Chapter 411 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (21)

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Ting Feng and Gu Yu really did feed the pill to Jiang Zhan.

After several days of not hearing news of Jiang Zhan’s death, Shi Sheng felt rather disappointed. ‘Looks like this fellow’s survived.’

“Yow ow…”

‘What’re you barking for? Your master’s not dying already. Don’t block my(lz) way.’

Shi Sheng made to kick aside the puppy that was circling around her feet, but it put its whole weight onto her foot such that it was lying down on top of it.

‘Wow dog! You’ve fucking learned how to hug people’s legs now!’

Shi Sheng picked it up. It was a very soft thing, and very nice to knead.

The little puppy had already been established as the official sect pet. Even a 1.8m grown man could pause what he was doing to play with it for a while.

“Yow ow ow ow!” The little puppy yelped from Shi Sheng’s harassment.

“Sect Master, don’t bully it like this.” Bai Luo appeared from nowhere, her expression showing pity towards the little puppy in Shi Sheng’s hands.

Shi Sheng looked at her and squeezed it several times, causing it to yelp even more, and Bai Luo’s expression to show more heartache.

Shi Sheng made to hand the puppy over, so Bai Luo reached out to take it. But Shi Sheng suddenly drew her hand back and put the puppy on her shoulder, letting it lie there. Probably because it was afraid of falling off, the puppy didn’t dare to move.

Bai Luo, “…” ‘So Sect Master was just teasing me just now?’

“Still haven’t recovered your memories?” Shi Sheng asked as she walked.

Bai Luo blanked out for a moment before hesitantly following her. “No… Sect Master, did you know me before?”

Bai Luo asked very tentatively.

Shi Sheng was the one who told Bai Luo her name. But apart from her name, she didn’t say anything else.

Shi Sheng’s calm voice travelled to Bai Luo’s ears. “So what if I did, and so what if I didn’t?”

Bai Luo didn’t know why, but she grew nervous and held the hems of her sleeves. “Sect Master, can you tell me…”

Bai Luo wanted to know what kind of person she was before. She wanted the memories that she’d lost. Her current state made her feel very insecure.

Shi Sheng halted and suddenly turned around. Though there was a smile on her face, it didn’t make Bai Luo feel any warmth. Instead, she felt a bit scared.

Bai Luo heard Shi Sheng ask in a mocking tone, “And why should I tell you?”

Bai Luo suddenly experienced a brief flash of images in her mind.

Seeing Bai Luo standing still dazedly, Shi Sheng frowned. ‘I(bbb) couldn’t have awoken her memories with just one sentence, could I(bbb)?’

Bai Luo was only briefly affected. When she tried harder to remember, she couldn’t. And by the time she came back to her senses, the woman who’d been there was gone.


The Demon Sect members were a group of irritating and expensive little bitches. Ever since their funds had increased slightly, every single one of these little bitches wanted to use, eat, and wear the best stuff.

‘Fuck your grandpa! The lot of you refuse to go down the mountain to rob people—but when it comes to spending the money, all of you are really enthusiastic, huh?!’

Hence, Shi Sheng put the money under lock and key.

As a result, rumours that Shi Sheng was a stingy Sect Master began spreading.

‘Stingy, huh? I’ll(lz) show you stingy!’

As a result, the Demon Sect found that their diet went from having two meals with meat a day, to one meal.

It then extended to once every two days, three days…four days…

‘Sect Master, why’re you getting stingier?!’

Everyone expressed their dissatisfaction. They wanted to eat meat, so they ran over to cause a scene in front of Shi Sheng.

This was her reply to them:

“Meat? It’s high in fat! Vegetarian food is much better for health!”

The Demon Sect members who had their food taken away refused to accept it and raised objections to Shi Sheng, saying they wanted more meat.

But Shi Sheng pretended not to hear them. No matter what they said, she always wore an expression that said ‘What? I don’t understand you.’

Yet despite Shi Sheng’s thriftiness, their liquid cash continued to shrink day by day. Shi Sheng felt tired inside. ‘Just what the hell am I providing for? Not even livestock are this expensive!’

Shi Sheng decided to head down the mountain for another robbing spree.

The Demon Sect members were always of the mind that robbing people was what bandits did—it didn’t fit in with their lofty Demon Sect image at all. So every time Shi Sheng said it was time to go strike it rich again, all of them tacitly pretended to not be around.

#This Demon Sect is screwed#

‘For fuck’s sakes! You guys are in danger of starving to death, and you’re worried about banditry ruining your image?! This is an illness! Get it treated!’

During Jiang Zhan’s recuperation, there’d be people coming by to tattle to him on Shi Sheng. ‘Back then, when Wu Zheng took over by force, Sect Master told us to co-operate and surrender. But now our new Sect Master doesn’t even give us meat to eat! We want to rebel!’

Jiang Zhan had already recovered quite well, so he taught the lot of them a lesson.

“I told you to listen to her! Listen to her! To her! Did you guys treat my words as wind?!” Jiang Zhan shouted so loudly that the room seemed to quake.

“Sect Master…” The man who’d been hit spoke weakly, “She wants us to go down the mountain and rob people.”

‘Robbing’s for bandits. We’re not bandits…

Besides, didn’t you look down on this before? How come you’ve suddenly switched sides???’

Jiang Zhan kicked the closest person. “So what?! You guys have killed before, what’s a bloody robbery?! Get the hell out there or so help me(lz)!”

The sect members were chased out, causing them to have bitter expressions. ‘Dammit… Going to have to rob people again…’

“Er, I think I have a stomach ache. Help me inform Ms Wu Zheng that I’m not going.” The man ran off as soon as he said this.

The remaining four immediately alertly looked at their comrades and grabbed the person beside them. If they had to lose face, they’d do so together.

But just as Shi Sheng was preparing to set off, Jiang Zhan appeared, with a still somewhat dark face.

“Yo, not dead yet?” ‘This villain’s recovery abilities are pretty good eh? Didn’t take him long to be back on his feet.’

Jiang Zhan’s already dark face darkened even further. “Wu Zheng, do you really want me dead that much?!”


Jiang Zhan’s chest heaved a few times before speaking through gritted teeth, “Then I just won’t. I’ll even show myself to you everyday!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘You’re going to get hit if you keep this up, I’m telling you.’

Jiang Zhan was like a cock that had won a fight as he puffed out his chest and confidently waved his hand. “Come on guys, this Sect Master will bring you to eat meat!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Fuck!’

Since Jiang Zhan was going, Ting Feng would naturally follow. The two stood at the head of their group, whispering something to each other.

“Sect Master, I really don’t know. I fell unconscious too. I found myself back in the sect when I woke up. I only know it was Ms Wu Zheng that brought us back.” Ting Feng had already memorised these lines by now, because his Sect Master kept asking him how Shi Sheng had brought them out. But how was he to know?

Ting Feng suggested, “Sect Master, if you really want to know why don’t you just ask Ms Wu Zheng?”

Jiang Zhan immediately harrumphed coldly. “Who wants to ask? Think she’s so amazing because she saved me?”

Ting Feng, “…”

‘Sect Master, is it really okay for you to be this dishonest with yourself? It is pretty amazing that she managed to save us. I wouldn’t be able to do it, if you asked me.’

Ting Feng coughed and shiftily scanned their surroundings before lowering his voice. “Sect Master, do you like Ms Wu Zheng?”

It was as if Jiang Zhan had been struck by lightning, his expression was very odd and changed quite a few times before he angrily spoke, “Who likes her?! She’s a lunatic! I don’t like her!”

Ting Feng, “…” ‘Welp, that answers that.’

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