Chapter 452 : The First Song of Qin (25)

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After the two went for another round, what little spirit energy Shi Sheng had been able to recover was exhausted once more.

‘It’s not for nothing you got that nickname… Really a beast!’

“I’m telling you, now I’m giving you 10 mil for every round with you. But in the future, I’m collecting interest for every round you wanna have with me. You’ll have to give me 100 mil.”

“Okay.” He’d give her any amount she wanted.

Qin Ge wasn’t a stubborn person. Since Shi Sheng gave him money, he accepted it. He even felt some pride. After all, he earned it with his body—would other people be able to say they could earn as much with theirs?

Though, thinking of Shi Sheng’s condition, Qin Ge felt a lot of pressure. ‘100 mil for one time… Just how much money would I need to make…’

Shi Sheng handed Qin Ge a card in a very tycoon-esque manner. “Babe, spend all you want.”

Qin Ge felt like laughing as he took the card. ‘Back then, she said she was keeping me. I never expected to really be kept by her…’

When Shi Sheng and Qin Ge left the hotel, they met Qiao Qian’qian and Tang Jinchen. The two were checking out and didn’t seem to be getting along very well.

Qiao Qian’qian’s gaze caught sight of Qin Ge’s arm that was wrapped around Shi Sheng and her expression turned even more unsightly. Shi Sheng made no move to hide.

Qiao Qian’qian’s sense of inferiority and embarrassment rose up again. She hurriedly left the hotel as if escaping from something.

‘Had some fun before you leave the country? A pity this isn’t a domineering CEO novel where the leads have a kid…’

“What’s with you and Qiao Qian’qian?” Shi Sheng nudged Qin Ge. She hadn’t forgotten about this.

“We were in the same orphanage when we were younger.” Qin Ge spoke lightly. “Don’t worry, there’s nothing between us. I didn’t have a single woman before you.”

There was quite a bit of information in his words…

‘The orphanage? The information I got never said he was an orphan…’

“What are you thinking about?” Qin Ge rubbed her head. “I’m a real young master of the Qin Family, though the current head isn’t my father.”

Qin Ge had gotten lost once when he was younger and had been sent to the orphanage by a kind-hearted person. He was eventually found.

“Qin Xin isn’t your real younger sister?”

“Of course not. She’s my cousin.” ‘Wouldn’t her being my sister mean incest? Just what is my wifey thinking? Okay, though she isn’t my sister, we’re still related by blood, and within three generations at that…’

“Pretty bold ah!” ‘This chick is brave! Even daring to set her sights on her cousin!’

“The Qin Family is messed up. These sorts of things…” Qin Ge didn’t continue. There were some dark things that he reckoned he shouldn’t tell her.

Since Qin Ge was heading to school to make arrangements for leaving, he sent Shi Sheng back to her dorms first.

Seeing as there weren’t many people around, Shi Sheng pecked Qin Ge on the cheek before running back to her dorm room to continue sleeping.

Qin Ge felt helpless. ‘Just what did she come to school for?’

But neither of them expected a post about them to appear a mere hour later.

“Junior Xiaochu, you can still sleep???” Her senior tossed down a pile of books and rushed in, lifting her phone and jabbing at the screen. “Is this you? You’re with Professor Qin now???”

The light from the phone was a bit glaring so Shi Sheng only made out what was on the screen after quite a while. It was the school forums.

[Qualified professor goes to a hotel with student: is it a loss of morality? Or a secret exchange?]

Below this were pictures of the two of them leaving the hotel together, holding hands, and her kissing Qin Ge at school.

“C’mon, Xiaochu, say something. The whole school’s discussing this post right now.”

Although Qin Ge wasn’t old, he was still a professor. It wasn’t too good for him to be with his student.

“En, we’re together now.” Shi Sheng nodded.

“You really did take Professor Qin down?” The senior expressed surprise.

Shi Sheng got off the bed and spoke cockily, “What’s so hard about it? Just had to screw him.”

The senior, “…” ‘Well, now you’ve gotten famous because of it…’

Shi Sheng pulled up a chair and turned on her laptop to enter the forums in one fluid movement.

The poster was a newly created alternate account and the IP was of an internet café’s—they were very careful about remaining anonymous.

Since the school hadn’t announced Qin Ge’s suspension yet, the replies were either filled with envy, jealousy, or people denouncing them for being immoral.

Shi Sheng typed something on the keyboard and her senior found that the post had disappeared.

“Eh… Why’d it disappear?”

“I hacked an admin’s account to delete it.”

The senior, “…” ‘Wow junior.’

“Xiaochu, where are you going?” Seeing Shi Sheng suddenly get up to leave the dorm, the senior asked.

“To comfort my partner.” Shi Sheng replied without even turning around.

The senior, “…” ‘Aren’t you the one that needs comforting?’

After exiting the dorms, Shi Sheng made her way to the Principal’s office with her head down. Qin Ge should be there going through the procedures for leaving.

Since the post had been pinned and recommended by an admin, pretty much the whole school would’ve seen it.

The moment Shi Sheng appeared, quite a few people started pointing at her.

“I bet she’s the one who seduced Professor Qin…”

“How could someone as outstanding as Professor Qin take a liking to her otherwise? Actually used such cheap moves…”

“That video from before was also to attract attention. After waving a cheap prop around, she thinks she’s a celebrity…”

“Qiao Chu!”

This shout caused the discussions to halt, as everyone turned to look at the source of the sound.

Qiao-mu aggressively walked over to Shi Sheng and spoke overbearingly, “Come back home with me!”

Shi Sheng brows creased. “I’m busy.”

‘How did Qiao-mu find out so fast? She couldn’t possibly be so bored as to trawl my school forum’s in her spare time, right?’

“What could you be busy with? Still planning on seducing that professor?!” Qiao-mu lowered her voice because she felt like it wasn’t something to be proud of.

“Yep, I just wanted to seduce him. So what? Can’t I?” No one could stop Shi Sheng’s temper when it decided to flare up. “Would you be together with my dad if you didn’t seduce him?”

If one wanted to be polite about it, it was ‘courting’. Otherwise, it was ‘seducing’. If the other party took the bait, then they’d be lovers who finally got together. If they didn’t, then the initiator was viewed as shameless.

Qiao-mu was enraged. “Qiao Chu, is this how you talk to your elders?! You’re a student yet you got together with a professor?! See what everyone thinks of you? You’ve lost all face for the Qiao Family!”

“Are you done?” Shi Sheng’s expression was calm. “If so, please leave. Don’t block my way.”

“Qiao Chu!” Qiao-mu grabbed Shi Sheng’s hand. “Come back with me right this instant!”

Shi Sheng wrested herself free from Qiao-mu’s grasp, but who knew the latter would direct a slap at her.

Shi Sheng dodged to the side. The slap didn’t hit her face, but her shoulder instead. The resulting smack was very loud.

“Chu-Chu, are you okay?!” Chen Xi rushed over from somewhere.

Shi Sheng looked at Qiao-mu coldly. ‘Where’s my(lz) sword?’

Qiao-mu felt some fear from being stared at like this by Shi Sheng.

‘I’m her mother—she wouldn’t dare to do anything to me!’

This thought gave Qiao-mu back her confidence. “Qiao Chu, what’s with that gaze, huh? Don’t tell me you want to hit your mother?”

“Hit you?” Shi Sheng’s lips curled into a mocking smile. “Are you even worthy?”

Qiao-mu’s face was like a palette as various different emotions appeared. But the more obvious ones were anger, and a hint of…hatred.

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: I’ll be honest, I don’t really get why teacher-student relationships are so taboo. Maybe has something to do with how the teacher is viewed as a parental figure which causes people to think of incest? Then again, I play Crusader Kings 2, so that doesn’t bother me either…

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  1. MOOMOOMOOO · Dec 5, 2022

    Its taboo because of the power imbalance? Like if the student want to break up the teacher can threaten to fail them if they dont keep sleeping with them?

    Reply · 0 Likes ·
  2. Anonymous · Oct 1, 2019

    I bet it not that taboo when they graduated. People might feel awkwarde like how you date yor boss I guess? But in a version that you parent paid money for your Boss too.

    I also feel that student should not dated teacher when you dated someone you want to loves them take special care for them and spoil them like our Sheng-ge do. and if it really happen in my classroom I'm sure to feel awkward.

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  3. Darkside · Sep 29, 2019

    I really like how OP our Sheng-ge is that it’s so hard for me to read other stories now. Help!! I can’t wait for the next arcs that I went to the dark side (google trans). I got the gist of it but can’t bare to read it now. Waiting for the rest!! (Can’t wait)

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  4. Jaeger · Sep 28, 2019

    CK2 incest is like creating little Hodors for your dynasty.

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  5. Chibi · Sep 28, 2019

    No, the why they are taboo is because the teacher is teaching a subject to that same student , which could implicate that the act of giving points to that student be an act of spoiling the partner and going against rules (merits).... or could imply on giving/sharing information that shouldn't be given to students..........
    Also the fact about dating those of the same age as the other students can make the staff think that the teacher would later switch to another target......

    Reply · 1 Likes ·
  6. TomboyGirlPlayer · Sep 27, 2019

    Hatred? Bish, what did the former Qiao Chu do? I bet she didn't do sh!t and you're just pinning blame on her. Pei! I spit at you!

    And where's the Nameless Sword? Come out and hack this stupid woman to death!

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  7. DetaBlue · Sep 27, 2019

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel really insulted when they call Sheng Shi's sword a cheap prop?

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  8. Zrafand · Sep 27, 2019

    In my opinion, I believe that there is nothing wrong with student-professor relationship as long as both do not have any commitment with other people as well as fallen in love with one another. They have already grown up and can own up to their acts.

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  9. shelwyn · Sep 27, 2019

    Crusaders Kings 2? Translator you shouldn't reveal your dark past like that.

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  10. Vannie · Sep 27, 2019

    Why do I feel like the Original is also an orphan? Like she is the fake daughter instead of the real one?

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  11. B · Sep 27, 2019

    Boy, you don't know people in china are also watching game of thrones. I think they're also used to incest...

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  12. Anonymous · Sep 27, 2019

    For schoolkids it's because parents might feel uncomfortable if a teacher sees his students as possible partners and not as children. Also, they are underage. If it's many years after the kid graduated, then people are more focused on their age gap than their former relationship.
    But when it comes to student/professor pairings, people often assume that the student is doing it for the grades. After student graduates (or if professor doesn't teach that student), most people don't care at all.

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  13. Anonymous · Sep 27, 2019

    Isn't teacher-student relations taboo because of the difference in standing? Teacher are (supposed to be) respected everywhere and also in a position of power over students. This makes any relationship seem off. Not to mention the potential age gap.

    As for CK2. Isn't it just common sense to have every vassal under you be closely bloodrelated? Take seduction focus and put your blood in line for your neighbours and "extend" the bloodline even further?

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  14. Cloverlin · Sep 26, 2019

    ooohh..why do I feel like Qiao Chu is a bastard child? like Qiao Dad got together with someone because Qiao-mu's womb is heheh.. but anyway, where's Feng Ci?? your wife is being bullied..

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  15. Shiro nekko · Sep 26, 2019

    Hatred? I think she's not Chu's Mom.....What kind of mother would hate her own flesh and blood

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  16. Soridida · Sep 26, 2019

    Wait... Maybe the adopted one is the true blood of mother but Shi sheng is a father's true daughter?!

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  17. GonZ · Sep 26, 2019

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Looks like someone tattled when they got home in the morning..

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  18. Anonymous · Sep 26, 2019

    maybe the one adopted is actually MC and not the sister... just imagine i mean why would the mother be more caring to the adopted daughter than MC.... Just food for thought

    Reply · 0 Likes ·
    • Sheng-ge is OP · Sep 26, 2019

      I think the adopted one is mc's mother's real daughter before marriage or extra marital affair but kept secret from husband...🤔🤔

      Reply · 0 Likes ·
  19. uavgas · Sep 26, 2019

    lol Sheng-ge is always so awesome.

    Replying to the translator, its basically for 2 reasons. One, teachers are in positions of power compared to students and if they are allowed to have sex with their students its easier for them to get away with coercing their students to perform for grades. Two, it would be easier for students to bribe their teachers for grades. In both situations, if student-teacher relations were allowed, it would be harder to prove that coercion or bribery was happening if it did happen.

    Reply · 2 Likes ·
  20. charysa · Sep 26, 2019

    For modern teacher-student relationships, they aren't a good idea simply because of power and responsibility. Even when the student being a minor isn't an issue, it's still too easy for the teacher to coerce the student into doing something for grades/etc. Or the student to blackmail the teacher. Or even if both parties are willing, how can the rest of the class be sure that teacher is going to be absolutely fair in their grading?

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  21. Anonymous · Sep 26, 2019

    I need Sheng ge to comfort me too

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  22. Rii · Sep 26, 2019

    in reply to the translator's thoughts.. i think its more about some students seducing their profs for a good mark.. altho not all student-teacher relationship are such but there are such instances...

    still cant get over how this QM is towards Sheng-ge.. whats up with her? even if her daughter is a dissapointment it still doesnt warrant such hatred ah.. is there some background story for her hatred?

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  23. BEAT THAT SHITTY QIAO-MU UP SHI SHENG!!!! · Sep 26, 2019

    if it's high school teacher/high school student or any kind of lower level teacher with their student, it's gross, but if it's university professor/university student and the age difference isn't too big, it's not so bad.

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    • Rii · Sep 26, 2019

      i love ur name lololol

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