Chapter 451 : The First Song of Qin (24)

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As Qin Ge soaked in his cold water bath, he felt a bit disappointed. But this was for the best—there was nothing he could offer her.


Qin Ge’s tense nerves leapt as he lifted his head to look at the bathroom door.

Shi Sheng appeared in his field of vision. She shut the door after coming in.

“You…” Qin Ge shrunk deeper into the water. ‘Why did she come in?’

Shi Sheng reached out to take off her clothes.

Qin Ge was completely dumbfounded.

“Qiao Chu!” Qin Ge shouted at her in a hoarse voice.

“What’re you yelling for?”

Qin Ge’s breathing was a bit flustered. “Get out.”

“I’m planning to screw you.” Shi Sheng had already taken off her jacket, revealing the shirt underneath, as well as her fair skin. “You’d best start running.”

‘Screw me?’ Qin Ge stared at her dumbly.

Shi Sheng walked over to the bathtub.

The warm yellow light wrapped around her soft body. As she approached, Qin Ge felt his breathing growing difficult as the heat in his body grew stronger in waves.


“Hot damn, it’s cold.” Shi Sheng immediately pulled back her leg. “Eh, let’s go to the bed instead.”

Qin Ge felt like the alcohol was acting up—all he could think of was taking her right now.


“Qiao Chu…”

Shi Sheng sat on the edge of the bathtub, staring at him smilingly.

Qin Ge’s rationality collapsed, and he pulled Shi Sheng into the water.

She shivered upon being suddenly submerged in cold water.

Qin Ge reached out to turn on the hot water tap. As it poured into the tub, the water gradually warmed up.

Shi Sheng was held captive by his arms, but he didn’t do anything and merely kept her there. She could feel what she was pressing on.

Only once the water in the tub completely warmed did Qin Ge slowly start lighting fires on her body. His actions were careful and gentle.

At the last step, Qin Ge paused for a moment. “Qiao Chu, once you’re with me, you can only stay by my side for the rest of your life. Regardless of what kind of life I lead. The consequences for betraying me are very severe. Qiao Chu, you can still turn back now.”

“The consequences for betraying me are very serious too.”

Qin Ge’s gaze darkened, and soon the room was filled with the sounds of water splashing.


Qin Ge felt like he’d had a dream last night. In it, he held Qiao Chu down and fucked her again and again…

In the midst of his drowsy mind, he turned over and felt something off. The warm body in his arms caused his muddled consciousness to snap wide awake.

‘Last night wasn’t a dream…’

Qin Ge’s heart thumped wildly. He slowly turned his head.

The girl lay in his arms, sleeping soundly, her face still a bit flushed. Her arm was lying across his abdomen. He could feel her body tightly pressed against his. Her skin was smooth like fine white jade, and velvety to the touch, just like how it was last night.

The feeling of his lower body poking her woke Shi Sheng up, and she scowled. “Really? You’re getting horny so early in the morning? Honestly.”

Since she’d just woken up, her voice was a bit hoarse. But to Qin Ge, it was a form of temptation.

‘I really…’

Shi Sheng slowly inched out of Qin Ge’s embrace to lie down at his side and continue sleeping. ‘Guys who’ve been celibate for many years are really scary…’

Qin Ge looked at her back, his gaze darkening slightly as the memories of last night slowly came into focus.

From the bathroom to the bed, it seemed like they’d been at it for a very long time…

That familiar heart-throbbing sensation appeared, as if they’d been together for a long, long time…

“I’ll take responsibility.”

Since things had already progressed to this stage, where it seemed that he’d fallen for her, he ought to take responsibility, as a man.

“En.” ‘If you didn’t, just see if I’d(lz) hack you to death.’

Qin Ge slowly leaned in towards her and enveloped Shi Sheng from behind. “Did I hurt you last night?”

He vaguely remembered her somewhat pained grunt.

“It’ll get better with experience.” Shi Sheng blurted out.

Qin Ge, “…”

With a dark expression on, he started lighting fires on her body.

“Fuck! Even if you’re not tired, I am! Stop already… Qin Ge! Your grandpa! Don’t-don’t-don’t move! Hss— Ow ow, are you an idiot…”

Hearing Shi Sheng in pain, Qin Ge didn’t dare to move anymore, and could only look at her with a somewhat innocent look.

Shi Sheng panted quickly, suppressing her anger. “Enough already!”

‘It was this body’s first time, so I spent all my spirit energy dealing with him last night!’

The tips of Qin Ge’s ears were a bit flushed. He slowly pulled out. ‘I was too rash just now.’

“Does it hurt?”

“En.” Shi Sheng turned to lean against him. Qin Ge wrapped his arms around her. “I’ll pay more attention next time.”

Since it was his first time last night, it was true he didn’t have any experience.

Holding onto Shi Sheng (especially while she wasn’t wearing any clothes) was simply torture for Qin Ge.

Shi Sheng even deliberately rubbed against him. Qin Ge restrained himself from moving, leading to Shi Sheng’s satisfaction. ‘That’s my Feng Ci.’

Qin Ge accompanied Shi Sheng as the two of them slept till late afternoon. She finally sat up with a yawn and put on his blouse to go shower.

Qin Ge could only remain naked and seated on the bed. He couldn’t exactly wear her clothes, could he? It was physically impossible even if he wanted to!

Qin Ge leaned against the bed, his gaze directed out the window as he pondered what he should do now.

He hadn’t planned on being with her before, but now…

He touched his chest, his eyes gentling slightly. The once empty space seemed to have been filled.

He didn’t want to let her go.

“You need money?” A soft body pressed against him as a warm breath tickled his ear.

Qin Ge turned to pull Shi Sheng into his embrace. “You have to suffer when you’re with me.”

The trials of starting his own business wasn’t the only difficulty he was faced with—there was also the Qin Family who would undoubtedly cause trouble for him.

“Wanna consider following me? I’ll lead you to success in no time!” Shi Sheng patted his chest. “I’m really awesome, y’know?”

“I know.” Qin Ge actually smiled and nodded. “But I don’t know how long my looks can attract you. If one day you stop liking me, I can still use money to hold you back.”

“Seems reasonable. Gambatte!”

Qin Ge, “…”

“I’ll give you 10 million for every time you sleep with me. If you gimme ten rounds, I’ll give you 100 million, how about it?” Shi Sheng started negotiating with Qin Ge.

“So I was only worth 10 million in your heart?” ‘How can she talk about giving 100 million away so easily? If money was that easy to make, tycoons would be everywhere…’

Shi Sheng sat on top of him and lowered her head slightly to meet his gaze. “10 million isn’t a lot? If I wanted to keep a little whiteface, 10 million is enough to cover a year’s expenses! 10 million for one go with you is very expensive, okay?”

Qin Ge thought she would’ve said something proper but…

Weren’t lovers supposed to say something along the lines of “you’re priceless to me”?

‘Was I mistaken about how this is supposed to go? Huh?’

“Then shall we go another round now?” Qin Ge flipped their positions around so Shi Sheng was under him.

“No— Fuck! Qin Ge— You idiot!”

Author’s note:

Qin Ge: Little Fairy, get out here and chat.

Little Fairy: Hey, you got the girl and the money, what else do you want?

Qin Ge: Let’s talk about why I have it so hard as the villain.

Little Fairy: No thanks, I’m a good momma author. Bye.

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