Chapter 446 : The First Song of Qin (19)

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The next day, when Qin Ge woke up, he found himself lying on the ground, his clothes in disarray.

His nose was feeling a bit uncomfortable, like he was about to sneeze.

‘How did I end up sleeping on the ground? Last night…’

Qin Ge’s head hurt a bit. ‘Wasn’t I sleeping on the sofa?’

He climbed up from the ground and subconsciously looked at the bed.

The bed was already empty, but he could hear sounds coming from the bathroom…

Qin Ge struggled to recall what happened last night, but he really couldn’t remember a thing.

Shi Sheng came out to see him standing there barefoot, that red mark still around his neck.

Thinking of last night got Shi Sheng upset. ‘This fellow is simply a beast! If I wasn’t stronger than him, I might’ve been inexplicably screwed by him last night! And he probably wouldn’t even have remembered! Just thinking about it…’

She already confirmed he was Feng Ci, but being slept by him while he wasn’t in control of his actions was no different than getting raped.

…Even though she didn’t mind.

“Achiu!” Qin Ge suddenly sneezed.

Shi Sheng frowned slightly. ‘Did he catch a cold last night? What’s a grown man got to worry about a little cold for…’

“Qiao Chu…” Qin Ge bore with the discomfort as he asked her with a taut expression, “Nothing happened last night right?”

‘It shouldn’t have…right?’

The alcohol had taken a while to act up, so he was completely unaware as to what had happened after he lost consciousness last night.

“What did you hope had happened?” Shi Sheng asked him with a half-smile. “If Professor Qin is willing, we could do it now too.”

Qin Ge, “…” ‘No modesty a girl should have at all!’

“It’s good that nothing happened.” Qin Ge seemed like he was escaping from something as he circled around Shi Sheng to enter the bathroom.

There was a large mirror inside. Qin Ge saw that his face actually contained an unnatural blush.

‘My head still feels heavy. I must be coming down with a cold.’

Qin Ge told himself this as he splashed his face with cold water. When his finger accidentally brushed against his neck, he felt a stinging pain. Only now did he notice there was a red line around his neck…

‘Something did happen last night after all.’

Qin Ge swiftly undid his clothes. Apart from the one on his neck, there were no other marks on his body.

‘We probably didn’t… Why do I suddenly feel a bit disappointed?’ Qin Ge slapped himself. ‘What am I thinking?’

By the time Qin Ge was done, he found that the room was already empty. He got a call from the bar telling him to go retrieve his wallet.

He’d been sitting in a more remote corner of the bar last night, so his wallet had only been discovered by the cleaner this morning.

By the time he retrieved his wallet and rushed back to school, the first lesson had already started.

Professor Qin being late to class was simply unheard of and this soon raised a storm on the school forums.

Shi Sheng naturally continued to not attend classes. Probably because of the incident at the hotel, Qin Ge didn’t call her. He probably wouldn’t be able to get through anyway since his number was usually in her blacklist.

He only had a few days left of the time the school had given him…


“Chu-Chu, thanks for that day.” Chen Xi treated Shi Sheng to a meal as thanks for accompanying him the other day.

“It was convenient.”

Chen Xi was speechless. “Ah right, what’s up between you and Professor Qin? Is he wooing you?”

The forums had been rife with rumours about her and Professor Qin.

“Where’d you hear that from?” ‘Qin Ge? Chase me? Me screwing him is more likely!’

“The forums ah. You guys have been rather close lately… Chu-Chu, I gotta remind you that Professor Qin’s a teacher, while you’re a student. You gotta think through this clearly.”

Even if Qin Ge was still very young, he was still their teacher—who knew what kind of awful rumours would spring up?

“Don’t you find teacher-student ships to be very cute?” Shi Sheng blinked and asked Chen Xi.

“…Don’t read so many novels, Chu-Chu.” ‘How could real life be as simple as a novel?’

Shi Sheng really wanted to say that this was a novel. ‘I shouldn’t. Otherwise this fellow’s gonna think I’m being chuuni again.’

On the way back to school, Chen Xi was in the midst of cussing about stuff to Shi Sheng, when someone suddenly appeared and blocked their path.

Chen Xi examined Qin Xin suspiciously. ‘This woman looks upper class; she’s dressed up too nicely.’

“Chu-Chu, you know her?” Chen Xi asked in a low voice.

Qin Xin swept a contemptuous look at Chen Xi before speaking to Shi Sheng, “Ms Qiao, I want to have a chat with you.”

“Ms Qin, I don’t think we have anything to talk about.” Shi Sheng looked at Qin Xin with a false smile on her face. ‘This girl is pretty brave, eh? She got over her fear quickly.’

In reality, Qin Xin was rather afraid. But the people she brought with her today had emboldened her quite a bit.

“What will it take for you to leave Qin Ge?” Qin Xin had a feeling that this girl was different to Qin Ge, and that she couldn’t continue to allow her to remain by his side.

“How much are you giving me?”

Qin Xin, “…” ‘How did she know I wanted to give her money? Why is this woman so unpredictable? Well, at least it saves me having to bring it up myself.’

“5 million. Leave Qin Ge. Don’t appear in front of him ever again.”

Qin Xin took out a cheque and filled it out.

“Is Qin Ge only worth this much to you?” Shi Sheng flicked the cheque. “That’s way too cheap.”

Qin Xin’s willowy brows locked together tightly. “Ms Qiao, don’t be too greedy.”

“You want to shoo me off with a cheque, but you won’t even allow me to haggle?” ‘For fuck’s sake! Do you think you can buy my Feng Ci with money?!’

“Qin Ge isn’t an object.”

“Then what’re you giving me money for?” ‘You crazy ah? Contradicting yourself…’

Qin Xin took a deep breath. “I’m leaving you some face by giving you money, so it doesn’t look so bad when you leave Qin Ge.”

Chen Xi, “…” ‘You’re already trying to chase people away with money; what do you mean “leave some face”?! What face?! This is an utter humiliation!’

Chen Xi pulled Shi Sheng’s arm. “Chu-Chu, let’s go.” ‘This woman is simply crazy.’

Shi Sheng gestured for him to chill. She grabbed a $10 note and 3 $1 notes from her pocket, placed them on top of the cheque, and chucked them to Qin Xin. “Ms Qin, please take this 5 mil and don’t appear in front of me ever again. The extra $13 is a tip.”

Qin Xin, “…” ‘Is she using my own money to tell me to get lost?! And a tip…’

Qin Xin was angered to the point her chest heaved and trembled. She shrieked towards the people behind her, “Seize her for me!”

‘I have to teach this woman who doesn’t know what’s good for herself a lesson today!’

Qin Xin had brought a group of burly men who wore black suits and sunglasses with her. They made to surround Shi Sheng and Chen Xi menacingly.

Chen Xi pulled Shi Sheng behind him, his expression worsening.

“Chu-Chu, I’ll hold them back while you run.” Chen Xi whispered to Shi Sheng.

With so many potential pursuers, the chances of both of them escaping were very small, so he could only make her run first. It wasn’t a big deal if a guy like him suffered a beating.

Chen Xi’s figure when compared to those burly men was like a lion compared to a group of elephants.

Shi Sheng shook her head and silently drew her sword. Since she was standing behind Chen Xi, no one saw where she drew the sword from. But the seven-coloured light it emitted blinded the eyes of plenty of people present.

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