Chapter 414 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (24)

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The next day, when Bai Luo woke up, the room was already empty.

A thin quilt had been placed on her. Bai Luo clutched it, a silly smile on her face. ‘Sect Master has a warm heart under her cold exterior after all.’

She put everything away properly before heading downstairs. Ting Feng and some of the Demon Sect members were already eating. Seeing her descend the stairs, someone immediately gave up their seat to her.

Bai Luo thanked him before sitting down. “Where’s Sect Master?”

“Eh? She’s not in her room?” The sect members were surprised. The inn hadn’t opened for business when they came down, and they hadn’t seen their Sect Master leave.

Bai Luo shook her head.

“It’s fine. Sect Master must’ve had some business to take care of. Ms Bai, have something to eat first.”

“Yeah, yeah. Sect Master is strong, no need to worry.”

They soon diverted the topic.

When Jiang Zhan came downstairs and didn’t see Shi Sheng, he went back upstairs with a dark expression.

Everyone sighed and shook their heads. ‘The way Sect Master’s acting, it’s simply impossible for him to court Ms Wu Zheng!’


After Shi Sheng came back from a walk, she found that Bai Luo was missing. When she asked the others, they also appeared confused.

“Ms Bai said she was going to have a change of clothes just now. How did she disappear?”

“It hasn’t been long—only around the time it takes to brew a pot of tea. The people downstairs didn’t see Ms Bai leave, so she must still be in the inn.”

Shi Sheng sighed and shook her head. “Which room is Fu Yiyun staying in?”

Ting Feng reacted swiftly and pointed at a room not far from them. “That one.”

Shi Sheng walked over to the room and straight up kicked the door open.

But it was empty.

Liu Xu’s room was next door, and it was empty too.

No one in the inn had seen them, as if they had vanished into thin air.

The Demon Sect’s men were very anxious, but Shi Sheng didn’t really care. Bai Luo’s disappearance had no impact on her—she did whatever she wanted to, as always.

Because neither Shi Sheng nor Jiang Zhan gave them any particular orders, the Demon Sect members went out in groups to search for Bai Luo, but their efforts bore no fruit.

After staying in the city for around half a month, Shi Sheng gathered them all together. For the sake of making sure they’d actually go through with the robbery, Shi Sheng had picked the most infamous family in the city.

The job went very smoothly. With Shi Sheng’s awesome combat ability, the rest of them were basically just there to act as background figures…and then help carry the loot.

Jiang Zhan didn’t follow at all. Despite his support for this behaviour, he acted like he despised it, earning him the middle fingers of the Demon Sect members. ‘Just who was it who wanted us to come down here at the beginning, eh?!’

Shi Sheng had robbed quite a lot, so she was really wondering whether these people had embezzled some on the way. Why else would so much silver be insufficient?

When it was time to leave, the group of single men still felt a bit unwilling to go just like this. “Sect Master, are we really not going to look for Ms Bai?”

“The world is so big; where are we supposed to go find her?”

This one question blocked them from saying anything. The people back at the sect were still waiting for their return.

On the way out of the city, they met with a bit of trouble, but Shi Sheng dealt with it (violently). They rushed out as fast as they could, but before they had gotten far, they met an unexpected person.

“Ms Wu Zheng?” The person who called her was in a sorry state. There were streaks of dried blood on his pale face that looked like it hadn’t been shaved in days. If not for his silk clothing one could even mistake him for a beggar.

He had come from the direction Shi Sheng was planning on going in. He was probably wounded, for he didn’t move quickly.

Upon seeing Shi Sheng, he was clearly surprised, and it soon turned into joy.

“Second Young Master Shen, did you feel like experiencing the life of a refugee?” Shi Sheng looked down on the person below from her perch atop the horse.

Shen Xinghai smiled bitterly and shook his head. He cupped his fists and bowed to her. “May I ask Ms Wu Zheng for a favour?”

Shi Sheng raised a brow slightly. ‘This is the other ML…’


Shen Xinghai was just about to speak, when he suddenly heard the flurry of galloping and shouting getting closer.

“Wu Zheng, are you going or not?!”

Jiang Zhan urged his horse back. Seeing Shi Sheng talking to a man, he immediately lost his temper.

She was actually talking so ‘amicably’ to a man! And he was so ugly! Not even 10% as good looking as him!

“Sect Master Jiang.” Shen Xinghai gave a polite greeting.

Jiang Zhan frowned and raised his chin, arrogantly looking down on Shen Xinghai. ‘Don’t recognise him. Who is this guy?’

Shen Xinghai showed no reaction to Jiang Zhan’s provocation.

“Hurry up.” Jiang Zhan turned to rush Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Have I been too nice to this fellow lately for him to use a commanding tone with me?’

“Ms Wu Zheng…” Probably afraid Shi Sheng would really leave, Shen Xinghai called out anxiously.

“Shut your trap.” Shi Sheng smacked her riding whip on Jiang Zhan’s horse, causing it to whinny in pain and begin bucking around.

Jiang Zhan was jolted around for quite a bit. Once the horse had calmed down, he glared angrily at Shi Sheng. “Wu Zheng, don’t be ungrateful!”

Shi Sheng silently turned to look at Ting Feng. ‘What’s with your Sect Master? Did he forget to take his meds again?’

Ting Feng pretended like he didn’t see her look, turning to observe the scenery. As one, the other sect members also looked away, whether at the sky or at the ground. All of them turned a blind eye.

‘Sect Master has a crush…’

Shen Xinghai probably noticed, for he spoke warmly, “Sect Master Jiang, I was just asking Ms Wu Zheng to help me out.”

“How’s it any of my business what you want with her?!” Jiang Zhan shouted and slapped his horse’s behind, taking off at a gallop.

The sect members could only stare dumbly. ‘Sect Master, you’re leaving just like this? Are you dumb?’

Shen Xinghai smiled before turning to talk to Shi Sheng, “Ms Wu Zheng, I would like to ask you to take care of two people for me.”

“I suggest you ask me to kill people instead.” ‘Taking care of people is not my forte.’

Shen Xinghai, “…”

His eyes hardened slightly. “I’ll kill them myself. Ms Wu Zheng, please help me take care of them… I’ll be frank with you: I want you to offer them protection.”

“Your big brother is still the Alliance Head, yet you choose to ask me, the Sect Master of the Demon Sect, for help? Is there something wrong with your brain?” Due to Shi Sheng’s massacre at the Alliance Meeting, they hadn’t been able to pick the next Alliance Head, so Shen Xingyang kept his position.

“Ms Wu Zheng…” Shen Xinghai’s voice was slightly hoarse. “I don’t want to implicate my older brother in this.”

Shi Sheng stared at him for a few seconds, before her lips curved up in a cold smile. “If you ask for my help, from now on, you’ll have an unexplainable connection to the Demon Sect. Knowing that, do you still want my help?”

“Ms Wu Zheng, if there’s anything this Shen can do to help, please say it.” Shen Xinghai performed the greatest sign of respect in jianghu with a sincere attitude.

Shi Sheng would never have expected for one of the people Shen Xinghai entrusted to her to be Bai Luo.

The other person was a girl too. Unlike Bai Luo’s bun-like face that screamed ‘easy to bully’, this girl had a prickly beauty that made her seem hard to get along with, and she was completely clothed in red. A pity she was unconscious.

‘So this is Shen Xinghai’s FL? Those looks, that figure; her author must’ve been a true author mom!’

Author’s note:

Shi Sheng: I keep running into the FL wherever I go. Has she fallen for me?

Little Fairy: You’re thinking too much. How else was the plot supposed to progress? It’s all for the sake of plot, don’t think too highly of yourself.

Shi Sheng: I don’t like her either, hmph!

Little Fairy: Then what kind of girl do you like?

Shi Sheng: A soft, smart girl that’s younger than me and is my diehard fan.

Little Fairy: Which girl isn’t younger than you at this point?

Shi Sheng: ……

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