Chapter 439 : The First Song of Qin (12)

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“What danger? A one-night stand? Or a long-term relationship[1]?”

‘A long-term…relationship? Is it like what I think it is?’

Qin Ge had originally planned on scaring Shi Sheng, but he got such a shameless answer in return. ‘How can a girl say such things?!’

Qin Ge stared at her for a solid few seconds. “Why are you looking for me?”

Shi Sheng scooted over to Qin Ge and stretched out her hand with a smile. “Professor.”

Qin Ge frowned as he looked at her outstretched hand. “What?”

“Hold my hand ah!” Shi Sheng spoke matter-of-factly.

Qin Ge, “…”

‘So, the reason why she broke into my house in the middle of the night was to hold hands?!’

“I’ll leave right after.” Shi Sheng added.

Under the gentle lighting, the girl’s features seemed to glow with soft light. Her pitch-black eyes contained specks of light that seemed to be fixed there, for they raised nary a ripple in their depths.

Qin Ge slowly reached out a hand.

Her hand was very small, still containing some baby fat so it was soft to the touch.

Shi Sheng swiftly tried to pour her spirit energy into Qin Ge’s body. Almost at the same time, her expression changed slightly. ‘The spirit energy actually won’t go in?! Why is it like this? Isn’t he Feng Ci?’

Shi Sheng tried again but got the same result. It was as if something was stopping her spirit energy from entering his body.

Qin Ge watched as the girl’s expression turn unsightly, and doubt appeared in his eyes. ‘Her emotions fluctuate this much just from holding hands?

After the third failure, Shi Sheng jerked her hand back and spoke hurriedly, “I’ll be leaving first, Professor Qin.”

Right now, the only thing on her mind was to find somewhere where she could tear System apart.

As Qin Ge watched her running away, he felt rather puzzled. ‘So just what did she come here for?’

Shi Sheng swiftly ran downstairs and out of the building. Because the security guard was diligent in his job, she was delayed there for a bit while he called Qin Ge to confirm that he knew her. Only then did the guard let her through.

The security guard was rather confused. ‘When did this lady go in? There sure are a lot of girls looking for Mr Qin…’

Shi Sheng sprinted off to find a deserted spot and took a deep breath. ‘System, get out here. Let’s chat.’

[…Host, I don’t think we have anything to talk about.] It didn’t want to come out, but just thinking of its Host losing her temper made it afraid.

‘Nothing to talk about? Then what’s with Qin Ge?!’

[…It’s just like that.]

‘“Just like that?!”

Your grandpa! What’s with his body?! If you don’t give me a satisfactory answer today, just wait to get sent to the recycling centre!’

System didn’t want to speak—it just wanted to be a quiet system. ‘Why does Host want to talk with me ah? Scared…’

System struggled for a while before answering.

[There aren’t any bugs with Qin Ge. Host, you’ll have to rely on yourself for everything.]

System fell silent after speaking this. It was scared of its Host.

No matter how Shi Sheng called, System didn’t make another peep.

‘Very good! This time when I get back, I’ll give you something new!’

Shi Sheng ground her teeth and headed back. ‘Since there’s no bug, it’s because of Qin Ge himself. Don’t tell me he has some special ability?’


“Chu-Chu, our project made it into the preliminaries of the fifth Challenge Cup[2]!” During class, Chen Xi whispered this to Shi Sheng under Qin Ge’s nose.

“Wasn’t that project of yours on robots?” Shi Sheng raised a brow.

“Yeah. The programming qualified.” Chen Xi nodded, still a bit excited. “Isn’t that great? As long as we get into the top 3, our project should be good enough for someone to support us!”

Shi Sheng thought of the program she told them to change…

There were a lot of flaws, but from the current technological standards of this world, it would still be pretty good in the early stages.

While the two were heartily chatting away, a shadow suddenly blocked out the light. Qin Ge, who had been standing at the podium just a while ago, had appeared beside Chen Xi at some point.

Chen Xi’s expression immediately turned unsightly. “P-Professor Qin.”

Qin Ge wore a stern expression and secretly examined Shi Sheng. This was the first time the two had met since that day, as well as the second time she attended his class.

“Go outside to chat.” Qin Ge moved aside and pointed at the door.

Chen Xi’s face fell. “Professor Qin, I was wrong…”

But Shi Sheng simply picked up the tablet on the table that she had brought in at some point, got up, and left.

“Eh, Chu-Chu…” Chen Xi awkwardly looked at Qin Ge before turning back to Shi Sheng who had almost exited the classroom. In the end, he grit his teeth, swept all his stuff up and chased her out.

Bros had to stick together!

Qin Ge finished the class wearing an unsightly expression.

The students didn’t dare to even breathe too loudly.

But that didn’t save them from being given homework.

He packed up his things and left the classroom.

“Professor Qin.”

Shi Sheng leaned against the door outside the classroom and beckoned him over.

Qin Ge calmly swept a gaze over her before turning to leave.

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched and she hurriedly chased after him. “Professor Qin, lemme treat you to a meal!”

Qin Ge rejected her coldly, “I don’t accept bribes.”

Shi Sheng retorted, “What bribe? This is purely for the sake of cultivating teacher-student relations!”

Qin Ge suddenly halted. Shi Sheng was walking behind him and thought he was agreeing, so she hurriedly circled to stand in front of him. “Professor Qin…”

Qin Ge was staring fixedly at some distant point on the sports field. Shi Sheng followed his gaze.

Qiao Qian’qian and another woman were standing there.

Shi Sheng, “…”

Villains were only villains because they either had enmity with the ML, or liked the FL but were unable to obtain her.

‘So Qin Ge’s original setting was that he likes the FL?’

Although she knew that this had nothing to do with Feng Ci, Shi Sheng still felt unhappy thinking about this.

“Where do you want to eat?” Qin Ge spoke suddenly.

Shi Sheng was surprised momentarily before answering, “Fuyuan, I guess.”

“Come on then.” Qin Ge descended the steps and walked across the field to exit the school.

The two approached Qiao Qian’qian and the other woman.

The woman was currently facing Shi Sheng’s direction, so she saw Qin Ge with a single glance. She left Qiao Qian’qian and jogged over in her stilettos.

“Qin Ge.”

Coincidentally, Tang Jinchen approached from the other side, so Qiao Qian’qian could only move towards Qin Ge as well.

The woman had asked her for directions just now, so Qiao Qian’qian hadn’t known she was looking for Qin Ge.

“Qin Ge, I know I spoke a little harshly before. Don’t be mad… I—”

“The way you speak has nothing to do with me. I’m busy, so I’ll be heading off first.” Qin Ge interrupted her and circled around to continue on his way.

“Qin Ge.” The woman pulled his arm. “Do you have to be so heartless?”

Because he was being pulled, he couldn’t continue forward. The commotion had also attracted the attention of others.

“Qian’qian.” Tang Jinchen came over and saw Qin Ge struggling with a woman. He asked Qiao Qian’qian out of concern, “Qian’qian, are you okay?”

Shi Sheng looked at the chaotic scene in front of her thoughtfully. ‘How interesting—interesting my arse! Qin Ge actually has so many peach flowers blossoming around him[3]!’

Shi Sheng didn’t go over. She wasn’t sure if Qin Ge was Feng Ci yet, so she had no basis to accuse him of anything.

If he was, then she’d mark this score down to settle with him.

Qin Ge was a bit annoyed with the woman’s harassment. “If you’re done, then you can head back. Don’t look for me anymore.”

[1] This is one of the ones I can’t translate properly. Raws are “日久生情”. The proper translation for this is “to develop feelings after a long period of being together”. Meanwhile, the first word “日” can be translated as “day”, as it is in the proper translation, or “fuck” which is slang. So…the dirty-minded meaning (and the one Qin Ge jumped to *wink wink*) is “to develop feelings after fucking for a long time”

[2] I think he’s referring to this:

[3] For those who don’t get it: Peach flowers denote romantic interests. Blossoming/blooming means they’re just starting, while withering means no chance to be together.

Author’s note:

Peach flowers blooming everywhere~

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