Chapter 448 : The First Song of Qin (21)

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Qin Ge sat on a bench outside school, his cold features illuminated by the light from his phone.

On the screen was a video of Shi Sheng beating up the bodyguards from before.

His whole body was tense. Only after he witnessed her fell all of them at the end did he relax.

“Professor Qin, you’re alone?” That familiar voice suddenly spoke from behind him. “Wanna hang?”

Qin Ge’s hand shook, and he immediately turned off his phone before flipping it over so that the screen was facing downwards.

He turned around. The young woman was currently leaning against the back of the bench, her head turned slightly to look at him. Her eyes were bright. There wasn’t any coldness to them, nor were they as calm as they normally were—there seemed to be faint ripples sparkling in their depths.

“No.” Qin Ge replied coldly, forcing himself to avert his gaze.

Shi Sheng suavely jumped over the bench and sat down beside Qin Ge. “Why not? You’re alone, I’m alone, it’s just nice.”

Qin Ge, “…” ‘What kind of reasoning is that? There are plenty of people alone in the world!’

His face was cold as he got up and silently walked away.

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Feng Ci, this temper of yours is really…!

You like to use the silent treatment. You’re picky with your food. You get shy easily. You like to turn tsun! Why don’t you just ascend the heavens?!’

Shi Sheng chased Qin Ge. “Professor Qin, have you eaten yet?”

“Yes.” Qin Ge had only just replied when his stomach very uncooperatively rumbled.

“Prof, your metabolism’s pretty good ah.” Shi Sheng sighed.

Qin Ge covered himself up before asking her with a frown, “The gate’s about to close; aren’t you heading back to school?”

“No. I’ve got something to do.” Shi Sheng shook her head.

“It’s the middle of the night. You should do whatever it is tomorrow.” ‘It’s so late, yet a young lady like her is still wandering outside alone.’

Shi Sheng raised her head to look at Qin Ge, asking him with a smile, “You’re worried about me?”

“You’re my student; of course I’d be concerned for you.” Qin Ge gave a very official reply.

“It’s not like I’m in school right now; why are you bothering?” Shi Sheng pouted. ‘This damned tsun!’

Qin Ge turned to walk back, speaking in a rather unyielding tone, “I’ll walk you back.”

“No need.”

Qin Ge frowned and looked at her, his gaze like a torch.

The surrounding lights were very dim. The warm, hazy glow was like a light veil that hid the difficult-to-suppress emotions that sprung up in the darkness.

The leaves on the trees rustled in the breeze. Beneath them, time seemed to have been grabbed by an invisible hand, stopping in this moment.

“Don’t move.” A rough voice spoke from the darkness.

Two masked men, dressed in black and wielding knives, sprang out from the side, each pointing their weapons at Shi Sheng and Qin Ge.

“Hand over your phones and wallets!” These guys appeared to be experienced, for they had altered their voices and acted confident.

Shi Sheng’s eyes moved slightly, using the gaze of someone looking at a retard as she looked at Criminal A. “A mugging?”

“No shit! Hand them over!” Criminal A growled. ‘It’s so obvious yet she has to ask? Has she been scared stupid?’

“What kind of scrub would rob me instead of a bank?”

Criminal A got angry. “If we could rob a bank, why would we choose to mug you?!”

Shi Sheng shrugged. “That means you’re a scrub. What’s the point in living if you can’t even be the best at what you do? Why don’t you just die?”

Criminal A, “…” ‘What’s with this negativity? Shouldn’t a normal person be trying to convince us out of a life of crime???’

“Why are you wasting words on her? Hurry up! Before someone comes!” Criminal B urged.

Criminal A jabbed the knife in Shi Sheng’s direction. “Hurry up and hand them to me. Otherwise, don’t blame my knife for not having eyes!”

“The reason why knives don’t have eyes is because the wielder is amoral.”



Everything happened too quickly. Before Criminal B could react, his accomplice was already lying on the ground.

And the young lady who previously looked easy to bully was currently holding a Mary Sue sword flashing with rainbow light, its tip pointed at his buddy’s throat.

‘Where’d this sword come from? Where’d the sword come from?! Where the hell did she pull such a chuuni sword from?! It must be a prop!’

Criminal B only reacted after three seconds. He shot towards Qin Ge and pressed his knife against the latter’s waist.

Shi Sheng’s eyes narrowed. “Put the knife down. Otherwise, I’ll kill him.”

“Little girl, trying to scare me off with a toy? You’re too young for that! Hurry up and hand over the money, otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel!”

Shi Sheng’s gaze darkened and she exerted slightly more pressure on her sword.

“Ah!” Criminal A shrieked.

It was a very piercing sound that made the darkness even spookier.

“Let’s see which is faster: your knife, or my sword.”

When two wicked people met, the deciding factor was who was more cruel. And it was obvious that Shi Sheng had never been a soft-hearted person.

Qin Ge stared at her coolly. Despite being held hostage by a mugger, he didn’t have any particular emotion on his face.

“Da Ge, Da Ge…” Criminal A was scared out of his wits. “She really wants to kill me! Da Ge, save me…”

“Shut it!” Criminal B snapped. ‘Useless failure, making things worse!’

“Little lady, this is a lawful society—murder is illegal.”

‘You know this is a lawful society and you still dare to commit robberies??? It’s because you don’t have to face a firing squad for robbing people, eh? Are you a retard?’

Shi Sheng told them very seriously, “This is a blind spot. You guys should know, seeing as you picked this place. Do you think I wouldn’t dare to kill two human scum like you guys?”

“If you kill us, once the police find our bodies, they’ll arrest you!” Criminal B pressed his knife against Qin Ge and threatened Shi Sheng, “Let us go, otherwise it’ll be a mutual loss.”

Criminal B was clearly aware that he’d run into a tough nut, so he only requested that they be allowed to leave safely instead of asking for money.

“Release him first.” Shi Sheng exerted more force, causing Criminal A to scream. There was already a very deep wound on his neck.

“Boss! Boss! Save me…”

A hint of viciousness flashed in Criminal B’s eyes. “Release them at the same time.”

‘This simply has to be our unluckiest day, to run into such an unpredictable lass!’

“In your dreams.” Shi Sheng snorted coldly. “You release him first.”

Hearing Criminal A’s shrieks tormented Criminal B’s mind. After a good while, he finally couldn’t take it any longer and put his knife away. “I’ve released him. Now you do the same.”

Shi Sheng put her sword away. Criminal A clutched at his neck as he scrambled back to Criminal B’s side.

The latter’s eyes gradually turned vicious before he suddenly charged towards Qin Ge.

Qin Ge frowned and acted swiftly. Criminal B didn’t even catch his movements before he felt an intense pain in his wrist, and the knife in his hand fell to the floor with a clunk.

“Ah!” Qin Ge twisted his wrist before kicking his knees, causing him to keel over onto the floor.

Criminal B’s face twisted, disbelief in his eyes. ‘Since this man was so capable, why didn’t he resist just now?! This has to be the unluckiest day of my life!’

Meanwhile, Criminal A was cowering at the side. When Qin Ge swept a gaze over to him, he knelt with no care for dignity.

“Da Ge[1], we were wrong! We won’t dare to do it again…”

[1] I’m not sure if big bro would fit in better here, but for the sake of consistency, I’ll leave it in pinyin. Also, in case you didn’t get it, he’s switched to calling Qin Ge his “big bro”.

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