Chapter 447 : The First Song of Qin (20)

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Shi Sheng was also a bit stunned. ‘Whoa sword! Did you level up into Mary Sue’s Sword?’

The seven-coloured light wasn’t fake—it really existed. All sorts of different colours slowly circled around the blade unendingly.

Shi Sheng examined the sword like an idiot. Apart from the extra Mary Sue special effects, it seemed no different than before.

“Hah, where’d you buy this prop from? It looks pretty realistic.” Qin Xin mocked with a cold smile.

“Chu-Chu…” Chen Xi looked constipated. ‘Why are you still chuuni even at this time?’

Shi Sheng waved her sword. The colourful sword left an equally colourful afterimage as it swept through the air.

‘Seems lighter than before… I just wonder if it’s even stronger. Gotta wait till I get to a world where I can hack people at will to test it out.’

“C’mon, stand back now.” Shi Sheng pushed Chen Xi further away.

He anxiously tried to stop her. “Chu-Chu!”

“Qiao Chu, how conceited of you—do you really think you can beat so many people alone? What are you guys still standing around for? Grab her!”

The large men who hadn’t moved until now immediately acted.

3 minutes later…

Amidst the groaning of the bodyguards, Qin Xin stood in the distance, face pale, legs trembling.

Her gaze was filled with fear, towards both Shi Sheng and her sword.

Qin Xin felt like the books she’d read all these years were in vain.

‘How could there really be a sword that glows rainbow like in comic books?!’

Shi Sheng stepped on one of the bodyguards, her sword that was flashing Mary Sue light prodding at his chest.

“Oh Great Aunt, please spare us… We were paid to do this, have mercy…” The bodyguard was scared into trembling.

‘Wasn’t she supposed to just be a little girl? How come no one told us she was so strong?! Give the refund, whatever, we want out!’

“Oi, you lot taking pictures over there.” Shi Sheng suddenly pointed at the people watching from the side lines.

The ones taking pictures with their phones shook and prepared to take off.

“Make sure my pic comes out nice. Remember to add special effects.”

The group of bystanders, “…”

‘We almost thought you wanted to hack us! But you actually just wanted us to take better pics of you?! Also, don’t you already have your own special effects pre-installed? How are we supposed to add on any more???’

Someone had started streaming at the start. The scene of Shi Sheng utterly wrecking those bodyguards with her Mary Sue’s Sword caused the streamer’s fans to reach new heights.

The screen was also completely filled up with comments[1].

[is it a movie being filmed?] [mary sue special effects pre-installed?] [woah mary sue] [mary sue’s light will subdue the world] [this girl is so cool! dang i think i’m going gay] [y does the background look like A uni? streamer, location pls] [same here] [it turned out mary sue lights could actually be this great to look at. so sue!]

The video of Shi Sheng fighting was instantly uploaded to all the big social media platforms.

Loads of people expressed that they now had a new understanding on what Mary Sue’s light meant.

Thanks to her good looks, suave moves, and pre-installed Mary Sue special effects, Shi Sheng successfully got promoted to Online Celeb Sheng.

Online Celeb Sheng was currently stepping on a bodyguard. She cast a brilliant and arrogant smile at Qin Xin. “Ms Qin, you can call for another van full of people if you still think you can take me on.”

The surrounding onlookers, “…” ‘A van full of people? Just how disdainful is she?’

Qin Xin was just a rich young miss; if she hadn’t had her bodyguards with her just now, she wouldn’t have dared to provoke Shi Sheng after the impression the latter had left on her the last time they met.

And now that her bodyguards were lying on the floor, would Qin Xin still dare to act?

Qin Xin was experienced, but she truly hadn’t ever met a girl who would start fighting at a moment’s notice.

Shi Sheng withdrew her Mary Sue’s Sword, kicked the unlucky bodyguards on the floor one last time, and then swaggered away with Chen Xi in tow.

As Online Celeb Sheng’s bro, Chen Xi had a dumbstruck look on his face the whole time, even as they were leaving.

‘Since when was my bro so amazing?!’

“Chu-Chu, how come I didn’t know you learned martial arts?” Chen Xi knew that Qiao Chu had some basic proficiency in fighting, but today…she wielded a sword with a rainbow glow in a way that wouldn’t look out of place at a national swordsmanship competition. This completely upended his understanding of her.

‘No wait, where’d she get the sword from???’

Shi Sheng was still holding onto it so Chen Xi examined it a bit more. ‘This shouldn’t be prop right? It looks very realistic…’

“Some people…” Shi Sheng dragged out her words. “Are born with talent. You can treat it as my talent.”

Chen Xi, “…” ‘Why not just say you received teachings from an old grandpa while you’re at it?’

“Where’d you get this sword? Is it real? How’d you get it to glow like this… Is there something inside?”

Shi Sheng raised her sword in front of Chen Xi. “This sword is the legendary Mary Sue’s Sword. How is it? Sweet right? You could only see it on memes before, but now you get to see the real-life version. Aren’t you especially touched?”

Iron Sword, “…” ‘Don’t really want to change names…’

Chen Xi, “…” ‘So just where did you get it?’

Chen Xi not only didn’t learn the origins of her sword, he was even brought off track by Shi Sheng.

After all, how could he possibly get the answer that not even Feng Ci could get?

Shi Sheng shot to fame very quickly—people uncovered her identity by the same night.

A Year 2 student of A University, famous for skipping classes and who had an ambiguous relationship with a certain professor who returned from overseas.

whydonchaascendtheheavens: goddess actually attends A uni! i’m so putting it on my preference list! goddess, here I come!

Confucius Said: Who made the Mary Sue’s Sword’s special effects? No signs of photoshop at all. Our movie industry has hope after all.

a certain point: upstairs have you not been keeping informed? as someone who was there personally, i can tell you in all seriousness: the effects were pre-installed! pre-installed! pre-installed! important things have to said thrice.

Imdalittlefairy: tbh, y r u guys so focused on just the sword and not our goddess’ sick fighting skills?

3 Second Handsomeness: because the Mary Sue’s Sword refreshed our world view

Ol’ Times: ugly ppl are so attention seeking! who knows how much money was spent on faking it? and you guys really believed it, are you idiots?

Queen Qiao Chu: The person upstairs has just been verified to be an idiot. PS: why don’t you bring a van full of people with you ah?

Unrevivable Past: why don’t you bring a van full of people with you? +1

sohardtopickaname: why don’t you bring a van full of people with you? +2

autumn fallen leaves: why don’t you bring a van full of people with you? +3

These netizens not only found her social media account, they also used it to find the stories she posted on a certain website.

What was once a comment section without many people in it was immediately filled to bursting by diehard fans of the almighty Mary Sue’s Sword.

The original residents expressed their distress about this. ‘Dada, what’ve you been up to that attracted so many Mary Sues, instead of filling in your plot holes…?’

Shi Sheng looked at the comment section that was almost about to collapse from the sheer number of comments with a serious look on her face. A moment later, she uploaded all the chapters in her stockpile.

This made the original residents even more fearful.

‘Every time Dada empties out her stockpile, it means she’s about to drop the book… It’s simply an unavoidable rule.’

Her account had been active for only a few months, but there were already 5 books under it. The longest contained 200k words while the shortest didn’t even reach 50k.

But not a single one was finished.

Shi Sheng shut the page in satisfaction. ‘I’m(bbb) a woman that wants to be the King of Eunuchs[2]!’

[1] I have no idea why, but for some reason, comments will just slide past the screen. So if there are too many, the screen will get filled up. If you didn’t get what I was saying, play Royal Chaos. During events, you’ll get a demonstration of what I just mentioned. (No I’m not being paid to advertise the game, though it’d be nice)

[2] For anyone who forgot, eunuch = castrated = dropped books.

Author’s note:

Who can contend with the Mary Sue’s Sword?

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Don’t worry, I have plenty of chapters in my stockpile that isn’t getting released until the editors/TLCs get to it, so I won’t pull a Shi Sheng on you guys.

…Unless they all disappear one day. (Hint: apply for editor positions)

TLC: The stockpile…heh Σ(´д`;)

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