Chapter 456 : The First Song of Qin (29)

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True to Shi Sheng’s words, Zhao-zong’s robots were fine in the beginning, but various problems soon cropped up—they no longer listened to orders, and there were instances where humans were unable to control them.

These robots had made a large impact in the early stages, especially since the government was supporting it. Hence, they were selling so much that the factories were working overtime to manufacture another batch.

But who would still dare to use them now? As a result, the batch of robots were left gathering dust in a warehouse.

Just as Zhao-zong didn’t know what to do, Shi Sheng gave Qin Ge a suggestion.

“Go acquire those robots at a low price. I’ve checked them out. The shells have no problem—they used the best materials.”

Qin Ge frowned. “But it’d be useless even if we acquired them… Our own products haven’t been fully developed, so we don’t have a useable program…”

“Just change theirs. All you have to do is buy them.”

Qin Ge had always listened to his wifey—even if she wanted to waste away all his money, he’d still deliver it to her. Hence, he ignored the opposition from others in the company and acquired that batch of robots.

Shi Sheng took over the research lab, leading the researchers to work overtime to change the programming.

Shi Sheng was simply a legend to the people in the lab. Her thinking exceeded the current technological standards of this world by far, but she was able to actually utilise it to create something practical.

‘CEO’s wife is actually an alien with her own cheats, isn’t she?’

“Ma’am, we want to use this clip for the promotional video. Do you think it’s okay?” The person from the marketing department played a video.

It was the one of Shi Sheng pummelling Qin Xin’s bodyguards with her Mary Sue’s Sword outside of school.

Heck, the meme was still alive even today.

“Why does this person look a lot like our CEO’s wife though?” Someone voiced their doubts.

With this reminder, the others finally realised why they found her so familiar.

They’d always been curious as to how their CEO and his wife got together. Now that they were watching this video, they found some comments below it. Though it had been a while, the information was still relevant.

“So the CEO’s wife was actually a student at A University.”

“I remember our Qin-zong used to be a professor there…”

As the discussions got louder, the topic derailed greatly.

In the end, the advertisement used the video of Shi Sheng pummelling the bodyguards. The producers even wrote a little story in.

Though it was very Mary Sue…with the Mary Sue’s Sword and the adorable robots, they got a surprisingly positive feedback.

Remainder the Equal of Heaven[1]: [Has a classic re-appeared? Though I don’t know what the producers were thinking, I really feel like laughing.]

eating pickled veggies everyday: [the light of mary sue touches all! tho it’s been a long time, the fight continues on! time can’t stop mary sue from dominating the world! submit, ye foolish mortals!]

Plato’s dead: [I give this ad 101 pts. Reached a new height of Mary Sue-ness, yet I can’t bring myself to hate it.]

Sino-Cuban: [Who dares mess around when the Mary Sue’s Sword reveals itself? PS. I feel like the special effects aren’t as good as they originally were…is it just me?]

Zhao DaDa: [I heard the Mary Sue’s Sword in the original video had its own special effects. this ad clearly added the effects in afterwards]

Due to the fact that the special effect of the Mary Sue’s Sword in the advertisement wasn’t as good as the original clip, the marketing department fretted a lot.

There was only so much video editing could do. Hence, someone thought of the person in the video.

It was their CEO’s wife ah! Why were they worrying over this when they could just ask her?

But their CEO’s wife expressed that the special effects were gone. Her iron sword didn’t emit Mary Sue’s light anymore. Instead, it was emitting a green light. It changed the colour every year.

Shi Sheng suspected that it wanted to try all seven colours of the rainbow to see which one looked the best.

‘After it levelled up…it simply wants to ascend the heavens!’

In the end, the promotional clip remained untouched. Since the original video had already been warped to this extent by the marketing department, what was one little flaw?

The cost of making these robots were very low. They came up with all sorts of testing measures for them. The testing period lasted a month, during which no problems arose.

As a result, the negative impact these robots brought before was gradually reduced.

By the time they launched, the sales were exceptionally good.

When Qin Ge released the promotional clip for the high-end robots his own company was developing, he immediately received olive branches from various people—even the government—who were looking to co-operate.

Shi Sheng and Qin Ge had beenholed up at the company over the past few days. Even while they were resting, they did so inside the company building.

Once they finally got everything sorted out, the only thing Shi Sheng felt was exhaustion. ‘This money was too exhausting to earn… I wanna go home and rest.’

Shi Sheng left Qin Ge alone at the company, getting the company driver to send her home first. She had only just entered her little neighbourhood when she heard someone call out to her.


Shi Sheng turned around to see Qiao-fu, who appeared to have aged a lot in the time since she last saw him.



Qiao-fu examined the place. It wasn’t big—only having a living area and three rooms. It was well-kept, and the kitchen was a normal one.

Shi Sheng set a glass of water down in front of Qiao-fu. “Dad, why didn’t you call me before coming over? If I hadn’t come back just now, how long were you planning to wait for me?”

“Chu-Chu.” Qiao-fu seemed to have trouble talking about something.

Shi Sheng gave him an odd look. ‘What happened?’

Qiao-fu arranged his thoughts into words and only told her what had happened after quite a while.

He was originally planning to return the money to Shi Sheng, but Qiao-mu took it without discussing with him and gave it to Qiao Qian’qian.

Qiao-mu thought, since they were all one family, it was the same whoever got the money. Qiao Qian’qian was alone overseas right now—how hard must her life be? And since Shi Sheng had managed to get a powerful support in the form of Qin Ge, she wouldn’t miss this itty bit of money.

Because of this, Qiao-fu and Qiao-mu got into a big fight. That meant rehashing old scores. Welp, this resulted in the two impulsively getting divorced.

Qiao-fu ended up with almost nothing—Qiao-mu only left him a single card with around 200k inside. As for the company, the house, and the car, Qiao-mu took them all.

Shi Sheng was utterly stunned once he had finished. ‘And you agreed to those divorce conditions?!’

Qiao-fu smiled bitterly. “We were married for so many years. As a man, I can’t just leave her with nothing to depend on for the rest of her life, can I?”

He had also grown tired of arguing with her.

“Does she even know how to run a company?” Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘Wouldn’t it go broke in her hands? Qiao-mu’s pretty ‘awesome’ too. She wasn’t this capable in the plot, so how come she’s following the FL in breaking character? Scared!’

Qiao-fu’s expression changed, but he’d already given the company to Qiao-mu, so there was nothing he could do now.

Shi Sheng sighed. “Dad, stay with us for now.”

“No need; I just came to have a look. I didn’t have anyone to talk about this to, so it was getting a bit stifling, keeping it all to myself…”

Sometimes, one just needed someone to talk to.

Qiao-fu made to leave as he spoke, “I can still move around. Since I could build myself up from nothing back then, I can do so again.”

“Dad.” Shi Sheng stopped him. “We have a lot of spare rooms here, so you should stay for now. Tomorrow, I’ll go look around and see if there are any suitable houses nearby for you.”

Hearing that he wouldn’t be staying with them long-term, Qiao-fu relented. “Okay then.”

He didn’t want to trouble his daughter and future son-in-law.

[1] Play on Sun Wukong’s title, Great Sage Equal to Heaven.

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