Chapter 450 : The First Song of Qin (23)

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Shi Sheng found that not only was Qiao Qian’qian taking out the big moves, so was Qin Ge!

He actually didn’t show up to class!

“Why didn’t Qin Ge show up?” Shi Sheng asked Chen Xi, who was seated across from her.

Chen Xi shoved a spoonful of rice into his mouth. “I heard he’s been suspended.”

“Suspended? Why?”

‘No wonder something seemed off about him these past few days.’

“Dunno. Chu-Chu…you couldn’t really have fallen for Professor Qin, could you?”

Shi Sheng gave him a slight smile. “Do I look like I’m joking?”

“Well then his suspension’s a good thing—it means you won’t have to worry about chasing him.” Chen Xi nodded. “Chu-Chu, if you manage to take him down, you’re sure to be famous!”

“I already am, okay?”

Chen Xi, “…” ‘Oh yeah, my bro’s an internet celeb now. I heard there’ve even been people looking for her to act in a movie.’

#The experience of having an online celeb as a bro#

Shi Sheng couldn’t find Qin Ge, and he didn’t pick up the phone when she called. When she went to his place to look for him, the security guard said that he was no longer staying here.

Only now did Shi Sheng recall that she’d found him outside in the middle of the night. ‘So it was because he had nowhere to return to?

Do all villains have such hard starts? Well he’s quite pitiful… Villains and their miserable histories, huh?’

Shi Sheng locked onto the position of his phone before managing to find him at a club.

“Mr Qin is capable and has a lot of innovative ideas! Not bad, not bad. Here, let me toast you!” A man handed Qin Ge a cup almost filled to the brim with white wine.

Qin Ge took it from him and downed it with no change in his expression.

Some of the clear wine trickled out from his mouth, down his fair neck, and into his collar.

The man suddenly gulped. He leaned closer to Qin Ge and placed a hand on the latter’s shoulder, a suggestive look in his eyes. “Mr Qin, I have no problem with investing, but you’ll have to agree to a condition of mine.”

“Please say it.” Qin Ge wasn’t looking at the man, so he hadn’t noticed the latter’s change.

The man chuckled. “Well, if Mr Qin were to accompany me for a night, I’d agree to any sum you stated.”

Qin Ge’s head shot upwards, his expression unsightly as he stood up to walk out.

Zhao-zong reacted quickly by grabbing Qin Ge. “Mr Qin, think clearly on this. There aren’t many people willing to oppose the Qin Family. However, this Ol’ Zhao has nothing but money. As long as you accompany me for one night, I’ll help you deal with the Qins.”

‘This man is an exquisite specimen! If I can have him for one night, it’d be worth dying for! Just thinking about it gets me pumped up!’

The surrounding people clearly knew about Zhao-zong’s special tastes, for there were a few wolf calls from the crowd. There were also some who pitied the fact that such a good-looking guy like Qin Ge had caught the eye of Zhao-zong.

They exchanged looks before leaving the room. They had seen Zhao-zong spike his drink just now.

“Zhao-zong, until next time.” Qin Ge spoke coldly.

“Mr Qin, people who want to succeed have to use any means possible.” Zhao-zong reached out to rub Qin Ge’s hand. Qin Ge avoided him with a cold expression. The disgust and frost in his eyes made Zhao-zong feel a bit less confident. But upon remembering that he’d spiked the drink, he calmed down. ‘All I have to do is wait till it acts up.’

“Mr Qin, don’t be so agitated. This matter requires mutual consent—if you aren’t willing, I won’t force you.” Zhao-zong started stalling for time. “I have high expectations for the project you spoke of, but we have to discuss it in further depth, no?”

“Goodbye, Zhao-zong.” Qin Ge circled around Zhao-zong and made to leave.

Zhao-zong grabbed Qin Ge’s hand and pressed the latter against the wall to the side. It was obvious that Zhao-zong was a practitioner for Qin Ge was unable to struggle free.

“Qin Ge, don’t refuse face when I give it to you.” Zhao-zong’s expression darkened. “It’s your fortune that I(lz) took a liking to you.”

Saying thus, he pushed his face towards Qin Ge’s.


The sound of a door bursting open could be heard. Zhao-zong didn’t have time to turn and see who it was before he was sent flying into a corner with a kick.

Shi Sheng’s expression was dark as her unkind gaze fell on Zhao-zong, who was currently dizzy from the fall.

Qin Ge’s heart trembled. He’d never expected her to turn up at this time. Yet, at the same time, it seemed like it was only right.

Qin Ge didn’t dare to meet Shi Sheng’s gaze. This matter today was a stain on his honour.

Shi Sheng didn’t look at Qin Ge, instead, striding in to flip Zhao-zong over and snap at him, “What were you planning on doing to him, eh? Is he someone you can touch?!”

‘I haven’t even screwed him yet, and this man dares to touch him!’

Zhao-zong’s mind was still buzzing from the fall and only gradually cleared up after hearing Shi Sheng’s words.

“Who are you?! Who allowed you in?! Do you know who I am?! Release me!”

“Who you are?” Her tone was very odd, and it made one’s scalp tingle.

Zhao-zong was about to say something when he heard the girl who had him by the lapel continue speaking in that odd tone, “Like I(lz) care who you are!”

Shi Sheng started beating him up.

“It’s your fucking fortune I’m(lz) pummelling you! Who allowed you to have designs on him?! I(lz) haven’t even touched him! Since you’re so awesome, why don’t you ascend the heavens for me(lz) ah?!”

Zhao-zong was dizzy from being beaten up and couldn’t even get a complete sentence out.

After she was done, Shi Sheng panted as she stood there. Several minutes later, she slowly turned around.

Qin Ge was leaning against the wall, his face a bit red, his eyes slowly clouding over.

Shi Sheng frowned before turning around to give Zhao-zong another pummelling. ‘Actually dared to drug him! Who told you to drug him?!’

Shi Sheng took her phone out and made a call. The other party said something Qin Ge couldn’t hear and Shi Sheng told them the name of the room before hanging up. She took a deep breath before walking towards Qin Ge.

‘He actually really dared to come here to drink with people! Simply insane! If I didn’t come, what would’ve happened?!’

“Still recognise me?” Shi Sheng stood a meter away from him and asked.

Qin Ge felt himself being consumed by fire, as if he was being bitten by countless ants.

“…Qiao Chu…” Qin Ge struggled to call out her name.

Shi Sheng gave him a side glance. “You asked for it. Bear with it.”

Qin Ge plastered himself against the wall and really didn’t move.

Roughly 10 minutes later, two people entered the room.

“Boss, the key card.” One of them handed her a room key card while examining Qin Ge out of the corner of his eyes.

Shi Sheng took the card and walked over to stand in front of Qin Ge.

Shi Sheng glared at him, whereupon Qin Ge acted like he’d done something wrong; his head was lowered guiltily while his face was flushed through, making him look very cute.

On the way to another room, due to occasional contact with Shi Sheng, Qin Ge couldn’t help but make a few low moans.

‘He got drunk the last time and couldn’t remember a thing. And this time, he got drugged!’

Shi Sheng felt really tired from all the scares. She couldn’t imagine what kind of hell Qin Ge would be pushed into if she’d been a step too late.

“Get in, go soak in some cold water. What’re you looking at me for?” Shi Sheng chased Qin Ge into the bathroom in annoyance.

Author’s note:

It really wasn’t my intention to leave you guys hanging—the words per chapter was just reached when I got to this point so…

If you’re unhappy… Well, you guys can hit me! I take full responsibility for my actions. But!

I still want to ask for votes. Nothing can stop my resoluteness for votes.

There’ll be meat tomorrow, really, I swear!

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