Chapter 428 : The First Song of Qin (1)

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After Jiang Zhan’s death, Shi Sheng took over the Demon Sect and led them into striking it rich. The Demon Sect became the local tycoon.

She got the Demon Sect to bury her beside Jiang Zhan after she died. Though she didn’t know if Wu Zheng liked Jiang Zhan, if the latter knew someone liked her that much, she probably wouldn’t object to it.

When Shi Sheng returned to the System Space, System didn’t say a word and flashed her stats on the screen.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -153,000

Life Points: 35

Contribution Points: 31,000

Mission Rank: B

Mission Points: 76

Side Quest: Failed

Side Quest Reward: None

Item List: “Queen’s Crown”, “Ghost King’s Heart”, “Dark Night”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘The side mission actually failed… And my morality points have been deducted again, goddammit!’

Shi Sheng lowered her gaze to look at the items line. ‘What’s “Dark Night”?’

System didn’t give Shi Sheng a chance to speak.

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]


“Dad, Mum, I’m leaving.” A melodious voice spoke suddenly.

Shi Sheng sat bolt upright and swiftly scanned her surroundings.

She was in a room decorated in a European style and seated on the floor. The room was in a mess, as if someone had been throwing a tantrum here. There was also an easel that had been painted on to the side.

The room’s door wasn’t closed so Shi Sheng could vaguely make out the sounds outside. Soon she heard the sound of a door closing.

Shi Sheng got up to shut the door and go through the plot.

This was a novel about a romance where the woman was older than the man.

The FL’s name was Qiao Qian’qian, and she was a postgraduate at A University.

The ML was Tang Jinchen, the son of A University’s chairman. He was popular at school.

After a chance encounter with the FL at school, he fell for her at first sight and started courting her.

Because the FL was older than the ML, and because she felt that her status wasn’t compatible with his, she kept refusing him.

The FL was adopted. Her adoptive parents didn’t have any children of their own, so they went to the orphanage and took her home.

But not long after she came home with them, they had a child of their own.

Her name was Qiao Chu, whose body Shi Sheng was currently inhabiting.

At first, Qiao Chu didn’t know the FL was adopted and was very good to this older sister of hers. Everything she bought, from clothes to consumables, she’d get a portion for the FL.

But the FL had already been at the age where she could remember things when she was adopted, so she knew she wasn’t her parents’ real daughter. Hence, she deliberately distanced herself from Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu was naturally able to tell. At first, she tried to improve their relationship, but the FL grew colder to her.

Qiao Chu was already pretty rebellious to begin with. The FL’s attitude pushed Qiao Chu into opposing her. Basically, it stemmed from Qiao Chu’s mindset of ‘the more you can’t tolerate me, the more I’ll annoy you.’

This continued up until the FL met the ML.

Qiao Chu ran into the ML sending the FL home. Naturally Qiao Chu knew the ML. They were around the same age and the two had been in the same school since junior high. Qiao Chu had a crush on him—he was the reason why she attended A University.

But she actually saw her crush sending her older sister home. When she got back, she had a big fight with the FL.

The FL felt like Qiao Chu was being incomprehensible, and had had enough of her, so she moved out and into the postgraduate dormitories in school.

Ever since that day, Qiao Chu would see her crush and the FL together frequently.

She started chasing the ML, causing her relationship with the FL to grow even more tense.

Everyone in school knew about the love triangle happening between them.

But in the end, the FL still ended up with the ML.

They weren’t together for long before the ML’s family came looking for her, and they told the FL to leave the ML because she was older than him.

The FL went to look for the ML. But then she coincidentally bumped into Qiao Chu and the ML, who were together in an ambiguous posture.

Qiao Chu was actually drunk and just so happened to run into the ML. She wanted to beat him up to vent, as well as to put an end to the crush she’d had for so many years.

But due to her drunkenness, she didn’t have any strength and ended up falling into the ML’s arms.

The ML already knew that Qiao Chu was the FL’s younger sister. From the position of an elder brother-in-law, he couldn’t just leave his drunken sister-in-law unattended at the bar, could he?

So from the FL’s angle, it seemed like the two were leaning against each other ambiguously. Who knew that she’d just so happened to bump into them?

What happened after that was even more dog blood.

The FL already felt inferior due to her status and age—she always felt like she wasn’t good enough for the ML. That matter was like the spark that ignited the powder keg.

The conflict between them grew.

At the time, the FL was working on a project with her Senior, so she couldn’t help appearing closer to him. Of course, the ML would misunderstand.

Hence, the two activated mutual harm mode.

With the assistance of the ML’s family, the misunderstandings between them grew till the FL abandoned the ML, leaving the country with her Senior to further her studies.

The ML felt like she had betrayed him, so he naturally wouldn’t chase after her.

Did you think that was the end? Well, you’d be wrong.

The timeline skipped forward to five years later, when the FL returned with enhanced qualifications. And she just so happened to be hired by the ML’s competitor.

When the two met, they re-ignited their relationship.

But the ML had already gotten married to Qiao Chu. That’s right! He was married!

The reason why the ML married Qiao Chu was because he’d gotten drunk, mistaken her for the FL, and screwed her. Qiao Chu was unable to fight him off, so the two somehow ended up together.

Before the FL returned, the ML was pretty good to Qiao Chu. But after she did, everything changed.

The matter from back then was brought up. After the misunderstanding was cleared up, the ML thought that Qiao Chu had done it on purpose, and even intentionally seduced him, so his attitude towards her worsened.

Qiao Chu had an unexpected pregnancy and the ML wasn’t the father. But the reason behind this was linked to the FL.

Yet the ML used this as an excuse to raise the matter of divorce with Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu was naturally unwilling to allow it. Their conflict escalated to the point that Qiao Chu suffered a miscarriage. And due to the daze it put her in, she got into a car accident and turned into a vegetable.

Without her causing trouble, the leads soon resolved all their issues and lived happily ever after.

Shi Sheng massaged her temples and paced around the room a few times as she sorted out the messy plot in her head.

She had arrived at the time when Qiao Chu just bumped into the leads and had an argument with the FL, causing the latter to want to move out.

It was pretty early in the story; the leads hadn’t even gotten together yet.

‘What was Qiao Chu’s wish again? Why isn’t there anything here?’

[Qiao Chu’s wish is to get as far away from the leads as possible and lead a wonderful life.]

System suddenly popped out.

“So it’s not revenge this time?”

Although Qiao Chu was partially at fault, the ML forced himself on her and then, after the FL showed up, felt like she was the one who seduced him…

And then it was because of the FL that Qiao Chu ended up sleeping with someone else.

Back then, Qiao Chu had been tailing the FL. But who knew she would be mistaken for the FL by someone else who had it out for her, hence the whole pregnancy drama?

Of course, in the plot, it was written as if she’d got what was coming to her, like it was her own bad luck. After all, who told her to follow the FL with ill intentions?

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