Chapter 425 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (35)

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The Demon Sect was filled with pandemonium almost every day.

Shi Sheng found that ever since Jiang Zhan emerged from seclusion, it was as if he’d skipped several levels in one go and shot straight to the top. If they were to fight fairly, then Shi Sheng admitted that she wasn’t his match. So it was much harder for her to get his blood.

The two currently sat on opposite ends of a long table. The atmosphere was very weird.

Shi Sheng broke the silence and got straight to the point, “What will it take for me to get some of your blood?”

“Why do you want my blood?” Ever since he came out from seclusion, she had been chasing him for his blood. ‘I’m not livestock dammit!’

“To feed my sword.” ‘If it didn’t need your blood, then do you think I(bbb) would want to chase after you all day?’

Jiang Zhan, “…” ‘That “Number 1 Sword” of hers? She actually wants my blood to feed a sword?! Number 1 Scrap more like!!!’

Jiang Zhan took in a deep breath. “I can give you my blood, but you have to marry me!”


Shi Sheng slapped the table. “No!”

He wasn’t Feng Ci, so she wasn’t willing. Even if it was a fake wedding, she felt like it was a betrayal.

“Then forget about getting any of my blood!”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Actually using this to threaten me?’

Jiang Zhan got up and circled around the table to walk over to Shi Sheng. Supporting his weight against the table with his hands, he leaned towards her slightly. “Why?”

Why wasn’t she willing to marry him?

“Because you’re not the person I like.”

“Then who do you like?!” Jiang Zhan’s voice raised a few octaves. ‘Who does she like?! Shen Xinghai?!’

Shi Sheng frowned slightly. “How’s it any of your business who I like?”

“Of course it is!” Jiang Zhan spoke through gritted teeth, “I like you!”

‘She hasn’t left the Demon Sect in a long time. And Ting Feng told me that she hadn’t been close to any man here. Only that Shen Xinghai… It must be him!’

“I’ll be better than him!” Jiang Zhan shouted this and rushed out of the hall.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘You don’t even know him, so how are you supposed to be better than him?’

One month later, Shen Xinghai sent someone to deliver a message telling her to drag the crazed Jiang Zhan back.

Shen Xinghai felt very wronged after being hunted down by Jiang Zhan out of the blue. He didn’t know what had happened.

Shi Sheng surrendered to Jiang Zhan’s powers of imagination. She personally went to drag him back, wishing that she could smack him to death.

“Are you quite done?”


Shi Sheng felt a headache coming on. She spoke in a low voice, “I don’t like Shen Xinghai, nor do I like you.”

Jiang Zhan’s brows scrunched up. He heard her speak at length.

“Matters of the heart can’t be forced. Even if I agreed to marry you, we wouldn’t be happy… All humans are selfish; I’m the same—even more so, in fact… The person I like isn’t here, but I’ll go look for him…”

“…Jiang Zhan, you’ll find someone better.” Shi Sheng spoke sincerely, “So gimme a bit of blood!”

Jiang Zhan was startled awake by that last line. He angrily slapped the table. “No way! Not a chance!”

He then left huffily with a flick of his sleeves.

Shi Sheng, “…”

Jiang Zhan learned how to chase girls from somewhere and used all the methods he had learnt on Shi Sheng.

She tried to find him a few girls, but not a single one managed to distract him.

“You’re the one I like. Don’t find other women for me. I don’t care if you accept me or not. It has nothing to do with me courting you.”

Shi Sheng was a bit helpless. In the end, she ran away from home without even bothering about the blood anymore. It was easy to feel attached when someone was too good to you. ‘Better to cut it off sooner rather than later.’

Jiang Zhan became the Demon Sect’s Sect Master once again.

Hence the Demon Sect’s style changed to searching the world for their Sect Mistress. But no one ever saw her again.


There was no antidote for the poison in Fu Yiyun’s body. Everyday he had to suffer agonising torment. He didn’t die, instead managing to cling on to life.

But even though he survived, he didn’t have it easy. Every so often, the poison in his body would act up. Every time this happened, he felt like dying. The more this happened, the more Fu Yiyun hated Liu Xu.

His features were marred by the poison, so he could only wear a mask.

He participated in the struggle for the throne, but lost in the end.

The one who won wasn’t the Fu Yirui who had always seen him as an eyesore, but the Seventh Prince that had always appeared unassuming and mediocre.

No one knew how the Seventh Prince ascended the throne. By the time everyone came to their senses, the Seventh Prince had already been crowned Emperor and held all the power in his hands.

Fu Yirui was beheaded. Because Fu Yiyun was already a cripple, he managed to avoid the same fate, instead being made into a King who held no real power and was placed under house arrest in his own territory.

“My King, it’s getting cold. Should we return?”

The never-ending hubbub of the bustling crowd refused to leave Fu Yiyun’s ears.

He sat in a wheelchair and watched the lively scene, a gloomy expression on the face beneath the mask.

“Very well.”

The person standing beside Fu Yiyun immediately went to push him back home. On the way past an alleyway, they heard the sounds of angry cussing.

“Damn woman! I told you to earn money and you run here to seduce men?! Bitch! See if you still dare to seduce people…”

From where Fu Yiyun was sitting, he could make out what was happening in the alleyway. A man was currently beating up a woman.

The woman fought back and screamed, “Zhou Zhi! What else do you know besides wasting your life away?! Why should I earn money to support you?!”

“Why?” Zhou Zhi laughed coldly as he grabbed her to continue beating. “If it wasn’t for you, bitch, I would be in the Demon Sect enjoying life! How would I have turned out like this?!”

Now that the Demon Sect dominated all of jianghu, who would dare to look down on them?

‘If this woman didn’t seduce me back then, would I have left the Demon Sect? Yet when she found a better-looking little whiteface, she sold me out!’

Had he not been fortunate, he wouldn’t be alive right now.

“Pei! You were the one who wanted to follow me after seeing my beauty— Ah!” Liu Xu screamed as she protected her scalp, rage and hatred in her heart.

These past few years hadn’t been smooth sailing for her. Ever since being bestowed to Fu Yirui’s subordinates, she had become a tool for them to vent on.

After Fu Yirui’s death, she had finally managed to escape with much effort. But then she met Zhou Zhi.

Back then, she was penniless and her fighting ability had long been crippled, so she was forced to be with Zhou Zhi when he ran into her.

He found new ways to torment her on the bed every day and would beat her when off the bed. If Liu Xu argued with him, she’d only receive an even more severe beating.

But Liu Xu never gave up trying to escape. She wanted to survive. She didn’t want to die. Even more so, she didn’t want to be with a man like Zhou Zhi.

“Bitch! Who told you to run?! Who told you to flirt with men—”

The man was engrossed in beating her when suddenly, he felt something cold in his back. He froze and slowly lowered his head to look.

A bloodstained weapon had been stabbed through his chest and was currently dripping blood onto the ground.

The focus left Zhou Zhi’s eyes as his body slowly fell forward, landing on top of Liu Xu. She was on her last legs from the beating, so she fainted before she could see who had saved her.

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