Chapter 423 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (33)

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She had fun tossing them out, but Shi Sheng also found herself in a bit of a pickle afterwards…

She could hear the sounds of thunder coming from above…

‘Oi I only threw 3!!! It didn’t hit the limit! Heavenly dao, how could you go against the rules?!’

Shi Sheng hurriedly chopped down the last few people, taking down Bai-fu and Fu Yirui on the way.

“Tie these people up. Wait for me to get back.” Shi Sheng left hurriedly after saying this. She didn’t want to get struck into charcoal in front of these idiots.

Once she’d left their field of vision, Shi Sheng flew her sword to a deserted mountain range.

The clouds gathered above her heads were already a dense, black mass. Purple bolts of lightning flashed through it, making the whole scene quite a sight to behold.

Shi Sheng gulped and hurriedly put on all sorts of treasures and lightning-resistant clothing.

In that xianxia world, her sword proved it could absorb this type of lightning, but it was better to be safe than sorry. If she ended up getting struck, no one would compensate her for work injuries…

The moment she finished putting them on, the first bolt of lightning struck. Probably because this world contained no spirit energy, the strength of the lightning wasn’t as strong as in other worlds.

When the bolt landed on Shi Sheng, the only effect it had causing all her hair to stand on end. The rest of the damage was absorbed by the treasures. But the electrical currents coursing past her skin were really uncomfortable.

When the next barrage of lightning fell, Shi Sheng chose to use her sword to block it.

And her sword didn’t let her down—when the lightning fell onto it, Shi Sheng could no longer feel any electricity.

The heavenly dao was probably unwilling to give up after the first round of lightning fell, for the storm clouds lingered as if it was getting ready for another.


The sounds of thunder echoed throughout the land. It was as if the very ground was shaking.

Shi Sheng pointed her sword at the sky. “Oi. Enough there, you!”

‘You want to strike me with another round after failing to succeed with the first?! Who taught you this, huh?!’

The sounds of thunder slowly faded, while the storm clouds also reluctantly dispersed after some time.

Shi Sheng sat on the ground. Her arm was so sore that she could barely lift it.

She looked at her sword. There were still small currents of electricity running up and down the blade that lit it up.

She didn’t know whether it was because she was dazzled due to the flashes of lightning just now, but Shi Sheng felt that her sword was brighter than normal.

Once the lightning on the sword had vanished, Shi Sheng examined it several times. It seemed no different from before. ‘So it’s really just a problem with my eyes after all that lightning?’

“Have you become more powerful?” Shi Sheng flicked her finger on the sword.

Bzzt… The sword thrummed in reply.

Shi Sheng frowned slightly. ‘You want blood?’


Shi Sheng rolled up her sleeve and, without the slightest hesitation, cut her arm and dripped some of blood on the sword. But the blood merely trickled off the blade.

Bzzt! The sword vibrated fiercely.

‘Won’t cut it?’ Shi Sheng slowly bandaged the wound on her wrist. If her blood wouldn’t do, then what would?

She suddenly thought of Jiang Zhan. ‘Could it be his blood?’

Bzz bzzt.

The sword seemed to be confirming Shi Sheng’s guess.

Shi Sheng was a bit afraid—touching the blood of someone born of the Four Yins could cause this sword to go on a world-ending massacre.

Bzz bzz bzz bzzt…

The sword transmitted its thoughts to her.

“Upgrade? You can upgrade? What’re you going to turn into? A Transformer?”

Iron Sword, “…” ‘I’ll still be a sword after upgrading… Master, you’re thinking too much…’

Shi Sheng decided to get some of Jiang Zhan’s blood after she got back. She simply had to see how much more awesome her already awesome sword could be after upgrading.


By the time Shi Sheng returned, that group of idiotic Demon Sect members were already gathered around eating roast meat.

Meanwhile, the orthodox sects were tied up together, hatred on their faces, as if they wished they could pounce over and tear apart those inconsiderate bastards eating meat in front of them.

Shi Sheng could smell the scent of roasting meat from far away. Having just suffered a barrage of lightning strikes, she urgently needed some sustenance to calm her down.

She strode over and snatched a piece of meat that a sect member had finished cooking and was just about to eat, chucking it in her own mouth.

“Sect Master…” That person turned around, and acted like he had seen a ghost as he toppled over backwards.

Shi Sheng gnawed on the piece of meat, casting him an odd look. ‘Did I suddenly turn frightening after leaving for a while?’

Ting Feng was seated across from that sect member. Upon seeing Shi Sheng, he choked on his own saliva and started coughing furiously.

“*cough cough*… Sect Master…what’s with your hairstyle and outfit?”

‘So the reason Sect Master left in such a hurry was to change her clothes and hair?’

Shi Sheng looked at him doubtfully.

Ting Feng pointed at her head.

She rubbed her hair… At which point time seemed to halt.

After quite a while, Shi Sheng calmly put her hand down. “How is it? Doesn’t it just scream Demon Sect’s Sect Master?”

She felt like collapsing inwardly. ‘I look like a fucking hipster—to hell with that!’

Shi Sheng had been too preoccupied with her sword to remember to sort out her clothes and hair.

Ting Feng was still coughing. The rest of the sect members sort of mumbled an answer. ‘But Sect Master is really frightening like this. Can’t bear to look…’

Shi Sheng calmly smoothed out her hair. She ignored her clothes since it wasn’t too ugly.

Only then did the sect members let out a sigh of relief. ‘If Sect Master really kept such a hairstyle from now on… Too scary, can’t bear to look.’

After finishing the roast meat the sect members offered to her, Shi Sheng dragged a chair over to sit in front of the group of tied-up captives.

Zhong Weiwei had special treatment from the single dogs in the Demon Sect—she wasn’t tied up, and they even found her a chair to sit on. Shen Xinghai had been tied up and chucked at her feet.

“Which Wu Zheng, wha’ do yoo wan’ t’do?! Rleesh ush!”

Shi Sheng translated the above shout inwardly:

“Witch Wu Zheng, what do you want to do?! Release us!”

After spending so much effort to capture them in the first place, wouldn’t it be a shame to just release them?

Shi Sheng didn’t know what poison she’d used either. Well, it was just something Wu Zheng brought with her. Shi Sheng had tested it out before on people who’d been trying to kill her.

It wouldn’t kill them. It’d just cause them to turn weak and unable to speak properly. They could use inner energy, but what use would it be when they couldn’t even stand?

“Let’s hold an auction.” Shi Sheng cast them a slight smile.

‘Auction? Auction what?’

Everyone exchanged glances. ‘What’s this witch playing at now?’

“Highest bidders win.” Shi Sheng pointed at the pile of weapons to the side.

Everyone, “…”

‘What the hell? Those are ours! You want us to buy stuff that’s already ours?!’

Shi Sheng got the Sect members to carry each weapon individually and walk in front of the captives, displaying them like at a fashion show. She then started to open bids for each item. However their weapons were all of such high quality that one couldn’t put a price to them, so no one dared to bid initially.

After all, the weapons were theirs to begin with, so why would they pay to obtain them?

But after Shi Sheng destroyed a sword, they couldn’t sit still any longer. If they still refused to bid, then all their weapons would be destroyed.

Apart from the first sword that had been destroyed, the rest sold for high prices. The Demon Sect no longer had to eat dirt for a long time.

The last sword was Meteor that they had found on Fu Yirui.

As the sword ranked number three on the list of top weapons, Meteor’s might was undisputable. For the sake of trying to obtain Meteor, they practically scraped the bottom of their savings.

But no matter how deep their pockets were, they still couldn’t beat Fu Yirui, so Meteor returned to him in the end.

“Please bring the money to the Demon Sect to collect your prizes. Alright, you guys can go now.”

Everyone, “…” ‘What do you mean go?! Give us the antidote first!’

Shi Sheng smacked her forehead. “I don’t know what the antidote for this is either. You won’t die though, so don’t worry.”

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