Chapter 422 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (32)

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“Sect Master, why don’t we kill them all? That way it’s just a matter of time before we conquer all of jianghu!” One of the sect members excitedly instigated Shi Sheng.

“These people look pretty important. If we kill ‘em here, there’ll be no one else around to make decisions. It’ll be our Demon Sect’s time to shine! Sect Master, kill them!”

“Sect Master, kill them…”

The Demon Sect members all started urging Shi Sheng to kill these people off.

“Who said my goal was to conquer all of jianghu?” Shi Sheng asked in a leisurely manner.

The Demon Sect members were dumbfounded. ‘Is it not? But Sect Master, no matter how you look at it, your actions seem to be for the sake of conquering all of jianghu?’

The orthodox sect members laying on the ground waiting to be slaughtered were also utterly stupefied. ‘This woman actually said her goal wasn’t to conquer jianghu? Could it be that she wants to conquer the whole world?!’

Shi Sheng overbearingly spoke her motto, “My goal is the great starry sea[1]!” A professional show-off through and through.

The Demon Sect members, “…” ‘What is Sect Master talking about?’

The orthodox sect members lying on the ground, “…” ‘Has this woman not taken her medicine?’

Shi Sheng waved a hand. How could these people understand her ambitions?

“Strip ‘em first.”


‘Why would we strip them?’

Shi Sheng looked at them, whereupon the Demon Sect members immediately dispersed and walked towards the people lying on the ground.

They couldn’t speak very well right now. They wanted to curse Shi Sheng, but their tones were completely off.

The Demon Sect members held them down and started stripping off their clothes…

“Oi oi, the hell are you guys doing?!” Shi Sheng stared with her mouth agape as a sect member stripped a layer of clothing off someone in the blink of an eye. “I wanted you guys to loot them! Not take off their clothes!”

‘Why do they take things so literally?’

“…Sect Master, can you be clearer next time?” ‘Wasn’t she clearly asking us to strip their clothes off?’

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Fine! It was my fault! No tacit understanding at all!’

The Demon Sect members gave up stripping their clothes to search them for their valuables and piled them in front of Shi Sheng. Not even Shen Xinghai was spared.

Though they didn’t touch Zhong Weiwei.

#The Demon Sect members are entranced by beauty…#

As a result, the scene that greeted Bai-fu when he arrived with his men was a group of people with clothes in disarray, lying on the floor, and glaring at the other group that were still standing. It could be likened to a scene where a young lady glared at her rapist after the act.

Bai-fu turned to look in the direction they were glaring at.

The Demon Sect members surrounded a pile of weapons and pointed at them while discussing. Noticing the arrival of new people, they immediately stood in front of the weapons to hide them from view.

Bai-fu, “…” ‘If I’m not mistaken, those weapons belonged to the people lying on the ground, right?’

Bai-fu was accompanied by a man who led a company of soldiers.

Shi Sheng remained seated on her chair and turned to examine the newcomers. The man beside Bai-fu was the one who met with Liu Xu in the forest back then.

‘He actually belongs to the court… And from his looks, it seems like he’s related to Fu Yiyun by blood? Tsk tsk… Tis a typical dog blood battle between princes, huh?’

“Wu Zheng, what did you do to them?!” Bai Fu charged over to Shi Sheng and questioned her harshly. He’d been just a bit late; what had happened in his absence?

“Can’t you see?” Shi Sheng raised a brow. She made no attempt to hide it. Was he blind to not see what was right before his eyes?

“Village Head Bai…” Fu Yirui pulled Bai-fu. “Don’t confront her head-on.”

One only had to take one look at the current situation to know that Shi Sheng had the upper hand. Since she could easily take down so many people, she could just as easily bring them down.

This was the first time Fu Yirui got to see up close the witch that had become famous in jianghu recently.

“Fourth Prince, she—”

Fu Yirui reached out a hand and interrupted Bai-fu. “My mission is to arrest the culprit behind the kidnappings of young women. Everything else is out of my purview.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “And besides, if I(bw) were to interfere in jianghu’s matters, it would be a breach of the rules, no?”

Bai-fu frowned. As an imperial prince, Fu Yirui represented the court, so it was indeed inappropriate for him to get involved.

But he hadn’t brought many of his own people. And because of the previous losses he’d sustained, for him to fight with so many Demon Sect members…

“Fourth Prince, I can consider the matter of the weapons you raised last time.”

Hidden Sword Village was the only place that manufactured weapons for the court without belonging to it.

The Fourth Prince had already raised this topic with him twice. Although Bai-fu didn’t agree to it before, he had no other choice but to do so now. ‘Wu Zheng must be eliminated! Otherwise, jianghu will never know peace!’

Fu Yirui’s gaze was as vicious as a viper’s. “Village Head Bai is being serious?”

“Naturally.” Bai-fu’s expression darkened.


“What do you mean okay? He just said he’d consider it, not that he’d actually give them to you. After you help him out, he could just find a reason to reject you, and maybe even sell the information that you’re purchasing weapons privately to the court. Fourth Prince, be careful ah!”

Shi Sheng’s spoke insidiously.

Fu Yirui examined her more closely. It wasn’t the look of someone looking at a pretty lady, but a deeper probing look.

‘Well she certainly dares to say anything…’

“He wouldn’t dare.” Fu Yirui’s lips curled into a smile that contained a hint of cruelty. “Wu Zheng, if you consider following me, I can spare you.”

“If you kneel down and call me ancestor, I can put you on the throne.”

He was simply asking for it by showing off to the ancestor of all show-offs.

Fu Yirui, “…” ‘I think it’s not that she dares to say anything, it’s that there’s nothing she doesn’t dare to say! Does she think the throne is a cabbage that can be gifted at will?! If it was that easy to take, would I need to expend so much effort?! This woman is too full of herself!’

“Fourth Prince.” Bai-fu reminded him.

Fu Yirui lifted a hand and the troops behind him immediately pulled out their swords. When his hand fell, they swept towards Shi Sheng.

She looked at Fu Yirui past the dense mass of people flooding towards her, her gaze as still as a frosty pool. It was as if the sounds of fighting had been completely blocked out by her, for they didn’t cause the slightest ripple in her eyes.

Not even a hint of anger could be seen.

Fu Yirui suddenly felt a chill run up his spine, as if a poisonous snake was slowly crawling up and wrapping itself around his neck, slowly tightening… His heartbeat accelerated as he felt his breathing turn difficult.

He didn’t feel this weird sensation even when facing his imperial father. Yes, it wasn’t pressure, but rather an odd feeling.

He backed away a step, which was the exact moment Shi Sheng attacked. The sword that suddenly appeared in her hand swept towards the soldiers, causing the front line to collapse without warning.

“Sect Master is awesome!”

“Sect Master is awesome!”

The moment Shi Sheng attacked, the Demon Sect members took the initiative to clear out and run to the side to act as cheerleaders.

Shi Sheng: (||| ¬_¬)

‘These idiots. Just how long am I(lz) going to have to hack to deal with this many people by myself? Fuck!’

Shi Sheng took out a lightning ball which she hadn’t used in quite a while and flung it at the charging troops. The sounds of explosions and screams mixed together.

[Demon Sect members in shock.jpg]

‘Sect Master, where did you get such an overpowered thing?! They’ve been blasted out of existence!’

#My Sect Master actually carries explosives with her. Scared#

#There’s lightning and a deep hole after the explosion. May I ask, is this still gunpowder?#

[1] In case you didn’t get it, she means the universe.

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Translator’s Corner:

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