. Hearing himself mentioned, Jiang Zhan ran over. “Go fight with him. If you win, not only can you get him to do stuff for you, he’ll even warm the sheets for you if you wanted.”

Shi Sheng gave Jiang Zhan an odd look. “So…you’re unable to beat your own sentinel?”

‘Wow, former Sect Master. Just where did you get the confidence to challenge Fu Yiyun? Do you really think you’re as amazing as the rumours say you are?’

Jiang Zhan’s expression froze, before he turned around to look at the little puppy on the ground. “Come on, Xiao’zheng’zi[1], let’s go over there.”

Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed as she grabbed him by the lapel. “What did you call it?”

[1] Yeah, the zheng here is the same zheng as Wu Zheng’s zheng. R.I.P

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