Chapter 449 : The First Song of Qin (22)

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Qin Ge ended up calling the police. When they arrived, Criminal A pointed at his neck and started tattling.

“Her! Police, it was her! She wanted to kill me! Look at my neck… It’s bleeding… This is deliberate harm! Police, quickly arrest her!”

The police looked at Criminal A’s wound with dark expressions. It was just a superficial one, even if it was bleeding quite a bit.

‘It was self-defence. Even if she stabbed a hole through you, it’s still self-defence…’

“Shut it!” The police pushed the two muggers into the car.

Since Shi Sheng and Qin Ge were involved, they had to go to the police station to record their statements. They only had to describe what happened, since the two muggers already had a criminal record.

“Don’t go on dates at such remote places next time. If something really happened, you guys would regret it.” The police escorted them out, not forgetting to give them a warning. “Alright, you two should head back now.”

“Prof, look, I can’t go back now.” Shi Sheng stood at the entrance to the police station, shrugging innocently.

Qin Ge looked at her and he frowned deeply.

As usual, he just dumped her at the hotel and left.

Shi Sheng was miffed to say the least. ‘I’ll just straight-up screw him next time! To hell with giving him time to adapt! He’s being way too awkward on this world!’


“Junior Qiao, are you free? Can—”


“Junior Qiao, are you interest—”

“Not interested.”

“Junior Qiao, I like you; can you date me?”

“No.” Shi Sheng walked through school. This had already become her routine as an internet celebrity.

Though there were quite a number of people interested in her sword too.

Shi Sheng avoided all these people and headed for a more secluded area. None of these passionate men were the one she wanted.

“Qian’qian, why are you also being this disobedient?”

Hearing this, Shi Sheng couldn’t help but stop. ‘Qiao-mu’s in school?’

“Mum… I truly like him.”

“Qian’qian, you’re already grown-up, so I don’t want to dictate who you can and can’t date. But he’s much too young for you—you’ll get tired being with him. Mum means the best for you. You can’t be with him.”


“I’ll give you three days to break up with him. Otherwise, I’ll go talk to him personally. You decide.”

The sound of heels clicking as someone walked off could be heard. After quite a while, Qiao Qian’qian appeared in Shi Sheng’s view. Her expression wasn’t looking too good.

Seeing Shi Sheng standing outside, Qiao Qian’qian blanked out for a moment before seeming to understand. “Qiao Chu, just what did I do to you?”

Shi Sheng was utterly confused. She’d come across the FL by coincidence, so how come this matter suddenly involved her?

“You told Mum about this, didn’t you? Just why can’t you let me be happy?! You were like this when we were kids, and you’re still like this even now! I already gave in to you this much. What more do you want?!” Qiao Qian’qian got more agitated as she spoke.

The Online Celeb Sheng who somehow always got the blame, “…” ‘FL-sama, the hell are you talking about? Don’t just suddenly have an outburst, I(bbb) can’t handle it.’

Qiao Qian’qian was still venting. “Qiao Chu, just what will it take for you to let me off?! Why do you always have to go against me?!”

‘Who’s going against you?! I(bbb) didn’t do anything! It’s all Plot-sama’s fault!’

“Are you happy now?!” Qiao Qian’qian shouted before running away crying.

Only now did Shi Sheng react. ‘FL-sama thought I told Qiao-mu? Aw, come on! I(bbb) really didn’t do anything!’

Qiao-mu only gave Qiao Qian’qian three days. The latter hadn’t thought it through yet, when she received a call from Tang Jinchen’s older sister who wanted to meet her outside school.

Qiao Qian’qian was very nervous about meeting Tang Jinchen’s family members, so she dressed up and adjusted her appearance for a long time before going.

The Tang Family was apparently a family with a literary reputation. They had two daughters before Tang Jinchen, their only son.

The person who came was Tang Jinchen’s second-eldest sister. She seemed quite the headstrong type. One could see the resemblance between her and Tang Jinchen.

“Greetings, Ms Qiao…” Tang-erjie[1] introduced herself. Without giving Qiao Qian’qian a chance to react, she then continued, “I know you’re a postgraduate. We have no objection to your ability. But Ms Qiao, you aren’t very well-matched with our Jinchen in terms of age…”

Qiao Qian’qian bit her lip. ‘Age again. They all just won’t shut up about my age! It’s not as if relationships with older women are anything weird. Why can’t they accept it?’

“Ms Qiao, with your qualifications, it wouldn’t be a problem finding someone better.” Though Tang-erjie spoke politely, there was an unyieldingness that was hard to miss in her tone. “Spare our Jinchen; he’s still young.”

Qiao Qian’qian gripped her sleeves. ‘He was clearly the one who insisted on courting me, yet how come now it’s as if I’m the one who’s harassing him?’

Tang-erjie examined Qiao Qian’qian and shook her head slightly. ‘This girl doesn’t suit Jinchen be it in terms of age or temperament.’

“…Ms Qiao, here is 3 million. I’ve found out that you were adopted by the Qiao Family. This money is enough for you to leave the country to further your studies. You can take up a permanent residence there—”

That seemed to have touched a nerve somewhere, for Qiao Qian’qian grabbed the cheque and ripped it apart in front of Tang-erjie.

“Ms Tang, the Qiao Family doesn’t lack this bit of money.” Qiao Qian’qian’s gaze turned colder. “Even if I am their adopted daughter, I don’t need money from an outsider to leave the country.”

Tang-erjie merely looked on coolly and only spoke after Qiao Qian’qian was finished talking, “Ms Qiao, what will it take for you to leave Jinchen?”

“As long as we love each other, I’ll face any difficulty with him.” Qiao Qian’qian spoke resolutely. She’d finally managed to bring herself to take this step, so how would she be willing to allow this relationship to die before it had even bloomed?

The two ended up parting ways unhappily.

Coincidentally, they saw Shi Sheng when they came out. Since Shi Sheng was following Qin Ge, she didn’t notice them. An odd light appeared in Qiao Qian’qian’s eyes before disappearing.

“You sisters are really quite something.” Tang-erjie mocked before leaving with a cold expression. ‘One of them has an ambiguous relationship with a professor while the other likes someone younger than her…’


Qiao Qian’qian not only had to deal with Qiao-mu, she also had to deal with the other members of the Tang Family. And then she bumped into Tang Jinchen tangled with another woman.

Before he started wooing her, Tang Jinchen was a Casanova. Though he hadn’t had dealings with other women since they started dating, as it turned out, a leopard can’t change its spots.

When she bumped into them, Qiao Qian’qian suddenly felt like her resolve was but a joke. She wanted to break up with Tang Jinchen.

This matter caused quite the ruckus—Tang Jinchen raised all hell at school, but Qiao Qian’qian appeared to have made up her mind. No matter how much of a scene Tang Jinchen made, she refused to see him.

The people watching this show expressed that it was times like these where the Mary Sue’s Sword should be brought out to shed the light of Mary Sue on the world.

[1] As you might have inferred, this means second-eldest sister. Since I wasn’t given her actual name, I had to put this or the lengthy English translation every time. Guess which one I prefer.

Author’s note:

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Little Fairy: Vote first and you’ll have meat.

Little Angels: Meat before votes.

Shi Sheng: *draws sword* Are you guys finished?!

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