Chapter 413 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (23)

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Fu Yiyun leapt off the second storey with Liu Xu in his arms. She immediately walked towards Bai Luo. “Xiaoluo-meimei, where have you been? There wasn’t any news from you… Do you know how worried Yiyun-gege and I have been?”

Bai Luo had no impression of the person standing in front of her, and the odd pain from before had vanished without a trace.

She retreated behind Ting Feng and spoke in a timid and probing tone, “Do you know me?”

“Xiaoluo-meimei?” Liu Xu was clearly unaware of what was going on.

Fu Yiyun’s frown deepened. “Xiaoluo, you don’t remember me?”

Several foreign images flashed in Bai Luo’s mind. The man in front of her gave her a very familiar feeling, yet she also felt a bit of resistance towards him in her heart.

She shook her head slightly.

Shi Sheng finished the last of her meal and put down her bowl.

The situation had progressed to a tense stalemate, where Liu Xu and Fu Yiyun wanted to bring Bai Luo away forcefully, but the Demon Sect members were putting up resistance.

As for Jiang Zhan, he was seated on that Gang Leader, Scarlet Heaven stabbed in the floor as he watched the scene unfolding on Bai Luo’s side.

When Shi Sheng looked over, he immediately turned to meet her eyes and out of nowhere bared his teeth in a cocky expression.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Retards sure know how to make themselves happy…’

Shi Sheng shifted her gaze. She got up and walked over to Bai Luo, shoving aside Liu Xu, who was in the way.

“Wu Zheng…” Liu Xu was surprised. ‘Why is she here too?’

Shi Sheng smiled wickedly. “The F— Bai Luo isn’t willing to go with you, so you’re deciding to kidnap her?”

“Xiaoluo, is she threatening you?” Fu Yiyun’s eyes grew colder. ‘I nearly died to this woman back then.’

“No! Sect Master is very good to me!” Bai Luo anxiously refuted.

She had heard the rumours too, but she had the eyes to see for herself that the Demon Sect was different from what everyone said they were.

Even if Sect Master wasn’t very nice with her words, after staying in the Demon Sect for such a long time, Bai Luo had never seen her really attack anyone or lose her temper.

And she was really good to girls…

“Xiaoluo-meimei…” Liu Xu spoke hesitantly. “You should come with us. Yiyun-gege and I won’t harm you.”

It was clear that Bai Luo disliked Liu Xu from the bottom of her heart—she shrunk back completely behind Ting Feng and the rest, not even looking at Liu Xu and Fu Yiyun.

If one asked Bai Luo to choose, she’d definitely pick the Demon Sect members who she’d interacted with for so long, and not the two people who were but strangers to her now.

Shi Sheng clapped her hands, the crisp smack drawing everyone’s attention to her. “There, she’s the one not willing to leave, so it’s not my fault.”

Some anger bubbled up in Fu Yiyun’s eyes. “Wu Zheng, what did you do to Xiaoluo?! Why does she have amnesia?!”

“Why? Probably because she can’t stand to see you so lovey-dovey with your old flame.” Shi Sheng shrugged. “People who’ve fallen out of love always like to pull the amnesia card.”

Fu Yiyun’s expression changed slightly. “What do you mean?”

‘Bai Luo likes me?’

“Sect Master…” Bai Luo poked her head out, weakly asking Shi Sheng, “Did I like him before?”

‘I felt pain when I saw this man. Could it be that I really did like him?’

“Yep. Didn’t you feel anything when you saw him?”

Bai Luo had amnesia, but she was still the same person. Some instinctive reactions or familiar things could stimulate her memories and give her a chance to recover them.

“Yiyun-gege, let’s give Xiaoluo-meimei some time to think about it. Let’s ask her once she remembers.” Liu Xu pulled Fu Yiyun, afraid that he’d have thoughts about Bai Luo because of Shi Sheng’s words.

Women had always been better at understanding other women than men. From the first time they met, Liu Xu knew Bai Luo liked Fu Yiyun.

Bai Luo peeked out from behind Shi Sheng, her watery eyes filled with curiosity and confusion.

Fu Yiyun glanced at her before nodding to Liu Xu. He then turned his sharp gaze to Shi Sheng. “Wu Zheng, I’ll avenge myself sooner or later.”

“You’re welcome to.” Shi Sheng raised her lips in an arrogant smile.

Fu Yiyun felt like smacking her with his sword, but he was aware of his current situation, so he went upstairs with Liu Xu.

Once the two had left, Jiang Zhan got his people to pummel that Gang Leader and then toss him and his gang out.

“Jiang Zhan, just you wait! I(lz) won’t let you off!” The Gang Leader spat. His face was bruised and he had to be supported by his people to stand up.

“Scram!” Jiang Zhan picked up a stool and flung it at them.

Once this matter was over, the innkeeper appeared from somewhere and began calmly began racking up numbers on an abacus and listing off, “Three tables, ten stools, three sets of teacups, and as for bowls…”

The innkeeper bent over to check on the staircase. “Damage to the staircase…”

Clack clack.

“24 taels and 8 coins in total. May I know which guest will be paying?”

Silence befell in the inn. The ones who had been watching a show before all paid for their meals and scurried out of the inn.

The remaining Demon Sect members all looked towards Shi Sheng.

“What’re you looking at me for? No money!” ‘You want me(lz) to pay for the stuff you destroyed? Don’t you know how poor we are now?!’

“Go hunt down those bastards!” Jiang Zhan angrily slapped a table.

The table couldn’t hold up to his strength, so it collapsed.

The innkeeper’s abacus clacked as he added that in too.

The Demon Sect members rushed out of the inn to chase down the Gang Leader from before. Those people had never expected to be hunted down…all for the sake of compensation. This was simply a humiliation that gave the Gang Leader something else to cuss about Jiang Zhan.

Meanwhile, Shi Sheng was left shaking her head at the side, not bearing to watch any longer. ‘Compensate my arse! You guys are the Demon Sect, okay?! Have some self-awareness! I’m(bbb) going to be angered to death!’

#The Demon Sect’s new way of making you re-evaluate your views#

#The Demon Sect is a special snowflake today too#


Shi Sheng didn’t want to bother with these idiots, so she went upstairs on her own. Seeing this, Bai Luo hurriedly followed her. “Sect Master, did I really like that man?”

Shi Sheng pushed the door open while speaking without a hint of politeness, “How would I know whether you really liked him or not? Maybe you just liked his face.”

‘Don’t worry about being shallow! I’m shallow too!’

“Does he have someone he likes?” Bai Luo had already learned to ignore the thorns in Shi Sheng’s words. “Was it that lady beside him just now?”

Shi Sheng nodded carelessly. ‘Why’re you so chatty?’

“They’re pretty well-matched.” Probably because of the amnesia, Bai Luo was able to say this rather easily.

“Ha ha…” ‘Well-matched my arse! You two are supposed to be the real ship! …Though that’s probably not going to be the case anymore.’

Bai Luo didn’t understand why Shi Sheng activated ‘mockery mode’ again.

Shi Sheng was too lazy to bother with this dummy, so she went to have a quick wash-up.

Shi Sheng took the bed, so Bai Luo could only sleep on the recliner. It was very narrow, so she could only sleep on her side. This was very uncomfortable, so she couldn’t fall asleep for some time.

So she thought about the events earlier today until she gradually dozed off.

Cold moonlight spilled in through the window, causing the floor to appear covered in silver frost.

Author’s note:

#What do I do when the little angels don’t vote? SOS help!#

#No votes? No updates then#

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