Chapter 454 : The First Song of Qin (27)

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Qiao Qian’qian leaving the country spelt the start of the five-year waiting period in the plot.

But Shi Sheng’s days were still as eventful as ever.

And for a very simple reason: Qin Xin refused to give up on making trouble for her.

The most serious incident was one where she actually wanted to kidnap Shi Sheng. Naturally, the result of that was Shi Sheng squeezing Qin Xin out of 30 mil as compensation for the fright she received. The latter was also held captive for three days.

Even if Qin Xin knew Shi Sheng was the one who held her captive, she didn’t have any proof, so she couldn’t do anything to Shi Sheng. Besides, she was the one who wanted to kidnap Shi Sheng in the first place.

Qin Xin was sent out of the country after she was rescued.

The result of this incident was the Qin Family using everything at their disposal to bring down Qin Ge’s company. Yet Qin Ge managed to expand his business despite the pressure.

As a newly minted golden bachelor, Qin Ge was chased by quite a number of young ladies from rich/influential families.

Girls nowadays didn’t care about being modest; they’d make a move on people they took a liking to.

Having watched her man being confessed to for the nth time, Shi Sheng expressed that she was very calm.

“I can’t go up, so how come she can?!” A certain fan pointed at Shi Sheng, who was heading towards the CEO’s dedicated elevator.

The receptionist smiled. “Miss, please don’t obstruct us from doing our jobs, okay? If you wish to see Qin-zong, please make an appointment first. If he agrees to see you, we will naturally allow you to head up.”

“Does she have an appointment?”

‘Does our CEO’s wife need one?’ The receptionist thought, though she still had a smile on. “Sorry, but I can’t answer this question.”

The fan’s eyes swivelled and she suddenly ran towards Shi Sheng, who just so happened to be entering the elevator. The fan rushed in and the doors closed before anyone could stop her.

Shi Sheng was dressed casually, but the fabric of her clothes didn’t seem low quality. The fan examined her a bit.

“Do you work here?”

The girl looked to be around 17 or 18 years of age. She looked very pink and tender, her large watery eyes hinting at a clever mind, though she didn’t seem to have any ill designs.


The girl puffed up her cheeks, harrumphing unhappily. “Then how come they let you in, but not me?”

“Probably because I’m good-looking.” Shi Sheng smiled narcissistically.

The girl blinked as she examined Shi Sheng. “You’re lying.”

‘Although this lady is indeed very pretty, there’s no way they’d allow her in just because of her looks. If that were enough, would I have had to spend so much time hounding the receptionist?’


The elevator door opened. Shi Sheng exited first.

The girl grew hesitant upon actually reaching this floor. She stretched her head out to look. This whole floor was the CEO’s office, but the actual office area wasn’t that big. Most of the place had been changed to relaxation spots.

The first impression one had upon looking at this place was that it was comfortable, with a lot of greenery that was soothing on the eyes.

The girl hesitated for a good few seconds before rushing out of the elevator just as it was about to close.

“Are you here to see Qin Ge?” The girl jogged to keep up with Shi Sheng. “Why are there so few people here?”

Other CEOs’ offices were always bustling with people, but this place was empty save for two employees.

“What’s the point of having so many people around?”

“So he looks like a proper CEO!” The girl replied matter-of-factly. “My dad has quite a few secretaries.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Have you been reading too many CEO novels?’

“Ms Qiao, this is…?” One of the secretaries lifted her head and couldn’t help but ask upon seeing the girl following Shi Sheng.

“One of your Qin-zong’s fans.”

The secretary, “…” ‘You actually brought a fan to see your husband? CEO’s wife, just how relaxed are you??? Aren’t you afraid that one of those women will seduce the CEO???’

The girl wasn’t as overbearing as before when faced with the secretary’s questioning. She seemed a bit anxious, probably afraid she would get kicked out.

“Qin-zong is in a meeting right now. It should end in 20 minutes.” The secretary said to Shi Sheng before lowering her head to get back to her work.

Shi Sheng nodded before sweeping a gaze at the young lady. “Come on in ah!”

“Ah? I can?” The girl peeked inside the office door that was being held open by Shi Sheng.

‘I thought I’d be chased out. This Jiejie is really good!’

The girl looked around the office in curiosity. It was well-lit and spacious. Filled bookshelves made up a large majority of the furniture.

The girl inquisitively scanned the shelves.

“Eh? Qin-zong has this book too?” She seemed as if she had discovered a whole new continent as she pulled a book off the shelf. “Aaah! It’s actually an autographed version! Even I don’t have one!!!”

Shi Sheng looked at the book in her hand. ‘That book… Why does it look a lot like one of mine?’

“I really like this author Dada.” The girl raised the book in the air and ran over. “Jiejie, do you know this Dada? Her books are awesome! Every story is so compelling. The only thing is, she likes to leave cliffhangers… And she only published two books but they sold pretty well.”

‘The author you’re talking about is me.’

The two books that Shi Sheng had published weren’t finished either, but compared to the other books, they at least had sufficient length.

“Do you think CEO Qin would give this book to me?” The girl’s face was filled with expectation, having completely forgotten that she had come here to see Qin Ge.

“Nope.” That was the book Qin Ge was specially keeping for himself—how could he just give it away?

“Ah? So petty…” The girl complained as she set the book back, her gaze lingering reluctantly. ‘I want an autographed version too. Why did Dada only sign 20 books? They can’t even be bought with money anymore!’

Shi Sheng got up and searched around the shelves. She remembered that her editor had sent her a few copies.

Shi Sheng raised her head to look at the books that were on the top shelf. ‘Which idiot put them so high up?’

Just as Shi Sheng was about to move a stool over to get it, an arm stretched out from behind her and plucked the book off the shelf.

“Your meeting’s over?” Shi Sheng took it from him in a natural manner.

Qin Ge had entered the room at some point. The young lady looked stunned as she sat on the sofa.

“En.” Qin Ge swept a glance at the girl before saying in an unhappy voice, “Where’d you get the girl from this time?”

Qin Ge knew about her soft spot for cute girls.

“Please. This one’s looking for you.”

“And you brought her in anyway?” Qin Ge’s gaze turned a bit dangerous. “You’re not afraid that I’ll fall for someone else?”

‘Doesn’t she feel threatened at all?’

“What’s there to be afraid of? If you fall for someone else, I’ll just kill the both of you.” Shi Sheng spoke lightly.

Qin Ge felt helpless. ‘With how violent you are, I’m pretty much the only guy who can stand you…’

Shi Sheng made her way to the desk and picked up a pen, signing her autograph on the book.

“Now that you’ve met him and even gotten the book, go on home.” Shi Sheng handed it over to the girl.

The latter was still utterly stupefied. She looked at the book, before looking back at Shi Sheng.

Half a minute later…

“AAAH! You’re Dada! I actually met you in person!!!” The young lady was very excited.

Qin Ge, “…” ‘Wasn’t she looking for me? Why do I feel like she was just here for my wifey?’

“Dada, when are you going to resolve the cliffhanger in Beauty’s Soul? I really want to see the ending!”

“Dada, who is your favourite character? …Aaaaah! He’s my favourite too! So handsome!”

“Dada, how about I treat you to a meal?”

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