Chapter 429 : The First Song of Qin (2)

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Shi Sheng wouldn’t comment on whether Qiao Chu brought it on herself, or whether she was right or wrong. But now that the girl had the chance, did she really not want to avenge herself? After everything she’d experienced?

[Host, not everyone is like you.] ‘Always wanting to kill kill kill all day.’

Some people chose to escape and free themselves from their past.

Shi Sheng didn’t understand. ‘How are we different? We all have a pair of eyes, nostrils, and one mouth, no? What’s wrong with avenging yourself when an opportunity shows up?’

[Host, please do not make one-sided decisions.] System reminded Shi Sheng. ‘Do you think everyone’s as strong as you? This Host of mine has really gotten addicted to breaking ships. What’ve they done to you?’

Shi Sheng shrugged. “You know as well that Plot-sama is all-powerful—even if I don’t provoke them, they’ll still deliver themselves to my doorstep to progress the plot. So…”

‘It’s not that I want to break ships, but it’s a waste not to break the ships that deliver themselves to me.’


“They’re not truly in love if they’re broken apart so easily.” Shi Sheng interrupted System.

System felt like it had learned something important.

‘So the reason why Host likes breaking ships so much is because she feels they’re not really in love?

In most stories, the leads’ love is usually the most resilient… is that why she likes to break them apart while being completely uninterested in everyone else?

So how come she feels like she and Feng Ci are truly in love? Is there something wrong with her?

No wait, Master said she doesn’t like Feng Ci right now… Having difficulties running… Want to log off to cool down…

#This Host wants to ascend the heavens#

#Can someone please tell me what my Host is thinking?#’

Knock knock. Someone was at the door.

Shi Sheng stopped talking to System to open the door. Outside stood a sternly dressed woman.

This was Qiao Chu’s mother.

The woman frowned, her expression a bit displeased. “Xiaochu, how come you’ve been arguing with your sister again? You’ve made her storm off this time.”

Qiao-mu really liked Qiao Qian’qian. There were even times where her actual daughter, Qiao Chu, wasn’t as important in her heart.

Back when Qiao Chu had gotten pregnant with someone else’s child, when Qiao-mu learned that the child wasn’t the ML’s, she felt that Qiao Chu was a disgrace and wanted to sever their relationship.

There was a reason behind why Qiao-mu didn’t like Qiao Chu. Ever since she was young, Qiao Chu was very mischievous; scaling walls, climbing trees to steal eggs, fighting, skipping class, playing games—there was nothing she didn’t know how to do.

After she entered senior high, she became even more undisciplined. Wearing odd clothing, opposing teachers, dating early…

When compared to the FL, who was capable, obedient, didn’t cause trouble for others, and had impeccable grades, Qiao Chu was simply too much of a headache.

With this comparison, Qiao-mu gradually grew disappointed in Qiao Chu.

But Qiao-mu didn’t know that Qiao Chu needed to be coaxed more than disciplined—the stricter she was on the girl, the more rebellious Qiao Chu became.

Shi Sheng leaned against the door. “What does her leaving have to do with me?”

‘It was just a short argument. If the FL hadn’t already thought of leaving, would she have left just like that?’

“She’s your sister!” Qiao-mu couldn’t help but raise her voice, her expression disappointed. “Look at yourself now. Sending you to school is for you to study—not for you to learn all these bad habits!”

“I’m going to bed.” Shi Sheng slammed the door shut.

Qiao-mu slapped the door, her criticisms constantly transmitting through it. In the end, it was only when Qiao-fu came and called her away did she stop.

The Qiao family wasn’t super wealthy, but they didn’t lack for money.

Qiao-fu was constantly henpecked and obeyed his wife in everything. He was pretty concerned about Qiao Chu, but didn’t dare to say anything while Qiao-mu was around.

Because the FL moved out, Qiao-mu kept nagging Shi Sheng. Thoroughly annoyed by this, Shi Sheng packed her things to go live on-campus.

“Chu-Chu!” Qiao-fu chased her from behind. “Kiddo, your mum was just saying those things for your own good.”

‘For my own good? The only thing she talks about is the FL! What part of that was “for my own good”?’

Though this was Qiao Chu’s own fault. Shi Sheng didn’t feel like Qiao-mu was in the wrong—after all, everyone preferred people who listened to them.

But Shi Sheng couldn’t take the constant nagging.

“It’s not convenient to stay at school. And you don’t know how to take care of yourself. Quick, follow me back.” Qiao-fu reached out to pull Shi Sheng.

“Dad, I’m already old enough to know how to take care of myself.” Shi Sheng broke free from his grasp. “It’s also pretty inconvenient for me to keep running back and forth between school and home.”

“But how are you to stay there…” Qiao-fu furrowed his brows. ‘She’s never stayed on-campus before.’

Shi Sheng had made up her mind on not returning with him. In the end, Qiao-fu could only allow her to leave.

The school dorm rooms were made up of four-man rooms. School had already started for quite some time by now, so Shi Sheng got allocated to one of the dorms for Year 4 students.

Two of her dorm-mate seniors were doing their internships and had rented apartments outside.

The other senior was preparing for the entrance exams to a graduate course, so she spent the whole day at the library and only came back right as curfew was about to be enforced.

As a result, Shi Sheng was basically living alone in the dorms.


Just as Shi Sheng planned to make her way to the cafeteria to fill her stomach, she felt someone tap her on the shoulder.

Shi Sheng turned around. The name “Chen Xi” popped into her head.

Despite how feminine it sounded, its owner was a boy.

“How come I haven’t seen you lately? Been grounded by your parents again?” Chen Xi had an expression that said ‘I’ve guessed right, haven’t I?’

Chen Xi’s looks didn’t stand out, but his smile set people at ease and he had a friendly personality, so he was pretty famous in school.

Chen Xi and Qiao Chu were rather close—they almost always hung together when at school. Many people thought they were a couple, but they were really just bros.

“No.” Shi Sheng turned to continue walking.

Chen Xi blinked and hurriedly chased after her. “What is it? Not happy? Have you been scolded by your mother again? I always tell you not to run outside all day…”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Can someone help me(bbb) get rid of this chatterbox? All I(bbb) wanted was to eat in peace…’

“Go get a spot, I’ll go buy food. Same braised pork ribs as always?” The moment they entered the cafeteria, Chen Xi walked over to the window.

Although he asked her, he clearly wasn’t expecting a reply, for he immediately set off to squeeze into the queue. He made use of his popularity to cut all the way to the front.

Shi Sheng found a spot by the window. Not long after she sat down, Chen Xi walked over with a tray full of food.

“Here you are, your braised pork ribs.”

Qiao Chu really liked the school cafeteria’s braised pork ribs. Shi Sheng wasn’t picky, so she started eating.

“Hey, why’re you so quiet today? Have you fallen out of love?” Chen Xi was unable to stand her silence.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Fallen out of love my arse. I haven’t even found my man yet.’

Though, thinking of Feng Ci got Shi Sheng a bit down. ‘He wasn’t in the last world. I wonder if he’ll be in this one. Who was the final villain of this novel again?’

Shi Sheng tried to recall information about it, but didn’t come up with anything…

‘So there’s hidden information? That means Feng Ci’s here.’

Shi Sheng immediately tried to sense the spirit energy in this world. ‘It’s actually not that weak… How odd.’

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