Chapter 453 : The First Song of Qin (26)

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“Chu-Chu, Aunty, calm down.” Chen Xi stood between the two. “Aunty, give Chu-Chu a chance to explain.”

“What’s there to explain? There are pictures already! Everything’s clear as daylight! I sent her to school to study, not seduce men!”

Qiao-mu’s words caused Chen Xi to feel rather uncomfortable.

‘After something so major has happened, isn’t the first reaction a mother should have is to suppress the matter? Does she not care about her daughter’s reputation? Yet she actually came to school to cause a scene with Chu-Chu…’

“I felt like it. What can you do about it?” Shi Sheng harrumphed coldly.

“You you you…ungrateful little! Just why did I have to give birth to such a troublemaker?! Might as well not have given birth at all!”

“Want to shove me back? Too late. There’s no such thing as medicine for regret.”

What you gave her, she would return to you several fold. This had always been Shi Sheng’s principle.

“You…” Qiao-mu was angered to the point of heaving.

“Qiao Chu.” A magnetic voice sounded from behind Shi Sheng as a tall figure pulled her into his arms. “Are you okay?”

“Limbs are all intact.”

Only now did Qin Ge’s tense nerves loosen up. He put an arm around Shi Sheng and turned to face Qiao-mu. “Aunty Qiao, I was the one who pursued Qiao Chu. If you have any problems, just direct your anger at me.”

Qin Ge’s appearance caused the atmosphere to turn even more intense. Had he not been holding onto Shi Sheng, Qiao-mu probably would’ve had a good impression of him. His academic qualifications were simply impeccable, and he had become a professor at such a young age.

The one bad thing was that he and Shi Sheng had a teacher-student relationship.

“Mr Qin, my daughter is young and immature. You guys have no future together. You shouldn’t ruin your career.”

“All I have now is her.” Qin Ge spoke very firmly. “So, I’m sorry Aunty Qiao, but I won’t let her go.”

Shi Sheng tightened her grip on Qin Ge’s hand. ‘I’m all you need.’

He could give up everything but her.

This time, Qiao-mu was truly angered into fainting. Qiao Qian’qian was in the crowd watching for who-knows-how-long. When Qiao-mu collapsed, she rushed out and hurriedly called the emergency line to send Qiao-mu to the hospital.

This matter ought to have caused a lot of uproar, but everyone calmed down after the school announced that Professor Qin had resigned.

Those who didn’t know the true reason all thought that Qin Ge resigned for Shi Sheng. The number of envious and jealous women could circle the world if they all held hands at this point.

But there were also some who were optimistic about this pairing. After all, wasn’t it true love being able to resign for the other party?

Shi Sheng also made arrangements to quit school. Now that Qin Ge was no longer here and the FL was going abroad, why would she continue to stay?

Her bro, Chen Xi, was probably the only one who didn’t want to see her go.

The two met at the library. As for why the library in particular? Who knew what Chen Xi was thinking?

“Are you really quitting school?” Chen Xi had an unhappy expression. “You don’t have to leave now that Professor Qin has.”

“No point staying here.” Shi Sheng shook her head.

“So this was all that I mean to you?” Chen Xi cried in mock anger. “Have you no conscience? And after all I did for you!”

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched. “If I remained here to accompany you, Qin Ge would kill you.”

Chen Xi coughed. “If Professor Qin mistreats you, just tell me—I’ll help you pummel him!”

“With your body…you sure you can win?”

“Chu-Chu, don’t look down on me! I just look skinny with clothes on! I’m actually really muscular underneath!” Chen Xi retorted. “Look! I have biceps!”

Shi Sheng didn’t want to discuss a topic his future girlfriend should be concerned with. “Give me a call when it’s time for you to intern. I’ll arrange it for you.”

University students had a hard time finding jobs nowadays, so they had to make use of every asset at their disposal. Therefore, Chen Xi didn’t decline her offer. They were bros; if he did so, it’d make things awkward.

“Then this one will be relying on Qiao-zong in the future. Hopefully, you don’t mind helping this little bro along on the road to being a CEO and marrying an ideal woman.” Chen Xi gave a very overexaggerated bow. His peripheral vision caught sight of someone who just came in. “Your prof’s here. I’ll be off then. Keep in touch.”

Chen Xi was still very afraid of Qin Ge—even if the latter was now his bro’s man.

Qin Ge walked over to the seat opposite hers. “You didn’t have to quit school.”

Since he’d left, she wouldn’t have been affected anymore.

Shi Sheng laid down on the desk and tilted her head to look at Qin Ge, crooking a finger at him.

Qin Ge scanned their surroundings. The library was packed with people. But since their relationship was already known, there wasn’t much to worry about. He circled around to sit down next to Shi Sheng and scooted up until he faced her.

Shi Sheng pursed her lips and leaned forward to lick and bite his like a puppy.

Under the spring light streaming in through the window and the blooming flowers outside, the girl that lay on the desk and the guy that cooperatively moved close made for a beautiful and serene picture as they kissed.

People in the crowd took out their phones and took pictures to send to their friend group.

[so tender ah! aaaaah!!! my maiden’s heart is going to explode!!!!] [Professor Qin and Qiao Chu are a real match.] [I wanna beast like this too.] [anyone know where I can buy a prof like this? gimme a stack!]

The two managed to raise yet another wave on the school forums before leaving.


After they left the school, Qin Ge returned to the hotel he’d been staying in these past few days, where he proceeded to hold Shi Sheng down for another round.

This was their second time, so Shi Sheng still felt some discomfort. Even though Qin Ge had done a lot of foreplay, Shi Sheng still hurt when he entered.

Qin Ge didn’t dare to move too quickly. He carefully kissed Shi Sheng to distract her while he slowly sank deeper in.

Once he was completely inside, Qin Ge gave a satisfied grunt. He held Shi Sheng, allowing her to relax before slowly starting to move.

Even after the two exhausted themselves, mini-Qin Ge was still erect inside her.

Qin Ge lay on top of Shi Sheng and whispered a solemn promise into her ear, “I will give you a good home.”

Shi Sheng opened her eyes. There was still a hint of lingering warmth in them, unlike their usual coldness.

She moved her lips. “Get out first.”

“You’ll feel even worse if I leave.” Qin Ge replied with a straight face. “We still have a long life ahead of us—you have to get used to my size.”

‘Prof! Your dignity’s fallen off!!’

“Really hurts.” Shi Sheng’s face scrunched up as she started acting cute pitifully.

“I didn’t move.” Qin Ge had an innocent expression.

“That’s why it hurts.”

“Then I’ll move a bit.”

Shi Sheng instantly tensed up upon feeling him move. ‘Is this idiot trying to kill me?!’

“Hss—” Qin Ge sucked in a breath of cold air and hurriedly soothed her. “I won’t move, don’t be tense. I promise I won’t move, relax. Chu-Chu… Relax, be good…”

In the end, Shi Sheng was still coaxed into going for another round. Perhaps because she was already a bit numb due to the pain, it didn’t hurt as much now.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: There, now there’s meat, you guys can vote.

Little Angels: Not detailed, bad reviews.

Little Fairy: If it was detailed, you guys wouldn’t be able to see me anymore—and wouldn’t have a single scrap of meat.

Little Angels: …Very well, you have a point.

Little Fairy: Then vote?

Little Angels: Nope.

Little Fairy: *enraged* Why?!

Little Angels: *slight smile* Don’t feel like it.

Your friend, Little Fairy, has logged off.

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