Chapter 455 : The First Song of Qin (28)

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Qin Ge really wasn’t willing to share a meal with this girl, but it seemed his wifey was quite willing.

‘As expected, she likes girls like this… I’ll have to watch out in future. They look, act, and talk cute… Why can’t I do that?’

Once they finished their meal and sent off the chattering girl, Qin Ge brought Shi Sheng home with a dark face.

“Why are you angry?” Shi Sheng looked at Qin Ge perplexedly.

Qin Ge’s face was cold as he stared directly at Shi Sheng. It was almost as if he had the words ‘I’m very unhappy, I need kisses to feel better’ written on his face.

‘This fellow’s trying to con kisses from me again.’ Shi Sheng ignored him, turning around to head into the study.

Qin Ge’s eyes darkened. He followed Shi Sheng in and scooted to her side, a hint of seduction in his voice. “Chu-Chu, let’s try the study today.”

“Try your great grandpa! Have you finished your work yet?” Shi Sheng smacked his head.

Qin Ge had a serious expression. “There has to be a balance between work and rest.”

“Balance my ass! Get back to work!” Shi Sheng kicked him. “Do you believe I’ll hack you if you continue harassing me?”

Qin Ge released Shi Sheng with a complaint-filled expression and went to go finish up his work.

By the time he was finished, it was almost 11. Shi Sheng was curled up in the rocking chair to the side, seemingly asleep.

Qin Ge liked her accompanying him. Even if they were both doing their own thing, the feeling of being able to see her by just lifting his head was very good.

Qin Ge carefully carried her to the bed. He sighed slightly. He’d already been abstinent for nearly a week now.

Celibate Professor Qin…


Shi Sheng got a call from Qiao-fu on a heavily snowing day. These past two years, Shi Sheng hadn’t contacted the Qiao Family all that much—just occasionally talking to Qiao-fu on the phone.

Yet this time, he was asking to meet her. Unexpectedly, Shi Sheng saw Qiao-mu there too.

Qiao-mu had been told by her doctor not to work too hard because of some health conditions, so she had already resigned from her job and was now a housewife. She did look more well-dressed than before.

“Chu-Chu.” Qiao-fu smiled and greeted her.

Qiao-mu coldly harrumphed and turned her head away.

Qiao-fu felt awkward.

Shi Sheng didn’t mind, merely ignoring Qiao-mu and sitting down. “Dad, did something happen?”

“Chu-Chu, how have you been doing lately?” Qiao-fu didn’t answer her immediately, instead asking after her current situation.

“Pretty well.”

Qiao-fu hemmed and hawed, not getting to the point after a long while. Even when Qiao-mu kicked him under the table, he still didn’t speak.

Qiao-mu couldn’t help herself from speaking, “Qiao Chu, things aren’t going too well at home. Give us some money to tide us over.”

Qiao-mu spoke righteously, as if asking for money was bestowing her some grand honour.

Shi Sheng looked at Qiao-fu silently.

He was old, but still felt a bit ashamed. “Chu-Chu… It’s true that the situation at home isn’t too good. If you have any spare cash, just treat it as a loan to dad.”

“What loan? Isn’t she your daughter?” Qiao-mu frowned unhappily. “Even money given to family is a loan? What did we raise her all these years for then?”

“What nonsense are you saying?” For once, Qiao-fu revealed a hint of anger. “It’s not like Chu-Chu’s money just fell from the sky.”

Qiao-mu had an unpleasant expression. “Her Qin-zong’s company is already so big—would she miss this little bit of money?”

Qiao-fu regretted bringing Qiao-mu along today. “Chu-Chu, don’t listen to your mother’s nonsense. If you have the money, please loan it to me. If you don’t, then forget it.”

“My nonsense?”

Qiao-fu’s expression darkened, whereupon Qiao-mu felt a bit afraid and shut up, but she still glared at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng merely pretended like she didn’t see Qiao-mu. After all, if she really were to take the latter seriously, then the only thing she’d feel all day was anger.

“How much do you need?” Shi Sheng asked as she took a chequebook from her bag.

“5 million… Just give whatever you can afford to. Once I’ve overcome this obstacle, I’ll definitely return it to you.”

Shi Sheng filled out a cheque and handed it to Qiao-fu.

Qiao-fu stared at the numbers dumbly. “Chu-Chu… Shouldn’t you discuss with Mr Qin first before giving such a large sum of money?”

‘Qin Ge’s company is doing pretty well, but this is a big sum…’

Qiao-mu snatched the cheque from Qiao-fu’s hands. “Discuss what? She already gave it.”

“Dad, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be heading off.” Shi Sheng got up to leave.

“Chu-Chu, at least eat before you go.”

Shi Sheng looked at Qiao-mu. Perhaps because of that 5 million, Qiao-mu took the initiative to get up. “I won’t be joining you two in case this damn girl angers me again.”

Shi Sheng accompanied Qiao-fu for a meal. Without Qiao-mu around, the atmosphere was pretty good.

“Chu-Chu, when are you and Mr Qin getting married?” Before she left, Qiao-fu asked her this.

“Soon, I guess.” Since Qin Ge’s company had stabilised, the matter of getting married would be brought forward.

“The earlier the better. Mr Qin is a good man.”

Qiao-fu gave her a few more pieces of advice before allowing her to leave.

Shi Sheng stood on the streets, looking at the snow-covered floor as she shivered from the cold. ‘The FL should be back after this winter, right?’

Shi Sheng drove to Qin Ge’s company to fetch him. No matter how busy he was, Qin Ge would always be on the dot with going to work or getting off. Even if all hell were to break loose, his subordinates had to manage on their own.

Shi Sheng’s car had only just stopped at the building, when Qin Ge punctually emerged and made his way to the passenger seat with a few strides.

“Chu-Chu, I’m so cold. Help warm me up.” Qin Ge stretched his hands out to Shi Sheng.

She held his hands. They were pretty cold. She poured some spirit energy in and Qin Ge’s cold body immediately warmed up.

He liked this warmth she gave him—it was always accompanied by a very comfortable sensation.

Qin Ge couldn’t help but lean in to kiss Shi Sheng. ‘I don’t think we’ve ever done it in the car before…’

Since Shi Sheng didn’t want to fuck in a car, she disciplined Qin Ge before driving home.

Qin Ge harboured complaints inwardly as he went to cook. ‘I’m already working this hard; why doesn’t my wifey let me sleep with her?’

“Chu-Chu, do you know who I ran into today?” Qin Ge suddenly thought of something. He turned to Shi Sheng (who was sneakily eating something) and blinked.


“That Zhao-zong.” Qin Ge’s expression was a bit dark. This circle was neither big nor small; it was the first time he had met Zhao-zong after so many years.

“Him?” Shi Sheng raised a brow. “He’s gonna be in hot soup soon. Don’t bother about him.”

Qin Ge blinked. “Chu-Chu, what have you been doing behind my back?”

He knew very well just how capable his wifey was. After all, most of the credit for him being able to make his company this big in such a short period of time belonged to her.

“Weren’t they planning to launch robots meant to help out around the house?”

Qin Ge nodded, his expression turning more serious. “Our products are still stuck in the research and development phase. They’ll snatch quite a sizeable chunk of the market by releasing theirs first.”

Qin Ge’s company was in the technology industry; his goal all along had been robots.

“A layman wants to test the waters?” Shi Sheng coldly harrumphed. “He only got this idea after acquiring Chenfeng Science Pte Ltd. But the core programming of those robots are using were obtained from Chen Xi and his group. And as it just so happened, I had a part in writing it. Do you still think they’ll succeed?”

Qin Ge, “…”

‘This trap is buried real deep…’

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