Chapter 415 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (25)

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Shen Xinghai left after handing them to Shi Sheng.

Bai Luo was awake. So upon seeing Shi Sheng, tears streamed down her face as if she finally had an outlet to let all her grievances out.

Without caring whether or not Shi Sheng wanted to know, Bai Luo cried and told her about what she’d experienced these past few days.

That day, she’d just finished breakfast and had accidentally knocked over a cup of tea on herself. She had returned to their room to get changed, but hadn’t expected Liu Xu to come looking for her.

Bai Luo didn’t remember Liu Xu. But she instinctively disliked the latter, so she blocked the doorway, not allowing Liu Xu in.

“Xiaoluo-meimei, there are a lot of people here. Can we go into the room to chat?” Liu Xu spoke in a soft and gentle tone that would be pleasing to the ears of most people.

Yet Bai Luo was an exception. She felt rejection from the bottom of her heart.

“If there’s anything you want to say, you can say it here.”

Hearing this, Liu Xu switched tactics. “Xiaoluo-meimei, don’t you want to know your past?”

Bai Luo’s expression changed slightly as she examined Liu Xu probingly. “You know my past?”

After she’d spoken, she bit her lip. ‘She knows me, so of course she’ll know some stuff about my past. Wasn’t my question unnecessary?’

Liu Xu smiled and nodded. “I know who you are, and what you’ve experienced. If Xiaoluo-meimei wants to know, I can tell you. But this isn’t the right place for it…”

Bai Luo hesitated for a moment. “Then come in…”

She wanted to know who she was, and what the memories she’d lost were.

Liu Xu shook her head and spoke, “Ms Wu Zheng doesn’t really like me, so I won’t go in…”

Liu Xu deceived Bai Luo into entering her room and told her some stuff. But everything she said to Bai Luo sounded very foreign, as if it was someone else’s story.

Bai Luo didn’t know why, but the more she listened, the sleepier she got. As the figure in front of her grew blurrier, she wanted to get up to leave but found that she didn’t have the strength to do so. In the end, she blacked out and darkness overtook her consciousness.

When she came to, Bai Luo found herself locked in a simple room. She wasn’t the only one here—there were other women present.

They either cried in low voices or stared dully at nothing. When Bai Luo asked them where they were, the only answer she got was them shaking their heads.

Bai Luo was very scared, but her fear was reduced somewhat by the fact that she wasn’t alone.

She checked every corner of the room, which drew the attention of a few women. They told her that they’d done the same when they were first locked here, and that the room was completely sealed off.

Their gazes were lifeless and filled with despair.

Bai Luo didn’t know how long she was unconscious for, nor how long she’d been locked up. Every so often, there’d be someone who’d deliver buns to them from the gap beneath the door.

Those women who despaired and cried swarmed forward to grab the food once it appeared. Although they were in despair, they didn’t want to die.

Bai Luo didn’t know the food was limited—she had to go hungry if she didn’t manage to snatch any. This led to a period of time where she starved.

But she got smarter and moved over to sit by the door, so that she was the first one to grab the buns when they were sent in.

The red-clothed lady arrived later.

The woman was still cussing loudly when she was tossed in. She hammered and kicked at the door but to no avail.

When mealtime came around, the red-clothed lady clearly didn’t know about the unspoken rule that one wouldn’t be able to eat if they weren’t quick enough, so she could only stare dumbly at the empty bowl.

Everyone had two buns each, but there were some who took three, causing some of the weaker women to have nothing to eat.

Since they shoved the buns into their mouths quickly, the red-clothed lady didn’t have a chance to even snatch any back.

Bai Luo shared one of hers with her.

The red-clothed lady had a pretty straightforward character—since Bai Luo was nice to her, she treated the former as a sister. The woman told Bai Luo that she wanted to escape, and that she also wanted those people to pay.

The red-clothed lady planned for a long time. Finally, they found an opportunity. But what they hadn’t expected was for the other women to sell them out.

The two were locked up on their own, in a very small room, where the only exit was the door.

The red-clothed lady didn’t give up on escaping. After thinking for a long time, she decided to use the honey-trap.

Bai Luo was less certain. But faced with the question of life and death, she still decided to gamble with the red-clothed lady.

The latter was in charge of seducing the guards, while Bai Luo was to stand at the back and knock out any that came in.

But Bai Luo didn’t have much strength, so the two swapped roles in the end. Bai Luo was in charge of luring the guards in and the red-clothed lady would knock them unconscious.

Yet, could one really expect Bai Luo to know how to act seductive? In the end, the red-clothed lady could only tell her to stand there and perform a few poses.

Their plan proceeded very smoothly. But on the way out, they were found out and surrounded.

At the very last second, Shen Xinghai arrived to rescue the red-clothed lady. Though they managed to escape, they were constantly pursued.

In this short period of time, they had suffered a lot and went through life and death together.

Their pursuers had suddenly increased in number last night and they had been cornered in a broken-down temple. For the sake of breaking out, Shen Xinghai lured them away, while the red-clothed lady brought Bai Luo with her and ran.

Though they still managed to escape, the red-clothed lady had been injured.

Shen Xinghai had planned on entering the city to find medicine for her but hadn’t expected to run into Shi Sheng, leading to the situation now.

“Sect Master, I thought I would never see you again.” Bai Luo’s lips quivered as she spoke through sobs. She thought she was going to die.

Shi Sheng leaned against the window, her lips tugging up in a smile. Whether it was a reassuring one or a mocking one, Bai Luo didn’t know.

“Why would Liu Xu want to kidnap me…” This was the question that bothered Bai Luo the most.

As Shi Sheng listened to her various analyses, her brows twitched. ‘This kid is a real dummy.’

After a while, Shi Sheng faintly spoke, “Liu Xu just doesn’t want you returning to Fu Yiyun’s side is all.”

‘An evil villainess’ job is to break apart the leads.’

“But I’ve already lost my memories—I don’t remember who Fu Yiyun is. And Sect Master, didn’t you say they were a pair? Isn’t the one Fu Yiyun likes Liu Xu?” The dummy asked even more questions.

Was Shi Sheng to tell her that the job of an evil villainess was to constantly cause trouble with the goal of splitting the male and female leads apart?

But she wouldn’t be able to explain all that with a few words, so Shi Sheng decided to just shut up and let the little dummy ponder over it on her own.

Perhaps feeling very safe at Shi Sheng’s side, Bai Luo caved in to the fatigue from her wounds and fell asleep.

Shi Sheng pushed aside the curtains. Jiang Zhan’s horse was beside the carriage—he had come back to follow it after running off.

Seeing Shi Sheng looking out from the carriage, he immediately rode his horse forward and asked with a stern expression, “Wu Zheng, how can you just randomly pick people up?”

“I didn’t; they were given to me.” Shi Sheng corrected him.

Jiang Zhan got angry. “Are you really treating the Demon Sect as yours?!”

“Is it not mine?”

“Without—” Jiang Zhan halted abruptly. He clenched his teeth and glared at Shi Sheng. ‘If it wasn’t for me, do you think you could be Sect Master?! I’m snatching it back later! Let’s see how you’ll act cocky then!’

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