Chapter 445 : The First Song of Qin (18)

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Qin Xin felt doubt, anger, embarrassment, disgust…basically all sorts of emotions. Amidst all this, Shi Sheng roughly pushed Qin Xin back into her own car, threatening her darkly through the door, “If you still won’t get lost, I’ll kill you now.”

“Y-you dare?!” ‘She said killing was illegal just now!’

“Just try me.” Shi Sheng smiled widely. “I’m afraid of myself when I go crazy. Babe, don’t provoke me.”

Qin Xin didn’t do anything wrong in Shi Sheng’s mind—using every method available to obtain the person she liked was rather admirable, in fact. But as rivals in love, whoever showed weakness was the idiot.

Qin Xin’s back was drenched in cold sweat. Through the car window, it seemed like the girl outside had grown devil’s horns.

But those eyes…

They were calm and without ripples. Qin Xin felt as if she was but an inanimate rock to the owner of those eyes.

One couldn’t see a hint of human emotion such as contempt, disdain, or anger in their depths, only cold indifference.

Qin Xin trembled before forcing herself to calm down. When she looked again…

The girl was still just a girl. With her slight smile and gentle temperament, one couldn’t see the slightest hint of hostility or coldness from her, as if it was just Qin Xin’s imagination before.

Qin Xin licked her somewhat dry lips before starting up the car with trembling hands. She glared ruthlessly at Shi Sheng. “Qiao Chu, I won’t let you off!”

‘As a dignified young miss of the Qin Family, why would I fear an immature girl?! Qin Ge is mine!’

Shi Sheng’s lips curved up into a false smile, as she watched the red sports car disappear into the pouring rain.

‘Come at me if you dare.’

Qin Ge looked at the girl standing in front of him. Though her figure could only be described as delicate, he found that it wasn’t suited for her.

Another adjective was more suitable: wicked.

Qin Ge stepped forward so he was standing beside Shi Sheng. “Qin Xin is very troublesome. You didn’t have to offend her just now.”

“Doesn’t make a difference. It was just a matter of time.” Shi Sheng didn’t care.


“I say, Professor, you should be more worried about yourself. If she can beat me, I’ll kneel down and call her ancestor. No…” Shi Sheng suddenly laughed darkly, “A group of people are going to call her ancestor. A pity; she doesn’t have that fortune.”

Qin Ge’s gaze was odd as he examined Shi Sheng. “Have you always been this…” ‘…brash and overconfident?’

Though those were clearly unattractive traits, Qin Ge didn’t feel repulsed. On the contrary, he felt familiarity.

‘As expected, I’m possessed. And I don’t want to get it cured…’

Qin Ge sighed in resignation.

“Professor, are you really planning to sleep out on the streets?” Seeing that Qin Ge didn’t appear to be planning to leave, she urged him.

The rain was pouring harder.

Qin Ge silently looked at Shi Sheng. She looked like a kid that had stolen an adult’s clothes with his jacket around her. Her hair was wet from the rain and stuck to her cheeks.

Qin Ge picked a nearby hotel, but he only discovered once they got there that his ID and wallet were missing…

He’d used both at the bar, so they must’ve been left behind there.

“Looks like you’re really going to have to sleep on the streets today, Prof.” Shi Sheng handed her ID to the receptionist.

The receptionist was a pretty girl. Her face was a bit red seeing such a handsome guy like Qin Ge. “I’m sorry but we only have a couple suite and a luxury suite left… The luxury suite is more expensive. Which room do you two want?”

Shi Sheng considered for a bit before replying, “The luxury suite.”

The girl was a bit disappointed, but still made the arrangements quickly.

Qin Ge silently waited till it was done before walking towards the outside.

“Hey, where are you going?” Shi Sheng pulled him back.

“To sleep on the streets.” Qin Ge replied seriously.

Shi Sheng, “…”

She dragged Qin Ge with her upstairs.

But who could tell her what the difference was between a couple suite and luxury suite? They both had only one bed!

The two stared at the bed silently. In the end, Shi Sheng strode over and claimed the bed. “I’m taking the bed.”

Qin Ge, “…”

Would a grown man like him fight her for it?

Shi Sheng went to shower first. After she was done, it was Qin Ge’s turn.

Shi Sheng laid on the bed, despondent. The sounds of water running coming from the bathroom made her even more frustrated. ‘Just what is on Qin Ge… Why can’t my spirit energy enter? This doesn’t make sense.’

While she was caught up in her thoughts, Qin Ge emerged from the bathroom. She glanced at him before covering herself in the blankets and turning so her back faced him.

There was rustling coming from Qin Ge’s direction for a good while before he turned off the lights and the room sank into darkness.

Shi Sheng could vaguely feel that Qin Ge was Feng Ci.

So she wasn’t all that guarded against him. Which was why she was caught completely off guard, when Qin Ge climbed into her bed in the middle of the night.

He moved too quickly and pressed her beneath him, planting alcohol-scented kisses on her face and lips.

‘What the hell, beast?! Isn’t it a bit late for the drunkenness to act up now?!’

Qin Ge had a lot of strength, so Shi Sheng didn’t manage to break free despite trying a couple of times.

She prepared to kick him off her. But just as she lifted her leg, her gaze suddenly fell on Qin Ge’s neck.

There was a pendant hanging off a necklace. The light coming from the head of the bed had allowed her to see it. It was roughly the size of a thumb and irregular in shape, but Shi Sheng could feel the dense spirit energy coming from it.

‘Was it this thing that was blocking my spirit energy?’

While she was distracted, Qin Ge had already stripped off her shirt, revealing her bra. His hand wandered around on her body, slowly making its way downwards.

Shi Sheng snapped out of her thoughts when she felt the cool air on her skin.

‘What the fuck! This beast!’

Shi Sheng kicked him. Since she had been sleeping in the middle of the bed, this kick didn’t make Qin Ge fall off.

Shi Sheng hurriedly wrapped her clothes back around her and climbed up. She swiftly put her clothes on properly before grabbing Qin Ge and holding him down on the bed.

There wasn’t a hint of drunkenness in Qin Ge’s pitch-black eyes, but he really wasn’t sober.

Shi Sheng pressed him down beneath her so that she could tug at the pendant at his neck.

But Qin Ge suddenly protected it, a fierce light appearing in his eyes as he instinctively growled, “What’re you doing?!”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘You’re asking what I’m(lz) doing?! What the hell are you doing?!’

“Let go.” Shi Sheng grabbed the pendant.

Qin Ge grabbed the necklace, wanting to snatch it back, appearing like a tigress protecting her cubs.

No matter how Shi Sheng tugged, he refused to let go. There was already a red mark on his neck from where the necklace cut into his skin.

“Be good, I won’t take it from you, I just want to have a look.” Shi Sheng had to switch tactics by coaxing him.

Qin Ge tightened his grasp.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘For fuck’s sake!’

She suddenly lowered her head to kiss him. At first, Qin Ge still held onto the necklace tightly, but slowly released his grip. Shi Sheng wanted to let go of him to undo the clasp, but Qin Ge reached out to grab the necklace again before she could even get up.

‘Come the fuck on!’

Shi Sheng had no choice but to fumble around for the clasp.

Luckily, it wasn’t too hard to find. Shi Sheng managed to undo it after being bitten a few times. She found Qin Ge’s wrist and gradually poured spirit energy in.

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