Chapter 408 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (18)

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The Demon Sect members got to witness their former Sect Master get taught quite a painful lesson by their current Sect Master. It was a very violent, bloody, and definitely not a PG-13 scene.

Jiang Zhan refused to give up, as he raised his voice to cuss at Shi Sheng. It only stopped when he ended up being pummelled to the point where he had no more strength to yell.

True to Jiang Zhan’s words, after Shi Sheng won a fight against Gu Yu, the latter obeyed her unconditionally. He’d hit whoever she told him to—not even Jiang Zhan was spared.

‘If I knew this sentinel was so useful, I’d have beaten him up long ago.’

“Sect Master, Sect Master… This is bad…” A sect member sprinted in from the outside.

“What now?” Shi Sheng asked placidly.

The sect member panted as he spoke hurriedly, “Sect Master Jiang brought people with him down the mountain.”

“So? How’s that any of my business?” ‘Do I(bbb) have to follow along and be his bodyguard or something?’

“But…” The sect member weakly spoke, “Sect Master Jiang took the Left and Right Sentinels with him.”

‘Say what? He kidnapped my sentinels?! Villain-sama, you want to rebel?!’

“What did they go down for?”

The sect member shook his head.

No one knew why Jiang Zhan had descended the mountain, only that he had been muttering stuff to the people he took with him these past few days.

This angered Shi Sheng to the point where she gave up repairing the houses and descended the mountain to chase after him.

Jiang Zhan brought quite a number of people with him. The total population of the Demon Sect was around 100, and Jiang Zhan took about a tenth of that. Since the size of their group was pretty noticeable, Shi Sheng easily got information about which direction they went.

“Sect Master… This seems to be the way back to Mt. Di.” A sect member who followed her down the mountain raised his doubts to Shi Sheng.

“Mt. Di?” ‘The Demon Sect’s original HQ? Why is Jiang Zhan going there?’

Shi Sheng found that quite a number of people were heading in the same direction. Since she made no effort to conceal her identity, fights were inevitable once people recognised her.

By the time Shi Sheng reached Mt. Di, there was already a sizeable crowd gathered at the foot of the mountain.

‘The hell? Did you guys run all the way to the Demon Sect’s old address to hold a meeting or something?’

Shi Sheng got them to split up and search for Jiang Zhan. It wasn’t hard to find him, seeing as the Demon Sect had a special method of communication between its members.

He and his group were in a more remote location. Jiang Zhan was clearly not expecting Shi Sheng to come looking for him.

His expression changed a few times before fiercely shouting, “Why’re you here?!”

Shi Sheng scoffed coldly, “Why am I here? You have the gall to ask me that after kidnapping my sentinels and running off with them?”

“What do you mean your sentinels?! They’re mine!” Jiang Zhan refused to admit defeat.

“The entire Demon Sect is currently mine.”

Jiang Zhan’s face was red with anger, unable to say anything due to rage.

“Go on then, why did you guys come here? And what are those lot out there planning?” Shi Sheng swept her gaze over Ting Feng and Gu Yu.

The latter’s expression remained stony and didn’t speak.

The former looked at Jiang Zhan, who glared at him. Ting Feng shrunk back, but still spoke in a small voice, “They’re here to dig up our Demon Sect’s ancestral tomb.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Are you kidding me(lz)? The entire jianghu is fighting, so why the hell would these people come to dig up your ancestral tomb—of all places? Don’t tell me it would result in all the evil sects dying out? Is your ancestral tomb that amazing?’

“It’s for real.” Seeing that Shi Sheng didn’t believe him, Ting Feng re-affirmed his statement with certainty.

“This has nothing to do with you. Take them back.” Jiang Zhan looked at Shi Sheng. “The Demon Sect is yours to care for from now on.”

“Crazy.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at him. ‘The Demon Sect is already mine, okay?’

Jiang Zhan immediately blew his top, yelling furiously, “Wu Zheng, don’t think that I don’t dare to hit you!”

“Can you even win though?” Shi Sheng smiled obnoxiously, her manner causing Jiang Zhan’s face to flush red with bottled up anger.

Shi Sheng ignored Jiang Zhan and analysed the situation, “There’s no way they’re here just for some ancestral tomb. There has to be something else.”

Jiang Zhan muttered, “Oh, you’re so great.”

“Yeah, better than you. What kind of Sect Master can’t even beat their own Sentinel?” Shi Sheng retorted ruthlessly. She even dared to beat up Feng Ci, much less someone who wasn’t even him.

Jiang Zhan, “…” ‘Alright already!’

Shi Sheng pointed out two of the more astute sect members, giving them the mission of infiltrating into the crowd and hearing what they had to say.

Everyone else rested.

What felt fishy to Shi Sheng was that most of the people here didn’t know why they had come—they’d merely followed their leaders here. But it was obvious that the leaders wouldn’t be as easy to get close to.

“Did the Demon Sect have anything good?” Shi Sheng asked Jiang Zhan, who was currently teasing his dog.

‘You haven’t forgotten to bring your dog here either, woah.’

“What could there be?” Jiang Zhan huffily replied, “It was all burned down back then; what’s left?”

Mt. Di was very tall, but even from the bottom, one could see a stretch of cliff that was blackened. That ought to be where the Demon Sect once lived.

Shi Sheng shook her head, not wanting to speak to an idiot.

“Watch him. Don’t let him run off.” Shi Sheng ordered Ting Feng and Gu Yu. “If he escapes, you guys will be punished too.”

“Wu Zheng!” Jiang Zhan angrily stood up. “I told you to go back! What’s a woman like you getting involved for?!”

Shi Sheng felt like it’d be better to tie him up. This fellow was not only impulsive, he was also weak to boot. Had it not been for the old infamy of the Demon Sect, would he have been able to be the villain in the first place?

Jiang Zhan ended up being tied up and gagged. Things were much more peaceful now.

Shi Sheng circled around the expedition force and approached their camp from the side.

There was a large stretch of woods below Mt. Di that offered Shi Sheng a good hiding place to eavesdrop from.

“Why did we come here?”

“Dunno. This place used to be the Demon Sect’s main camp. Maybe we’re here for something that belongs to them?”

“Wasn’t this place burned to the ground back then?”

“You dumb? Above ground might be burnt, but it’s not the same below ground. Didn’t you see that the Heaven’s Mysteries School is here too? They’re specialised in traps.”

“What could be worth mobilising so many people?”

“Dunno. We’ll know when we go in. Don’t worry.”

Most people had similar guesses, though they were all in the dark as to the real reason behind coming here.

Shi Sheng listened for a while and made up her mind to go spy on someone with a higher position. But just as she was about to jump off the tree, the sound of footsteps could be heard coming from the distance.

Shi Sheng immediately retracted her presence.

Two figures appeared in Shi Sheng’s view, one of which was someone familiar.

Liu Xu.

She didn’t recognise the other man. Though he looked quite handsome, the viciousness in his eyes gave one an uncomfortable impression.

The two scanned the area. After making sure no one was here, Liu Xu lowered her voice, her tone filled with caution and adoration. “He’s very cautious. I can’t get my hands on it for now.”

‘This guy should be the one behind Liu Xu. In the plot, she always helped him do stuff.’

The man’s palm rested on Liu Xu’s shoulder and slowly slid towards her neck. He tightened his grip, speaking in a cruel, hoarse voice, “I think you can’t bear to, isn’t that right?”

Liu Xu paled and shook her head. “No.”

“Then why don’t you poison him?” The man coldly questioned. “Can’t bear to harm your old flame? Hm?”

“No… I already poisoned him, but he seems to have eaten something that nullified it.” Liu Xu shook her head, her hands clutching the man’s hand. She leaned towards him, speaking in a light whisper, “Master, I like you. I’m loyal only to you.”

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