Chapter 421 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (31)

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Zhong Han insisted that it was Third Master Zhong who did this. Other than those name lists, Shen Xinghai couldn’t bring out any other pieces of evidence, so the situation fell into a stalemate.

“I have an idea. Wanna give it a shot?”

A clear woman’s voice broke the silence.

Everyone, once again, collectively directed their gazes towards the woman sitting on the chair without a care for her image.

“Please speak, Ms Wu Zheng.” Shen Xinghai quickly replied before Zhong Han could speak.

Shi Sheng tugged her lips into a smile. “I have a truth serum here. Wanna give it a shot, Village Head Zhong?”

“Who knows if you’ll give me poison?” Zhong Han harrumphed coldly.

Shi Sheng scoffed. “If I wanted to poison you, do you think you’d still be standing?”

Shi Sheng had been too violent recently, picking fights at the drop of a hat. They’d nearly forgotten that Wu Zheng was Medicine Granny’s disciple and possessed ungodly skill in the art of poison.

Zhong Han appeared to have remembered this as well.

“Village Head Zhong, this is the simplest method to prove your innocence.”

Zhong Han’s expression immediately turned unsightly.

If Zhong Han had nothing to hide, then he naturally wouldn’t be afraid. But he did.

“Village Head Zhong, I think Ms Wu Zheng’s suggestion is viable. If you’re worried, I can take it together with you.” Shen Xinghai proposed.

Zhong Han was stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he agreed, then he’d reveal everything if that truth serum was real.

But refusing would prove that he had something to hide.

Zhong Han questioned all eighteen generations of Shi Sheng’s ancestors inwardly. ‘If not for her meddling, I would’ve already pinned this on that short-lived younger brother of mine!’

“Village Head Zhong, how about it?” Shen Xinghai waited a while before continuing to ask.

“I don’t trust Wu Zheng.” Zhong Han only said this.

“I think you’re just afraid that you’ll blurt something out.” Shi Sheng swiftly retorted.

Zhong Han glared hatefully at Shi Sheng. “Wu Zheng! Enough with your nonsense! I reckon you were in cahoots with my Third Brother—and now that you’ve been exposed, you’re framing me!”

“How much could human trafficking make?” Shi Sheng had contempt and disdain on her face. “It’s not as fast as robbing people.”

Everyone, “…” ‘Oi oi, is it really okay to say that in front of so many people?’

The Demon Sect members, “…” ‘Sect Master, this is nothing to boast about, okay? Why do you have such a proud expression…?’

Zhong Han was rendered speechless by her words.

If you tried to accuse her of something, she’d admit to something much bigger and catch you off guard.

Shen Xinghai coughed. “I wanted to leave some face for everyone… but since Village Head Zhong doesn’t want it, then I have no choice.”

Zhong Han turned his sharp gaze to Shen Xinghai. ‘What does he mean by that?’

Shen Xinghai made a beckoning gesture whereupon several people were pushed out of the crowd. Shi Sheng recognised one of them. It was Ah Fu.

“Village Head…” Ah Fu didn’t dare to look at Zhong Han. “I’m sorry. Second Young Master Shen knows everything.”

“What nonsense are you speaking?!”

‘Why is Ah Fu with Shen Xinghai? How could he help Shen Xinghai?! What did he tell him?!’ Zhong Han was panicking slightly, but he felt more anger at Ah Fu’s betrayal.

“Village Head Zhong should recognise them, right? They’re your Jadewater Village’s people.” Shen Xinghai pointed at the people standing beside Ah Fu.

“Village Head, Second Young Master Shen already knows…” Ah Fu spoke with grief and distress. “It was all Ah Fu’s fault. Ah Fu let you down…”

Ah Fu seemed to have come to some sort of agreement with Shen Xinghai, for he exposed all of Zhong Han’s evil deeds.

Zhong Han wanted to silence Ah Fu, but was stopped by Zhong Weiwei.

“Second Uncle, how will you explain yourself now?” Zhong Weiwei felt disgust upon remembering it was because of her Second Uncle that she was captured and nearly sold to a brothel. He was her relative; how could he do such a thing?

“Yo yo, seems like you ‘righteous’ sects were capable of being so filthy.” Shi Sheng’s mocking voice was like a thorn that lodged itself into the hearts of the orthodox sect members.

The Demon Sect were despicable, but at least they were open about it, and would never target the weak and helpless.

Yet the things Zhong Han did made him worse than a beast. Shi Sheng’s mockery roused the anger in their hearts.

“Zhong Han, I really didn’t expect you to be capable of doing these things!”

Knowing that it would be useless to continue defending himself, Zhong Han acted swiftly. He grabbed Zhong Weiwei and wrapped his hand around her neck, shouting at the others. “Don’t come over! Otherwise I’ll kill her!”

Shen Xinghai’s expression turned anxious and he reached out to stop the people who wanted to charge forward.

“Village Head Zhong, release Weiwei!”

“Make way!” Zhong Han shouted. “Otherwise, I’ll kill her!”

“Second Uncle, just how did my father die?” Zhong Weiwei showed no signs of panic at being taken hostage, instead asking a question that most people would not be expecting.

“How? Hahaha! I poisoned that damn idiot!” Zhong Han’s features twisted. “He was my younger brother, and yet he dared to defy me?! And he even told me to stop! Shouldn’t I have poisoned him?”

Zhong Weiwei was trembling slightly, her eyes bloodshot.

Zhong Han pushed her in front of him. “All of you, make way for me(lz)!”

Shen Xinghai made them do as he asked, causing Zhong Han to speak triumphantly, “Zhong Weiwei, I didn’t expect you to have some use after all.”

Zhong Weiwei’s hands clenched into fists. She shut her eyes. A dagger suddenly fell from her sleeve and into her hand. She stabbed it behind her.

Zhong Han had been guarded against her, so the dagger only managed to cut his clothing. He broke her wrist with a resounding crack.

“Bitch! Dare to resist?!”

After Zhong Han shouted this, he suddenly felt a bloody stench crawl up his throat. He opened his mouth and spat out a cloud of bloody mist. It was as if his body had suddenly lost all strength, and he lost his grip on Zhong Weiwei.

Noticing this, Shen Xinghai immediately went forward to pull her into his arms.

The people behind Zhong Han also experienced the same thing as they weakly collapsed. Watching a large crowd of people topple over was really quite a sight.

Other than the Demon Sect members, pretty much no one else was unaffected.

Even Shen Xinghai felt a bit weakened, but it wasn’t as serious as the others who couldn’t even stand.

“Wu Zheng!” ‘When did that witch poison us?!’

This shout woke everyone from their confusion. It was her. Only she could poison everyone without them noticing.

“What’re you calling this Sect Master for?” Shi Sheng dug her ears. “And you shouted so loudly too. Seems like the poison didn’t affect you too severely. Should I give you a solo deluxe set?”

Everyone, “…” ‘What nonsense is she babbling now? Don’t understand…’

“Don’t glare at me like that. I’ll feel embarrassed.” Though Shi Sheng said that, her expression was very arrogant. It practically had ‘This Sect Master’s looks are unrivalled. That you can worship them is your honour; come bow a few more times.’ written all over it.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: Going to start being shameless again huh.

System: She’s never wanted face…

Shi Sheng: When people are shameless, they’re invincible!

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