Chapter 416 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (26)

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After they got back to the Demon Sect, Shi Sheng didn’t even have the chance to breathe before several sect members came running over in a panic. “Sect Master, we’re being attacked!”

The Demon Sect was located in a pretty remote area. Back then, it was only with knowledge of the plot, as well as much effort on her part, that Shi Sheng managed to find this place.

‘Someone actually found their way here…’

“Let’s go take a look.” Shi Sheng drew her sword and followed them to the mountain gates. They had been built recently—there hadn’t even been enough time to carve the words “Demon Sect” on them.

By the time Shi Sheng arrived, Jiang Zhan was already present and arguing with someone.

There were only eight people on the other side. They all wore similar attire, their bodies taut as if ready to attack or defend at any moment, and had an aura of killing intent surrounding them.

“Is she here just because you said so?! Show us the proof! Without evidence, I suspect you guys are just here to find trouble with the Demon Sect!”

“We witnessed it personally. Sect Master Jiang, hand her over, and we can go back to having nothing to do with each other.” The other party was calmer than Jiang Zhan.

“What’s going on?” Shi Sheng asked Ting Feng, who was standing at the back, in a low voice.

“These people are from Jadewater Village. They say we captured their eldest young miss… Isn’t that pure nonsense? Since when did we go kidnap her?” Ting Feng swiftly explained the situation to Shi Sheng. “I think they’re here to make trouble, though I have no idea how they found this place.”

Shi Sheng frowned slightly, picked Jiang Zhan up by the collar and placed him behind her. “What’re you wasting your breath with them for? Just attack!”

Jiang Zhan blanked out for a moment before reacting. “Fellas, have at them!”

The Demon Sect members had pretty much all gathered after hearing all the ruckus, so upon Jiang Zhan’s order, they swarmed towards the eight.

It was hard for two fists to beat four hands[1]. Even if these men had spectacular fighting ability, they could only retreat in defeat when faced with so many opponents.

“Pei! These people know how to find excuses now!”

“A bunch of self-righteous beasts in human clothing!”

“Sect Master, what do we do now?”

Since some people had already found their location, others would be sure to follow.

Shi Sheng flicked her sword, speaking in a wild and arrogant manner, “What’re you guys afraid of? Just kill anyone who comes, no matter how many!”

The Demon Sect members, “…” ‘Sect Master, accept this kneel!’

Jiang Zhan looked at Shi Sheng and seemed to think of something, causing him to turn around and leave with a cold harrumph.

Shi Sheng looked at him in confusion. ‘What did I(bbb) do to you again? The hell are you being tsun for?!’


When Shi Sheng went to check on Bai Luo and the red-clothed lady, the latter was already awake and sitting upright on the bed, staring off into space and lost in her own thoughts.

Bai Luo stood to the side, a bowl of medicine in her hands. She carefully persuaded the woman, “Weiwei-jie, Shen-dage is capable, so he’ll be fine. You have to rest and heal up first before looking for hi— Sect Master.”

Seeing Shi Sheng enter upon lifting her head, Bai Luo called out to her. This brought Zhong Weiwei’s attention back to the present. Her gaze brought a hint of probing as she stared at Shi Sheng.

“You’re Wu Zheng?” She asked in a tone that wasn’t polite at all.

“What? Is there a problem?” Shi Sheng dragged a chair over to sit, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she looked at Zhong Weiwei.

The latter suddenly coughed. Bai Luo hurriedly set down the bowl of medicine to pat her back.

Once Zhong Weiwei had stopped coughing, her face was pale and her jade-like fingers were clutching the quilt so tightly her knuckles turned white. She panted to catch her breath before asking, “What deal did Shen Xinghai make with you?”

The corner of Shi Sheng’s lips rose slightly as she replied with malice, “From now on, you belong to me.”

Zhong Weiwei was stunned.

“Sect Master…” Bai Luo also had a stunned expression. ‘That wasn’t what Shen-dage said though…?’

Shi Sheng looked at them smilingly, as if Shen Xinghai had really said that.

Zhong Weiwei suddenly got up and off the bed. But the moment her feet touched the ground, her body lost all strength as her wounds started acting up with a tearing pain.

“Weiwei-jie, don’t be hasty! Your wounds are very serious!” Bai Luo helped Zhong Weiwei up with a nervous and worried expression. “Sect Master didn’t mean any ill. And don’t worry, that wasn’t what Shen-dage said.”

Shi Sheng looked at Bai Luo, causing the latter to feel a bit uncomfortable and lower her head to avoid the former’s gaze.

“It’s your choice to leave, but I won’t give Shen Xinghai any discounts for it.” Shi Sheng got up and left after leaving behind these words.

She’d only promised to bring them back to the Demon Sect, not to keep an eye on them.

Zhong Weiwei didn’t leave in the end—because she fainted before she even got out the door.

More and more came to the Demon Sect to look for people. It wasn’t limited to people from the pugilistic world; there were also people from the court, and even just regular citizens.

“Since when did our Demon Sect have all those people?” After shooing off the third batch of people, Shi Sheng finally couldn’t help but ask the people beside her.

Other than the two FLs, the Demon Sect hadn’t had any new additions to their ranks. All the names that had been shouted were completely foreign to them.

“Sect Master, I know! I know!” A sect member raised his hand.


The sect member immediately told her everything he’d learned.

There had been many missing-person cases in jianghu as of late. All of them were young and beautiful women of varying backgrounds—whether it be the daughters of high-ranking officials, the young misses of pugilistic clans, and even young ladies of common birth.

“Those people think we’re the ones who kidnapped all those women.” The Demon Sect member concluded.

Shi Sheng suddenly pointed her sword at them and asked with a stern expression, “Have you guys been sneaking out to steal wives without my knowledge?!”

The Demon Sect members, “…” ‘Sect Master, please. Do we look that desperate?’

“Sect Master, more people have turned up!” The person who’d been sent to keep an eye out shouted as he came running back, followed by a large procession of people.

“It’s Fu Yiyun…”

Ting Feng appeared from somewhere and, before the speaker finished their sentence, Jiang Zhan pushed him aside to stand beside Shi Sheng.

Jiang Zhan stood with arms akimbo, and in a very shrew-like manner, shouted, “Fu Yiyun! Why have you come here?!”

Shi Sheng gave Ting Feng a look. ‘Didn’t I tell you to lock this idiot up?’

Ting Feng felt innocent. ‘I couldn’t ah!’

Fu Yiyun and the rest stopped roughly ten meters away. “Jiang Zhan, hand Bai Luo over.”

“Who do you think you are? Why should I do that just because you said so?” Jiang Zhan harrumphed coldly.

“Jiang Zhan, where is my daughter?!” A man beside Fu Yiyun questioned harshly.

‘This guy should be Bai Luo’s dad…’

“Who’s your daughter? The hell did you come to the Demon Sect for when she went missing? Is there something wrong with your head?!”

Shi Sheng felt like this fellow was on equal terms with her when it came to offending people. The only thing was, he was terrible at fighting.

“Jiang Zhan!”

“What’re you calling your grandpa for?!”

The people below were so angered their faces turned green.

Bai-fu and Fu Yiyun discussed in low tones before Bai-fu raised his voice and spoke, “Sect Master Jiang, I just want to find my daughter. As long as you hand her over to me, I can forget about this matter.”

Jiang Zhan expressed surprise. “Then you’re not going to blame me if I broke her? It’s a real misfortune to be your daughter.”

Bai-fu, “…”

“Demon Chief Jiang, do you really think you can escape?! We have this place surrounded! Surrender without a fight and your grandpa can make your death a bit easier!”

“Hand them over! Hand them over!”

“Demon Chief Jiang, hand them over…”

[1] I believe I’ve used this idiom before, but here’s a refresher for those who didn’t catch it the first time (or forgot): it means it’s hard to beat someone with the numbers advantage. No matter how skilled you are, as long as there are enough people, they can just zerg-tactic you to the ground.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: Demon Chief Jiang, hand over the votes!

Jiang Zhan: No means no!

Little Fairy: …Then you’ll be single for life!

Jiang Zhan: We have to share weal and woe.

Little Fairy: Take him away! This fairy doesn’t want to see him!

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: I got tired of thinking of the most adequate variation of ‘father’ to use so I decided to just put the suffix ‘-fu’ like I use ‘-gege’ for older brother.

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