Chapter 410 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (20)

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The expedition force at the foot of the mountain climbed Mt. Di as soon as day broke. Only some went up while the majority stayed put.

Probably around noon, there was a violent explosion on the mountain.

The first explosion was soon followed by more, causing Mt. Di to shake as chunks started to fall off and tumble down.

The people, still in shock, all came to and started running away.

Mt. Di bordered the sea on one side, so most of the loose rubble slid into the sea. But there was still a large portion of mud and rocks that fell down towards the expedition force.

This was probably an example of an unexpected calamity.

Their expedition ended before it had even truly started.

Fu Yiyun and Liu Xu hadn’t climbed the mountain but were at the periphery of the expedition force. When the explosions rocked the place, Fu Yiyun brought Liu Xu with him into retreating and successfully avoided the explosion.

“Yiyun-gege…” Liu Xu’s face was pale from fright. “Why did it explode?”

Fu Yiyun pulled Liu Xu into his arms to comfort her, his gaze directed at the mountain that was still collapsing. ‘Just how much gunpowder is needed to blow up a mountain this big?

It couldn’t have been set up last minute.’

Quite a number of people in jianghu had already died at Shi Sheng’s hands, so the losses from this explosion caused the righteous sects to sink even more into decline.

And the Demon Sect no longer acted low-key, instead expanding their member base brazenly.


Back at the Demon Sect, Shi Sheng laid on one of the newly rebuilt roofs, a snow white puppy lying down beside her.

“Yow yow…” The puppy barked at her.

“What’re you barking for?” Shi Sheng roughly pressed the puppy’s head down.

“Yow ow ow ow!”

The puppy struggled fiercely and cried out, causing the people down below to look up and shake their heads helplessly.

‘Sect Master is bullying the former Sect Master’s dog again…’

“Sect Master, that girl is awake.” A young lady emerged from a room to the side and called out to Shi Sheng. The latter grabbed the puppy by the scruff of its neck, leapt off the roof, and handed it over to the young lady before striding into the room.

The young lady brushed the puppy, adoration in her eyes. ‘Where did former Sect Master get this dog? It’s only the size of a palm and it won’t grow bigger! So cute!!!’

But thinking of her former Sect Master, the young lady seemed to grow despondent. She carried the little puppy and entered the room.

Shi Sheng was standing beside the bed, bent over to look at its occupant, a girl who appeared very obedient. There was a wound on her face. It had already scabbed over, so it was nothing serious.

“What is this place?” The girl turned her eyes, asking in a hoarse voice.

“The Demon Sect.”

“Demon Sect?” The girl revealed a confused expression. “Who…am I?”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Pls no, not the dog blood.’

“Eh? Miss, you don’t remember who you are?” The young lady holding the dog asked curiously. “Sect Master, did she fall and hit her head? Should we consult a physician?”

“No money.”

‘Only the ML spends money for the FL. Why should I do so? I was already being nice by taking her back with me!’

Yep, Shi Sheng had brought back the FL-sama, Bai Luo.

She found the latter not far from Mt. Di.

She picked up an FL right after picking up an ML… Although they weren’t from the same novel…

The young lady, “…” ‘We can still afford to consult a physician! Sect Master, why’re you so stingy?’

Bai Luo really had amnesia. She didn’t even remember what her name was, so it couldn’t be selective amnesia—she had just hit her head really hard.

‘Hey, this means the ship’s been broken, just like that. As long as I keep the FL here, there’s probably no way for her to get back with Fu Yiyun. Giving FLs amnesia seems pretty effective…’

[……] ‘What strange move is the Host pondering this time?’

And that was how Bai Luo ended up staying in the Demon Sect. Because the scar on her face looked a bit ugly, the group of single men in the sect pooled their resources to consult someone claiming to be a godly physician.

The physician accepted a large sum of money as a consultation fee, but his treatment was completely useless—Bai Luo’s scars were still there.

This led to the scene where a bunch of burly men chased that quack all over the world.

There aren’t any girls who don’t like beauty. Bai Luo clearly felt very self-conscious about the scar on her face—she wore a veil whenever she went outdoors and didn’t really talk to people.

Shi Sheng didn’t have any time to bother about what the FL was doing because she was very busy.

“Sect Master, the Left and Right Sentinels appear to be getting better, but Sect Master Jiang…”

“What? Is he going to die?”

The reporting sect member carefully observed Shi Sheng’s expression. ‘Why do I feel like Sect Master is really looking forward to Sect Master Jiang dying? Is it just me? It must be!’

“His situation doesn’t look too good.” He mumbled. After taking another look at his Sect Master’s face, he confirmed that it was indeed anticipation on her face…

“Well, let’s go and take a look.” Shi Sheng waved. ‘Sonovabitch, I had to jump into a sea of fire to save this retard.’

Don’t ask Shi Sheng why she saved him.

That little bitch System seemed to have added a new ability recently and was getting more powerful.

Jiang Zhan was covered in burns, his face charred and black. Even after so many days had passed, his condition still showed no sign of improvement.

“How did you tell there was something wrong with him?” Shi Sheng cast the man beside her an odd look.

‘He’s as black as a lump of charcoal! Tell me(bbb), how the hell did you see any difference?! Do you have X-ray eyes that can see inside his body?!’

“Just now… Sect Master’s whole body was convulsing.” The man weakly replied.

Jiang Zhan really wasn’t in good condition—after all, who would be after being severely burned and caught in the aftershock of an explosion?

He’d been unconscious ever since she brought him back.

“All humans have to die; the timing doesn’t matter. You guys can organise his funeral and find a nice spot to bury him in.” Shi Sheng patted the man’s shoulder.

The sect member’s expression immediately turned a bit unsightly. “Sect Master…”

Shi Sheng seemed to know what he was going to say, for she interrupted him, “Although I’m Medicine Granny’s disciple, I studied poison, not healing. I can’t save him.”

The sect member’s eyes dimmed. “Then please think of a way, Sect Master.”

Shi Sheng massaged her temples, feeling the onset of a headache. “What way? I can’t resurrect people from the dead!”

The Demon Sect member, “…” ‘Sect Master is still alive though!’

Ever since that day, there’d be Demon Sect members coming every day to ask Shi Sheng to find a way to save Jiang Zhan.

Ting Feng and Gu Yu weren’t as badly injured as Jiang Zhan, so after they woke up, it took them a few days to get back up and jumping around again.

…In front of Shi Sheng.

She wished she could kill the two.

“I shouldn’t have dragged the two of you out on the way!” Shi Sheng ground her teeth and glared at the two standing in front of her.

“Sect Master, you can’t just leave things halfway—please think of a way!”

Gu Yu looked Shi Sheng in the eyes. “If you save him, my life is yours.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Who the hell wants your life?!’

Shi Sheng took a bottle out from her space in irritation. She poured out the pill it contained and placed it on the desk to the side. “I’m not taking responsibility if this kills him. You decide whether to feed it to him or not.”

Most of the pills she had possessed spirit energy. Normal people were very unlikely to be able to bear the pure energy contained within. Though if they did manage to do so, it would bring them only benefits.

Author’s note:

Jiang Zhan: And here I thought I was gonna log off.

Little Fairy: How could that be? You’re the villain.

Jiang Zhan: …What kind of villain ends up like me?

Little Fairy: I’m looking at him, aren’t I?

Jiang Zhan: ……

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