Chapter 444 : The First Song of Qin (17)

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Chen Xi’s tolerance for alcohol was pretty average—he got drunk not too long after he started. Luckily, he was a well-behaved drunk.

Shi Sheng called his dormmate to come pick him up. After handing him over, she got up to walk to the other end of the bar, squeezing through the crowd of people to do so.

The air in the bar wasn’t that nice, so Shi Sheng felt a bit stuffy in her chest from sitting for too long. She plopped herself down beside Qin Ge and took a sip of the alcohol on the table.

“*cough cough*…” Shi Sheng choked. “Professor Qin, just what are you drinking…”

‘So hard to drink.’

Qin Ge took the cup from her hand and spoke in a cold and distant tone, “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I?” Shi Sheng raised a brow.

Qin Ge looked at her before continuing to pour more alcohol for himself.

Unlike Chen Xi, Qin Ge’s complexion showed no change even after so many drinks. Of course, it could just be because of the lighting.

After finishing the bottle, he grabbed his jacket and left. Shi Sheng hurriedly got up to follow him.

It had started raining outside at some point. It seemed like countless silver threads were slowly pouring down from the heavens, giving the multi-coloured, neon-lit city a hazy veil that blurred the outlines of its buildings.

From March to April, the temperature differences between night and day were quite drastic. The rain brought with it a bit of coldness.

Because the sun had been very strong during the day, Shi Sheng was only wearing a thin piece of clothing, so she felt the cold engulf her once she left the bar.

“The fuck kinda weather is this? Prof…”

Shi Sheng turned to find that he was gone. He’d already walked out…

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘What happened to being a gentleman?’

Shi Sheng thought for a bit but still chased after him. There was something off about Qin Ge.

The two walked, one trailing behind the other. The shops had long since closed, so Shi Sheng couldn’t buy an umbrella even if she wanted to.

She jogged forward to tug on Qin Ge’s sleeve. “Hey, Professor Qin, you wouldn’t be planning on taking a stroll through the rainy night, would you?”

‘That isn’t romantic at all, okay? The most romantic thing has to be done on a bed. Ahem, let’s be serious now.’

Qin Ge looked back. He paused, not having expected Shi Sheng to follow him. He then took off his jacket and placed it on her. “Go back to school. Stop following me.”

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at him. “Professor Qin, please look at the time now, okay? Are you telling me to climb the walls?”

Qin Ge subconsciously checked his watch. It was already 12 in the morning.

“Go…” ‘…back to my home.’

He only just recalled that wasn’t possible.

Bap bap…

A high-pitched car horn sounded from the direction of the road. It came from a red-coloured sports car. The window was half-opened, so they could see that a pretty young lady was seated inside.

It was Qin Xin.

Qin Xin looked like a refined young lady who’d just come out of some high-class event from how prettily she was dressed up. She got off her car in her heels, a light blue umbrella in her hands. She gracefully made her way to Qin Ge.

Shi Sheng subconsciously tightened her grip on Qin Ge’s arm. ‘A vixen’s trying to snatch my man! Where’s my(lz) sword?!’

As Qin Ge felt the strength of her grip, he actually relaxed a bit.

“Qin Ge.” Qin Xin didn’t even spare a glance at Shi Sheng, merely looking at Qin Ge affectionately. “I’m here to fetch you. Come back with me.”

“Impossible.” Qin Ge’s attitude was as hard as always.

Shi Sheng stepped forward only after she heard Qin Ge’s answer, blocking him with her small frame.

“Hey pretty lady, I’ve already kept Professor Qin. If you want to keep him too, please wait in line.”

The Professor Qin who’d suddenly been kept, “…” ‘Since when was I kept?’

Qin Xin treated Shi Sheng as unimportant because she’d already thoroughly investigated the backgrounds of everyone who’d been in contact with Qin Ge.

‘Qiao Chu, the daughter of a small-time business owner. I could bankrupt them with a single sentence.’

Qin Xin was very clear on how great a catch Qin Ge was, so he was bound to attract many people. ‘But none of them will be the one standing beside him in the end. Only I, Qin Xin, am worthy of him.’

Qin Xin didn’t lose her composure like she had the last time. Maintaining the elegant nobility of a lady, she spoke, “Little lady, do you know how much Qin Ge is worth? You wouldn’t be able to afford him even if you went bankrupt. Qin Ge isn’t someone you can have designs on.”

“I’d be willing to go bankrupt for him.” ‘How would I go bankrupt?’ “We’re all human, so why can’t I? Even interspecies romances are a thing, so why aren’t human ones?”

In terms of arrogance, Shi Sheng absolutely dared to proclaim herself number 1.

Qin Xin didn’t want to continue wasting words with Shi Sheng, so she smiled slightly, “Ms Qiao, right? Your family merely runs a small business. It can’t even enter our circle. Are you sure you want to snatch my person?”

‘When I(lz) get serious, your Qin Family would have to kneel down and lick my feet!’

Shi Sheng didn’t say this out loud, since Qin Ge was also surnamed Qin.

Shi Sheng harrumphed coldly. “Your circle isn’t worthy of me. I didn’t snatch him, since he wasn’t yours in the first place. Freedom in love, understand? You’re not his mum; why’re you sticking your nose into other people’s business?”

The Qin Family wasn’t super wealthy. With Shi Sheng’s money-making abilities, even the super wealthy would be dying to have a partnership with her.

“Ms Qiao.” Qin Xin’s expression finally changed. Her tone contained more threat in it now. “Even if you’re wilful, the Qiao Family can’t be as wilful, can it?”

Shi Sheng’s eyes curved. “Ms Qin, even if you’re wilful, the Qin Family can’t be as wilful, can it?”

Apart from the nouns, Shi Sheng returned the exact same sentence back to Qin Xin.

‘Would someone who has nothing to lose like me(bbb) have anything to fear from you? Even if the Qiao family business goes bust, I(bbb) can just start up another one. The one thing I(bbb) have the most is money.’

Because the two had spoken very quickly, Qin Ge only reacted now. He hurriedly pulled Shi Sheng behind him. “Qin Xin, this matter has nothing to do with her.”

Qin Ge’s actions seemed to have agitated Qin Xin, for a hint of ruthlessness flashed in her eyes. “Ms Qiao, you brought this upon yourself.”

“What do you wanna do, eh?” Shi Sheng pushed Qin Ge aside as she advanced menacingly towards Qin Xin. The smile on her face seemed slightly odd. Together with the lighting behind her, she appeared very scary.

Qin Xin felt her scalp crawl as she couldn’t help but retreat. “Ms Qiao, what are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Though Shi Sheng spoke lightly, she didn’t stop closing in on Qin Xin.

The latter lost her balance and ended up with her back against her own car. Shi Sheng smacked a hand against the car window, suavely trapping Qin Xin in a kabedon[1].

Shi Sheng reached out to tilt Qin Xin’s chin upwards before whistling in a very thug-like manner. “Ms Qin, looks like this is all the guts you have.”

Qin Xin felt her knees going soft. ‘Did she want to kill me just now?’

“Murder is illegal. Don’t worry, you’re so pretty, how could I possibly bear to kill you?”

‘So if murder wasn’t illegal, you’d want to kill me?!’

The first reaction of normal people who saw someone of higher social status than them was either fear and envy, or jealousy and inferiority. Yet the woman in front of her showed no fear or jealousy, only arrogance.

And… It was as if she’d eaten gunpowder, for she blew up at the slightest spark—in a chain explosion at that.

[1] The raws are “车咚” which means to corner against a car like a guy would trap a girl in a drama. My TLC suggested the Japanese version (which I’ve never seen before btw) so here it is. There’s variations based on what object the girl is cornered against, for example, a wall or a bed.

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