Chapter 438 : The First Song of Qin (11)

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Tang Jinchen chased Shi Sheng out. “You don’t like me?”

‘It’s not like you have an omnipotent attraction buff! Why should everyone like you?!’

Tang Jinchen felt a bit uncomfortable by Shi Sheng’s gaze that was like she was looking at an idiot.

“How are you related to Qiao Qian’qian?” Tang Jinchen changed the topic.

Back then, he’d heard her call Qiao Qian’qian “jiejie”, and they were both surnamed Qiao.

“Aren’t you the son of the school chairman?” Shi Sheng gave him an odd look. ‘He should be able to find out by just ordering someone, right?’

Tang Jinchen once again felt the contempt coming from Shi Sheng.

“You’re Qiao Qian’qian’s sister, aren’t you? Is she really dating Qin Ge?”

Tang Jinchen didn’t know if it was just him, but he suddenly felt the girl in front of him turn a bit off.

Shi Sheng flagged down a cab and entered it. She rolled the window down and spoke to Tang Jinchen, “If they really were dating, I’d kill them.”

Of course, that was under the assumption that Qin Ge was Feng Ci.

Tang Jinchen stared dumbly at the car that had already driven off.


Shi Sheng brought the takeaway to Chen Xi and gang. Their classroom was even more of a mess than it was last semester.

“Junior, you’re really too good! This is actually MY’s signature dish…”

MY was the name of that restaurant. Apparently, it was an abbreviation of the English words “Meeting You”.

“There’s meat to eat with junior.”

“Junior, help us check this program.” One of the seniors to the side pushed a laptop over to Shi Sheng.

She had some impression of him because he shared Chen Xi’s surname. His name was Chen Xiao and was already in Year 4. He was going to graduate soon. He should’ve been looking for a job around this time, but this project had delayed him.

“Hey, hey, enough guys! Chu-Chu isn’t here to work for you lot!” As her bro, Chen Xi naturally sided with her.

Chen Xiao snickered before waggling his eyebrows at Chen Xi. “C’mon, use all the resources at our disposal, right? Junior is so awesome, even Professor Qin admitted defeat.”

Shi Sheng didn’t say anything, merely taking the laptop from him to help them check. Once they’d finished eating, she set it down. “There aren’t any big issues. I’ve noted down the parts that need changing, so you guys can change it on your own.”

Shi Sheng pointed at a piece of paper on the table.

“Thanks, junior!”

They noisily crowded around the laptop.

Chen Xi walked to stand in front of Shi Sheng. “C’mon, I’ll walk you back. These beasts completely ignore people once they’re done with them!”

“Hey, hey now, Chen-gongzi[1]! Who do you think we’re doing it for? Don’t be an ingrate!” One of the seniors took the time to lift his head and retort to Chen Xi’s statement.

Chen Xi’s lips twitched. ‘I already told them so many times that Qiao Chu is just a bro to me…’

He walked Shi Sheng downstairs. He’d originally planned to walk her all the way back to her dorm, but she rejected it.

She still had something to do, so she’d have to head out again if she went there.


Nanshan International.

It was a high-end apartment complex. The houses here had soaring prices that only lowered slightly during the housing recession. But even then, the price of an apartment here wasn’t something an ordinary person could afford.

The security guard stood at the gates. Seeing someone approaching, he immediately straightened up. Recognising the person, the guard smiled and greeted, “Mr Qin, you’re back.”

Of course he’d have a deep impression of someone so handsome. Plus, he’d heard this Mr Qin was a professor at A University.

Qin Ge nodded slightly before flashing his card and entering.

“Mr Qin.” The guard called out to him.

The security guard advanced towards him a bit. “There was a young lady looking for you just now. You weren’t here, so we didn’t dare to let her in.”

“Did she say what her name was?” There shouldn’t be many people aware that he was staying here.

“No.” The guard shook his head. “I saw her head over there.”

The security guard pointed at a coffeeshop across the street.

Qin Ge hadn’t planned to go at first. But for some reason, he turned around and headed there anyway.

At this time, there weren’t many people in the coffeeshop. Qin Ge was able to see everyone at a glance. His gaze paused as it landed on someone.

The other party appeared to have caught sight of him too, for she waved him over.

Qin Ge hesitated for a moment before heading over, his expression colder than before. “Why have you come?”

“To see how you’ve been doing.” She replied.

“I’ve been doing very well.”

“By ‘very well’ you mean becoming a teacher at a school?” The woman who had an exquisite hairstyle gave a contemptuous laugh, before turning back to look at Qin Ge with a hint of affection in her eyes. “Qin Ge, come back. As long as you marry me, everything I own will be yours.”

“I don’t need those things.”

“Qin Ge!”

“Don’t look for me anymore.” Qin Ge got up, his expression apathetic. “I’ll return what I owe you guys.”

“With what?” The woman refused to give up and chased after him. The two blocked the pathway in the coffeeshop, so they immediately attracted the attention of the other customers.

The woman had probably had a proper upbringing, for being looked at like this caused her some embarrassment. She grabbed Qin Ge’s arm and tightened slightly. “Qin Ge, stop it. Come back with me.”

Qin Ge peeled her fingers off him and looked at her, speaking slowly, “You’re the one who should stop. I have nothing to do with your family anymore.”

The woman watched as Qin Ge left the coffeeshop. She grit her teeth and chased after him, shouting at his departing back, “Qin Ge, you’ll regret this!”

His figure paused slightly before unhesitatingly crossing the road to head back to his apartment complex.

He went upstairs, opened the door to his apartment and went inside, slamming it shut as he entered, causing the windows to the side to shake.

The room was very dark, but Qin Ge was able to make his way to his bedroom without difficulty.

But just as his hand landed on the doorknob, he suddenly paused and turned around to look at the living room more carefully.

He allowed his eyes to adjust to the lighting, so he could see a bit more clearly. He could now see that there was someone seated on his couch.

‘There’s someone here!’

The living room’s light switch was located beside the bedroom, so he flicked it on. The dark room was immediately filled with soft light.

Qin Ge’s gaze directly met that of the person sitting on the sofa.

Time seemed to freeze for a moment.

“Qiao Chu?”

“Professor Qin, I’ve been waiting for you for 3 hours and 46 minutes.” Shi Sheng looked at her phone and iterated.

“Sorry.” Qin Ge subconsciously apologised, though he soon snapped out of it. ‘Why am I apologising to her? This is my house!’

Qin Ge’s expression darkened. “How’d you get in?”

His front door had a fingerprint lock that would notify the police if anyone tried to break it.

Although… remembering her ability, it seemed like it wouldn’t be too hard for her to break into here.

But Shi Sheng instead pointed at his open balcony. “Through the window.”

Qin Ge, “…”

‘I live on the 18th floor! She dares to come in through the window?!’

Shi Sheng really had come in through the window. Though she’d climbed to the top of the building first. Since it was only 20 storeys tall, the roof was pretty close to the 18th floor.

She’d spent a bit of effort getting in.

If not for the fact that her sword was still levelling up, she wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble.

Qin Ge took in a deep breath as his gaze swept over her. “Student Qiao Chu, don’t you know it’s illegal to trespass into other people’s homes?”

Shi Sheng replied with a serious expression, “Nope. I’m not in Law.”

Qin Ge walked over to Shi Sheng. “Do you know now?”


Qin Ge placed both his hands on the sofa and leaned towards her slightly. “Then do you know how dangerous it is to trespass a man’s apartment?”

[1] The form of address used for young men of noble birth. They’re using it as a form of mockery here.

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