Chapter 412 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (22)

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When they reached the foot of the mountain, they found Bai Luo standing there. The group of single dog bachelors immediately sank into a frenzy.

“Ms Bai, why did you descend the mountain?”

“It’s very dangerous down here. Ms Bai, hurry on back.”

Jiang Zhan felt unhappy upon hearing their words. He smacked the man who’d spoken on the head. “I didn’t dig any pits at the bottom of the mountain; how is it dangerous?!”

Everyone, “…” ‘No wonder you’re single.’

Bai Luo had an embarrassed flush on her face. The scar had almost faded completely.

Bai Luo carefully looked to Shi Sheng, who was standing at the back. “Sect Master… Can I follow you guys?”

“No way.” Jiang Zhan rejected immediately. “You’re so weak; why would you follow us?”

Bai Luo, “…” ‘I wasn’t asking you ah.’

“Sure.” Because Jiang Zhan rejected it, Shi Sheng agreed immediately. She then raised her chin at him provocatively. ‘Since you don’t want her to follow, I’ll(lz) let her come along.’

“Hmph!” Jiang Zhan strode forward.

Shi Sheng could guess why Bai Luo wanted to go down the mountain. It was probably to find her missing memories.

This was Bai Luo’s freedom, so it was none of Shi Sheng’s business. But that meant she wouldn’t be responsible for the girl’s safety either.


Because Bai Luo was joining them, the group of men obtained a carriage from somewhere for her to sit in. Meanwhile, as their Sect Master, Shi Sheng could only look.

As for Jiang Zhan… Despite his yammering, the sect members paid him no heed.

The two ignored Sect Masters were left to tail along behind.

Jiang Zhan snuck a few peeks at Shi Sheng. “Er…”

Shi Sheng suddenly turned to stare calmly at him. Jiang Zhan suddenly found it hard to say the words he’d wanted to. He grit his teeth and blurted out, “Thank you.”

Since his voice was a bit loud, the people in front turned to look back.

Seeing their Sect Master walking with Shi Sheng, they exchanged glances and sped the carriage up.

Shi Sheng was rather startled due to Jiang Zhan’s sudden thanks. ‘This hot-tempered retard suddenly thanked me(bbb)? Is it going to rain gold?’

Seeing Shi Sheng looking at the sky, he asked her huffily, “What’re you looking at?”

‘What do you mean by looking at the sky when I thank you, eh?’

“Checking to see if it’s raining gold.” Shi Sheng replied honestly.

Jiang Zhan didn’t put two and two together at first and raised his head too. ‘How could it rain gold? Is this woman’s brain broken?’

After quite a while, Jiang Zhan finally connected the dots and pointed at Shi Sheng, cussing.

The latter peacefully continued forward, treating Jiang Zhan’s angry insults like the wind. The journey was filled with similar incidents.

When they reached the nearest city, Ting Feng, as the steward, naturally started making arrangements for their accommodation.

Having been stoked by Shi Sheng, Jiang Zhan immediately locked himself into his room once they got to the inn and refused to come out on pain of death.

“Sect Master, there aren’t many rooms so…Ting Feng told me to share with you.” Bai Luo tentatively approached Shi Sheng, her tone soft and pleasing on the ears.

Shi Sheng gave Bai Luo a side glance. The girl’s face still had some hints of baby fat and always had a constant blush to it. Her big watery eyes stared innocently at Shi Sheng.

“I can sleep on the floor.” Perhaps afraid of Shi Sheng’s rejection, Bai Luo anxiously added.

“Go on then.”

Bai Luo immediately revealed a smile.

They really didn’t have many rooms. Jiang Zhan occupied one by himself while everyone else had to squeeze four to a room.

Shi Sheng couldn’t just chuck Bai Luo into Jiang Zhan’s room, could she?


This city was situated on a trade route and served as a resting stop for merchant caravans. As a result, it was very prosperous. Most of its inhabitants were merchants that didn’t lack money.

And by the same reasoning, this place was very chaotic, with both people from the imperial court and the pugilistic world mingling together here. After all, who wouldn’t want a slice of a money-making pie?

Shi Sheng hadn’t even been in the inn for a whole day, yet she had already witnessed two separate incidents of arguments and fighting.

And that night during dinner, she witnessed a third incident. This time, the Demon Sect was involved. Because of Bai Luo.

She had accidentally bumped into someone while coming downstairs. Probably finding her looks okay, he refused to let Bai Luo go. She tried to apologise, but he wanted to molest her.

But would the Demon Sect’s group of single bachelors allow some guy to harass their Sect’s official beauty? Well, just take a look at the current situation.

The whole time, Shi Sheng calmly remained seated and continued eating her meal, as if the people involved weren’t from her Demon Sect.

Jiang Zhan had probably been irritated by the noise, for he rushed down from upstairs. Without giving the other party time to react, he swung a fist at the instigator.

“Why in your grandpa’s name are you making so much noise?! Haven’t had enough during the day, so you’re continuing now?!” Jiang Zhan had been really annoyed by the noise, so it was quite normal for him to lose his temper.

The person who’d been hit clutched at his cheek. His expression dark, he looked at who’d hit him and immediately mocked, “And here I was wondering who it was. So it’s Sect Master Jiang… Oh, that’s not right, it’s former Sect Master now. I heard a woman’s in charge of your Demon Sect now? Relying on a woman to protect you, huh?”

“Fuck!” ‘Who’s relying on that maniac?!’

Jiang Zhan was enraged. He drew Scarlet Heaven and slashed towards the man. The surrounding people immediately dispersed to make room for them.

Jiang Zhan and the man were evenly matched at first, neither of them having an advantage over the other.

“Jiang Zhan, hand that girl to me and I’ll let you off today; how about it?” The man stared greedily at Bai Luo. “There’s no point in us fighting like this. It’s just a woman. You wouldn’t be this stingy, would you?”

“Bollocks!” Jiang Zhan cussed.

Shi Sheng really couldn’t stand to look anymore. ‘Just how did this weakling get the position of villain? Based on his smarts? I don’t see any smarts, just an idiot who likes to fool around.’

Shi Sheng fell silent. ‘It’s probably…because of his looks?’

She really wished to reject the answer her mind had come up with.

“Fuck your great grandpa! How about you act arrogant some more, eh?!”

While Shi Sheng had been lost in her thoughts, Jiang Zhan had already defeated the man and was currently cockily stepping on the latter’s chest.

The subordinates the man brought with him looked at Jiang Zhan nervously and pointed their weapons at him. “Jiang Zhan, release our Gang Leader!”

Hearing thus, Jiang Zhan stomped harder on the man’s chest, causing him to let out a muffled grunt.

“Jiang Zhan!”

The opposing party shouted, but didn’t dare to act rashly because their leader was in Jiang Zhan’s hands.

The tension in the air was suffocating as silence befell the area, leaving only the sounds of heavy breathing coming from the Gang Leader from who-knows-what gang beneath Jiang Zhan’s foot. As it echoed throughout the inn, it sounded like a giant beast heaving its last breaths.

“Xiaoluo-meimei.” A gentle voice abruptly called out, drawing everyone’s attention and breaking the tension in the air.

From the direction of the staircase, a woman was staring at Bai Luo in pleasant surprise. Because people were blocking the staircase, she didn’t dare to descend, and could only look pleadingly at the person beside her. “Yiyun-gege, it’s Xiaoluo-meimei.”

Fu Yiyun also caught sight of Bai Luo, who was currently being surrounded protectively by a group of men. His brows furrowed slightly, his cold gaze looking hard at Bai Luo. ‘Why is she with the Demon Sect?’

Bai Luo gave them a confused look. When she saw Fu Yiyun’s face, she turned slightly dumbfounded as a hint of pain surfaced in her heart. ‘Do I know them?’

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