Chapter 424 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (34)

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Shi Sheng walked over to Shen Xinghai and chucked his sword to him. “Second Young Master Shen, I’m warning you: don’t hang around me with this beauty, or else…”

Shi Sheng’s gaze was a bit dark, which caused Shen Xinghai to be perplexed. ‘Did Weiwei offend her?’

But Shi Sheng then turned to Zhong Weiwei with an amicable expression on her face.

Shen Xinghai, “…” ‘So I’m the one who offended her?’

He didn’t really understand Shi Sheng’s train of thought.

Even after she’d brought that group of chattering Demon Sect members back up the mountain, Shen Xinghai still didn’t catch on. ‘It’s over like that? Why do I feel like it’s all a dream?’

Zhong Weiwei wasn’t tied up. After Shi Sheng left, she helped untie Shen Xinghai. But because she didn’t have much strength, it took her a long time to do so.

Shi Sheng heard from the sect members left behind to keep an eye on them that Zhong Weiwei killed Zhong Han personally.

Since the latter had killed her father, it was to be expected.

Those people remained at the foot of the mountain for two days before recovering. No one dared to go up and cause trouble. All of them returned home and fetched the money to pay for the re-distributed items.

For a long time afterwards, the Demon Sect was very lively.

The sect members felt like they were in a situation where their hands were cramping up from counting so much money. Their Sect Master had amassed such a fortune without much effort—it was enough for them to eat meat for a very long time.

The Demon Sect was happy, but others weren’t so happy.

The ones that had successfully bid for precious items were the most nervous. Not only did they have to guard against the item’s original owner, they also had to guard against those stronger than them. They weren’t safe at all.

After a long time had passed, the people in jianghu thought they understood the sinister intention behind Shi Sheng’s actions, but she really had just been planning to make

a fortune.


Bai-fu camped out at the foot of the Demon Sect’s mountain. He wanted to see Bai Luo.

Bai Luo’s amnesia showed no sign of getting better. Though she’d met Bai-fu, she wasn’t willing to leave with him. Right now, she trusted the Demon Sect more.

Bai-fu didn’t have a lot of free time—he still had a lot of matters to attend to.

Seeing that Bai Luo really was doing well in the Demon Sect, Bai-fu could only swallow his pride, give Shi Sheng several large boxes of silver, and ask her to help him take care of Bai Luo.

‘My daughter’s there… Sigh, even if it’s the Demon Sect, I can’t do anything about it.’

He couldn’t beat Shi Sheng, so he could only bribe her.

Bai Luo was always treated as the Demon Sect’s resident beauty. The group of single dogs worshipped her like a goddess and didn’t allow anyone to sully her.

This caused Shi Sheng to be rather speechless. ‘Am I invisible to you guys? I’m pretty too, okay?’

The sect members all expressed that their Sect Master belonged to their previous Sect Master, so they didn’t dare to treat her like Bai Luo.

Though speaking of Jiang Zhan, Shi Sheng was a bit irritated. That fellow had actually gone into seclusion for three whole months already! Her sword was thirsting unbearably, okay?

Shi Sheng recently decided to switch tactics and wait outside the chamber Jiang Zhan was in. Only after half a year of waiting—during which Shi Sheng felt like mushrooms had fully grown on her head—did the door to the chamber open.

Jiang Zhan blanked out when he saw Shi Sheng standing outside. “Why are you here?”

‘She’s actually waiting outside for me! Actually waiting outside! For me!

Hahaha! I(lz) just knew she’d be conquered by my(lz) beauty!’

Shi Sheng had no idea what was going through Jiang Zhan’s mind right now. The only thing on hers was to let his blood!

So she lunged over.

‘So passionate ah! Seeing as you’re so passionate, I’ll(lz) reluctantly let you hug me!’


Before he could hug her, he felt a coldness at his wrist as a coldly gleaming sword pressed against it. He subconsciously used his inner energy to jolt it away.

In Shi Sheng’s eyes, Jiang Zhan was shit at combat. But who knew it’d be different this time—she could feel an overwhelming force sweeping towards her; her sword having been jolted to the point it buzzed. Meanwhile, Shi Sheng was sent flying…

Shi Sheng looked at the person standing before the door in disbelief. ‘Jiang Zhan, did you eat spinach or something?!’

Though soon she couldn’t see him any longer. The only thing left in her world was the wind beating on her cheeks. ‘Fuck your great grandpa! There was a cliff behind me!’

Jiang Zhan clearly hadn’t expected for the force to be so great. When Shi Sheng fell off the cliff, his expression changed and he leapt down after her.

He’d only just jumped when a figure charged back up, nearly flipping him over in the process. When he looked back, the figure that had been below him was gone.

He hurriedly launched himself back up using the side of the cliff. Before he had a chance to steady himself, he was greeted with the coldly gleaming blade of a sword.

“Crazy woman, the hell are you doing?!” Jiang Zhan was enraged at being hacked at the moment he came out. That bit of joy from before was tossed to the back of his mind.

“Letting some of your blood.” Shi Sheng spoke calmly, “Come here and let me cut you a bit.”

“Lunatic!” How could Jiang Zhan be willing? He leapt off the cliff once more.

‘No way do I like this lunatic! She wants to let my blood the moment she sees me!’

Jiang Zhan found that after emerging from his several month long seclusion, the whole world had changed.

Not only did the Demon Sect now have beautiful houses, even their food and clothing had improved from poor to rich.

‘Just how many people did that lunatic make my sect members rob???’

“Sect Master, you’ve truly succeeded?” Ting Feng circled around Jiang Zhan, curiosity and surprise on his face. No one had ever reached the ninth level of Nether Mantra before.

“Who am I(lz)?” ‘There’s nothing I can’t do.’

“Useless.” Gu Yu gave a short, impactful comment.

Jiang Zhan shouted, “What useless?! Gu Yu, let’s fight right now! See if I’m(lz) still as easy to bully!”

Before, he had been unable to beat even his own sentinel. But that wasn’t the case now. Now, he stood at the top.

Surprisingly, Gu Yu didn’t agree immediately, instead giving him a meaningful look before flying onto the roof of a house by the side to begin absorbing natural energy.

Jiang Zhan, “…” ‘What does this mean, eh? Is he looking down on me?!’

Seeing that Jiang Zhan was close to losing his temper, Ting Feng hurriedly tried to calm him down. “Sect Master, Sect Master, calm down. What Gu Yu means is that your current power is useless now that no one is causing trouble for the Demon Sect.”

‘That should be what Gu Yu meant… En! That must be the case!’ Ting Feng convinced himself inwardly.

“Has the Demon Sect turned over a new leaf?” Only after a while did Jiang Zhan ask. ‘Those people actually aren’t troubling the Demon Sect any longer?’

Ting Feng shook his head. ‘Of course not. They’re just afraid of Ms Wu Zheng.’

Ting Feng reported everything that had happened these past few months to Jiang Zhan. After he was done, he changed the subject, “Ah right. Sect Master, didn’t you see Ms Wu Zheng? Wasn’t she up there?”

Jiang Zhan didn’t have time to yell in response to the first part before he heard Ting Feng’s questions. It was as if a fire keg had ignited. “She hacked at me(lz) with her sword the moment I(lz) came out! What does she mean by that, eh?!”

Ting Feng, “…” ‘Just why did I have to change the topic? He still blew his top anyway… How am I supposed to know why Ms Wu Zheng wants to hack you?’

Ting Feng wanted to follow in Gu Yu’s footsteps and find a rooftop to absorb some natural energy…

Jiang Zhan pulled Ting Feng closer to let out his frustrations.

“Ting Feng, how’s a lady like her supposed to get married if she’s so violent, eh?”

‘Well, isn’t there still you for that, Sect Master?’

“Who the hell can stand that temper of hers?!”

‘Yes yes yes, only you can. Please let me off! I want to go on the rooftop for some peace…’

Ting Feng’s gaze swept behind Jiang Zhan and he froze. The next second, he took off running, ignoring the fact that his Sect Master was still prattling on.

“…Ting Feng, you want to rebel?! Actually dared to run? Get back here!”

Ting Feng wouldn’t go back even if you beat him to death—Ms Wu Zheng looked like she wanted to kill someone.

From the distance, he could vaguely hear Jiang Zhan’s bellows.

“…Ah! Wu Zheng, you actually sneak attacked me— Ow—”

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